Where to buy in France

One of the most popular novels of Emil Zol "Women’s happiness" dedicated to a woman making. There is love in this novel, there is death and dying of entire families. There are B "Dame happiness" Social injustice, there is a beauty theme of external, sexy, cast and beauty inner, true, at first glance and invisible. But in the zola’s novel the main thing is not. Central theme of Zola is a woman in more often. Woman losing mind and feelings, honor of the family and their own reputation, money, love and respect. Woman who goes to the end, breaking the law. Not for the sake of fragile, homeland, religion. For the sake of a new blouse. The place where San’s woman is trying to survive – not a sinking ship, not a burning house and not the dudder of the partisan parking. This is a universal store of Paris.

The history of the largest department stores of Paris began in 1852. Then the owner of a small trading shop on Paris Street Du Tank Aristide Bursiko and his wife opened the first big store of France – "Bon Marshe". "Bon Marshe", What means "Cheap Purchase", I radically changed the ideas of the French about trade: here, in one store, you can buy linen, fabrics, and braid, and umbrellas, outerwear, outfits for children, teenagers and men. Before "Bon Marshe" Parisians bought dresses in one shop, shoes – to another, and underwear – already in the third. Sly Bursico offered the principle of a universal store, a large and cheap supermarket, where at a time it was possible to dress up to the head. The benefit is clear: the huge turnover allowed Bursiko to keep low prices and a large range of products.

From subsoil "Bon Marshe" Another major department store of France has grown – "Samarita". His founders of Ernest and Louise Cognac Jay – Before opening your own enterprise, worked for a long time from Bursico’s spouses. As legend says, Louise was proud "Bon Marshe", Saleswoman "In the first roles": Such a position (the first saleswomen or departments received a good tips from purchases) allowed her to kill a decent initial capital. "Samarita" opened its doors on March 21, 1870.

Louise Cognac Jay was not only a smart entrepreneur, but also an excellent psychologist. She knew how to promote customers so that the poor things in order to pay off "Samarita", left in the store on bail your family jewels – just to carry fashionable dresses and underwear. Spouses Cognac Jay fought not only for the clientele, but also for their own employees. So, the bbw Louise opened for children of Massel’s saleswoman, kindergarten and school. He cared for his subordinates and Xavier Ruel, who founded on the street Rivoli in 1856, the department store, named after Napoleon. In 1870, for political reasons, he was renamed Le Bazare de L’Hotel de Ville. For his staff, Ruel has opened a gigantic dining room self-service, in which at the same time they could have dinner up to 400 of his employees. Rueel was not limited to trade on bourgeois rivoli, and posted its sellers on special trays across Paris. After putting the day revenue, the seller reported to the authorities, which item uses at this point in Paris the greatest demand, and which is not sold at all. So Ruel has laid the basics of modern marketing market.

One of the oldest department stores of Paris – Le Printemps, opened in 1864. Parisians believe that Le Printemps is the most visited historical monument of the French capital. More than 80 thousand people come here every day. The shopping complex is a real city, it is divided into three "District". In the old building today, goods for the house are concentrated, and a new building built in the 1920s is intended for women and children: everything is there – from perfumes and cosmetics to the outerwear and accessories. In the most modern Le Printemps posted shop "Belumel". "Belumel" – The first specialized French department store, where products are collected only for men.

Everything "District" Le Printemps are interconnected by transparent glass transitions and cover the territory of 50 thousand square meters. In this city, on the windows of which there are more than half a million different products, you can not only make purchases, but also take a break – dine, go to the exhibition, watch theatrical performance and movie, listen to classical music, make a hairstyle or massage, get a consultation of professional stylist (sign up You can consult from Moscow), visit the mods of the mod. Le Printemps is not just one of the largest department stores of Europe, but also the creator of his own brands.

Where to buy in France

The fifth of the turnover of the department store is associated with foreign customers, so guests of France are simply navigable and shopping. Near "Takashi" – Japanese commercial "Island" Le Printemps – Located a Duty Free Service boutique, where foreigners, including ours, can receive information about purchases and a store plan on their native language. To carry heavy purchases in Le Printemps is absolutely not necessary: ​​all your acquisitions will wait for you at the exit. There will also be a booked taxi.

Le Printemps is famous for its sales. The time of breathtaking discounts is not only the usual seasonal Sale: Summer and Winter. In Le Printemps there are so-called "8 Golden Days", During which many commodity labels can detect a yellow circle – low price sign. "Golden" The eighty day passes in spring and autumn, and the thematic sales of Le Printemps arranges almost every month.

Zola – the great writer of France, friend and defender of impressionists, influential theorist of naturalism. His Roman "Women’s happiness" – Do not condemn the world consumption, as the critics of the Soviet era believed, but a statement of fact. Woman like insane Medea, loses mind in the store. It is not scary. The main thing is to lose mind in a decent place.

Where to buy in France

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