Where to book an excursion – 8 options to find a guide on the Internet

There was a time when I did not take the excursions in the journey at all. I did not know where to book an excursion and find a guide, I was looking for information on the Internet and all the most interesting places went by myself. I did not like excursions in museums, because, mostly, this is a background information diluted by different legends to entertain tourists.

But then, I visited the excursion, which was conducted by a local resident. This is not at all what happens in a city excursion bus. I heard not template learned stories, I seemed to see the city with the eyes of a local resident, felt the flavor and features of the city. And so it was every time a local resident was spent the excursion.

I will tell you where to find local guides and interesting excursions, and I will show other options.


Tripster Now one of the most popular sites with local guides.

With the CEO of Tripter, we have an interview.

I like that you can book an online tour before departure and discuss with the guide, what and how we will look.

Each Guide’s program has its own. It is carefully prepared and pick up places. But you can always ask for something to add or adjust the route as you want.

The number of guides is constantly growing. In popular tourist cities you will definitely pick up a tour.

Guides themselves are basically lovers. That is, just a local resident who invented an interesting program and registered on the site. Become a guide can anyone, but moderation on the site is serious. To register an excursion, you need to seriously work out.

Excursions on Tripster pass individually or for small groups (for a family, for example). Each guide indicates the maximum number of people in the group. But they are notchaxis.

Trepster still has a service of questions and answers to travel topic.

How to find and book an excursion

In his search bar, Tripster understands the names of cities, countries and individual attractions. When you start writing something, it will immediately show you options.

An example of a page with excursions in Rome. At the top of the excursion can be sorted by topic, downstairs for reviews or popularity

Next, choose an excursion.

Still on trip letters there are group excursions. They are usually more expensive.

Please note – the price of group excursions is usually indicated for a person, and in individual – for a tour.

Click on the card and get to the page with a detailed description of the excursion. There is a field:

Here it is clear that the price is indicated for the entire excursion, and not for a person. On the calendar are visible free dates – green

In the calendar there are days with an orange corner – these are days with discounts. The size of the discount is indicated on the right on the same orange background. In this example – 32%.

One guide may have several excursions. To see them click here

Guide Rating – This is not the same as the rating of excursions. If you have chosen a new excursion without feedback, look at the guide rating or other excursion rating.

Click on the button &# 171; order&# 187; or on the date in the calendar.

If you have pressed &# 171; order&# 187;, then you get here. On this village on the right there will be important information about the context of the money back

At this stage, you can write a guide and discuss something or ask something.

After that, a form will appear in which you want to enter your data: surname, name, email address and phone. Check if the date of the excursion is true and specify how much people will be.

These booking conditions on Tripster

So that the reservation remains for you, you need to pay 20% of the cost of excursion on the site. The rest give the guide after the tour. Prepare cash or agree on translation through a mobile bank (it is better to clarify it in advance).

There is still such a advice from the site

Tripter, in my opinion, the best site where you can find good excursions from local guides.


More classic excursion format. Cities approximately as much as on Tripster.

In general, the service is similar to the previous one.

Before booking, I advise you to read about cancellation and refund: Sputnik8.Com.

How to book an excursion

Open Satellite site And in the search bar, we enter the desired location:

The satellite in the search bar takes the names of cities and attractions.
Search string is shown by the arrow. Below the list of popular cities with the number of excursions

Further you get to the page with excursions:

Please note that among the excursions there are &# 171; tickets without queue&# 187; (Showing the arrow). This is not a tour, these are tickets to museums, which are usually a large line. There is not in all cities

This is a card excursion:

Chose an excursion, go to book:

On the excursion page, the main information is here. Look at the price – for a person or for a group. Usually the satellite is always indicated by the price per person, even for group excursions

To book an excursion, you need to click &# 171; Place an order&# 187; Or just scroll down:

The phone support is written here. Be sure to specify the date and remember where the place of meeting with the guide

Date, e-mail and phone number to specify.

When the date is selected, the calendar will open. There will also be green dates in which an excursion is available.


Here the guides are called not guides, but Locali, and they are not really guides.

These are local residents who are ready to acquaint you with your city. On this site, all excursions are individual or for groups up to 4 people. At the same time, you first discuss from Locali that you want to know and see, and he prepares a tour specifically for your wishes.

The service is young, so excursions are less here than the rest, but in the main tourist cities you will find them without problems.

In general, here you can find not so many guides or excursions, how many locals who are ready to help you have an interesting time to spend time.

