Where to bring depression: 7 places to stay in October

We collect the will in a fist and recognize: the summer was fine, but it ends. There is still poor summer, but it is only a couple of weeks. In October, the cold wind will already get into the pockets of the coat, and the skirts will have to change the pants. We will wear an umbrella and sponge for shoes with you every day. Horror! Where to relax in October 2018? To survive the transition season away, we offer 7 countries for autumn recreation – there can still be walking in a swimsuit and slam. And frolic in the sea, of course! Do not forget, leaving, leave there Autumn Handra.


In summer there is drought and +36, but in the fall comfortable and cool. And at this time figs, grapes, citrus, apricots, bananas and other fruits ripen.

During the day, the temperature is 25-30 degrees, at night from 20, and water from 25 degrees.

People are significantly less. Children went to study and more on need under the scorching sun in an endless queue for a favorite attraction. Water parks, fountain shows, entertainment parks – everything works in the usual mode, but there is no wild and sweaty crowd. And on October 1, Independence Day is celebrated – a grand military parade is waiting for you.

Active people will like a variety of excursions. You can go anywhere: on donkey farms, winery or olive plantations.

Visa: Makes online .


Oh, Africa! Since October, there is a slightly cooler than in Cyprus – an option for those who feel bad to heat above 25 degrees. To visit an unthinkable number of markets and bazaars with the eastern goods, the city of Marrakesh and Casablanca, the Garden of Mazhorel and Mount Atlas. Plus, in Morocco two coasts: Mediterranean and Atlantic. Ecotourism is developed, sightseeing programs for any whim, and you can engage in surfing. See how many? And the vacation is not rubber!

Visa: do nothing in advance – for us entry up to 90 days visa-free.


Budapest, Fish Bastion

In September, in Budapest, still fries – checked on his own experience. During the day you can catch 30 degrees and a sunbath, but in the evening it is nice to get in the blanket of a cozy street restaurant. Unpredictable city!

Yes, and it is where to go where: Zoo, famous bathing, Square Heroes, Water Bastion, Royal Palace, and still look at the Parliament Building and climb the Citadel. And here it is better to go to cool weather – you will be waiting for a lift to the mountain, and in +30 it is very difficult to do.

Visa: And here you will need Shengen.


Sicily. View of the ethna volcano

In September in Italy, it is warm everywhere, and by the end of October it is better to go to South Coast, in the direction of Sicily. Great place to fit pasta and pizza, sweep the alcohol to the harsh our winter.

If you go on coastal villages, grab the Italian phrasebook – in small settlements not everywhere understand in English.

Visa: Need Schengen.


Where to bring depression 7 seats in October

The case when the heat has already slept, and the air and water have not yet cooled. This means that no one has canceled diving and night hunt for crabs. In the fall, here is comfortable walking along the safari park, go to the Kanjan Mountains to look at the canyon. And in the fall, many international exhibitions: from perfumes to furniture of eminent designers.

Visa: do not work in advance. This is done for free for a period of 30 days directly by arrival.


Israel, Bahai Gardens

In the fall in Israel, I don’t want to lie on the beach on the beach or hang around in the dead of the sea – the weather is comfortable enough to explore the city and surroundings. Useful to go away from the capitals to the winery or farm to try different grades of cheese and wine.

To the visit we recommend the underwater observatory, the aquarium, the Bahai Gardens, the Old Town of Jaffa at least. Do not be bored!

Visa: not needed if you arrived for recreation.


Asia is a popular escape option from the cold. And if you choose Vietnam in the fall, then be alert. In October, the arid season begins in the north of the country, and rains end in the south. On the middle of the lane, tropical showers are harvested.

Therefore, those who wish to grab some more heat are better to go to the north: Haiphong, Thaibin, Vidin, Kuangin. Sea temperature there still keeps 30 degrees. And how many unusual fruits! Interesting direction to pamper your taste receptors.

Visa: if you drive for 15 days, then the visa is not needed.

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