How to book an excursion

Open service:

On the main page we enter the city and click &# 171; Forward&# 187;. Site Locali understands only the names of cities

Then you get to the locale selection page (guide). This is not a choice of excursions, both on the previous site. This is the choice of a local resident. What is shown in the picture below, these are just examples walks with locale. You can have something of their own.

With Locale, you can arrange for a day, half-day or all weekend

Then select the locale and get in touch with him. That is, start to negotiate trips.

On the page you will find at the locale of his interests, which walks it offers, read reviews about it

click on &# 171; Contact&# 187; and get to the page with a form to be filled and all agree:

The site Locales fixed price – € 129 for a full day.

Prices for tours Locales

Another feature I liked the locale – Free consultation. The whole trip you are organizing, but the information will be sent useful.

Enter the city and press &# 171; I want to checklist&# 187;. Then still be asked to enter your travel dates. I typed Vienna. I went to the post office the list of events in the city on my date, the list of attractions, local food and restaurants and a 5% discount on excursion.

This form can be found on the home page. Scroll down a bit

A few more words about the possibilities Locales:


Here most of the excursions from one city to another by bus or car. Hiking too much.

Above the search box, select what we need: Excursion or Transfer

Website understands names of cities, countries and landmarks.

On the tour price in the cards contains a page per person or per trip. Glory group of filters

Choosing a tour and get to the page with the description:

It’s all very similar to what has been above. All the important information in the column on the right

Booking form is also standard

Excursions to popular tourist services

Where to book an excursion - 8 options to find a guide on the Internet

Travel services, we know quite a different matter, too, selling tours.

How I became a volunteer and went for free in the Crimean Hostel

Excursions to Booking.Com

Popular accommodation booking service Booking.Com also offers tours.

But there’s only tour in 18 cities, our is not among them.

On the main page of the booking you need to choose &# 171; excursions and entertainment&# 187;

Describe the entire booking procedure no sense. Everything is like everyone else.

Excursions on Airbnb

There are 2 options: Impressions and adventures. It’s not really excursions.

On the main page of AirBNB, except housing, you can choose &# 171; Impressions or adventures&# 187;

Impressions – These are master classes and zootrism.

This is a page of impressions

Impressions – Culinary or animal contact. There are no other options. There are some master classes, visits to farms and nurseries.

Adventures – These are rides on nature, at some distant objects, hiking, alloys, meetings with interesting people and T.D.

Like the adventure look like

On these pages, too, there are filters:

Standard filters work in adventures and impressions

There are no excursions in our in the Arbnb.

Look, there is a button &# 171; Available languages&# 187;. There is a our language in the list, but if you choose it, the inscription will appear &# 171; nothing found&# 187;.

Adventure page &# 171; To kayak birds and seals&# 187;. This is a five-day water hike. I’m sure this is an incredibly interesting event. By the way, look at the price

Here I tell, how to independently organize a similar event 3 times cheaper: On kayak on Ladoga Schkers.

A here Bonus on the first booking on AirBNB.

Tours on One Two Trip

Here you can find guides and excursions in most tourist cities. Search row understands only the names of cities.

To book an excursion first go to her page, and then enter the desired city.

Prices can be both over the entire excursion and for man. Check. It is written in the excursion card. So that the reservation is entrenched you, the site will have to pay a part of the cost of the excursion, and the remaining money to give a guide on the spot.

Tours TEZ Tour

Many tour operators offer excursion tours or individual excursions.

Here, such as TEZ Tour Tours: Tezeks.Com. But I never used.

Excursions on local sites, museums and visits

The easiest option – in Yandex immediately dial "excursions in …" and then we substitute the right city.

In this way, you will find something for sure.

There is only a big minus. It will be the most banal excursion without any guarantees. Sites that specialize in excursions, their guides are checked, publish reviews of real customers.

Once in Veliky Novgorod, I decided to take such a guide "on the announcement". In the evening I called him, agreed the next day on an excursion with him in the morning. But at first he asked to transfer for lunch, then for the evening, and then disappeared. In the end, I went to Tripster.

There is Another way Find a tour, and in general, planning a trip. In Europe works well. Dial in Google "Visit&# 8230; " + place of interest. For example, "Visitestonia" or "VisitParis", even "Visit Voronezh" works.

This request usually leads to the websites of official tourist centers in cities (Visit Centers). We found a free tour of York in the UK.

But here the excursions will be only in the local language or, at best, in English.

Where to find guides and interesting excursions? I advise you to look for in advance on sites that specialize in this. That is, on those in this article on top.

Where to book an excursion - 8 options to find a guide on the Internet

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