Where they filmed "Vikings"

As the start of the world’s first premiere of the fifth seasons of the series «Vikings», Announced for November 2017, the audience interest in everything is increasing, which is associated with this popular film-efficiency.

Including the location of the series. Portal Tourweek.Ru offers its readers a detailed review on this topic.

Changing World Popularity Historical Canada-Irish Series «Vikings», Created by director Michael Hirst, originally did not claim full historical accuracy. As Michael Hirst himself, Michael Hirst, was stated, for recreating on the screen of a full-fledged and reliable picture of the life of the ancestors of modern Scandinavians not enough historical material. That’s why «Vikings», According to the director — «Soap opera from solid clich├ęs». One of these established cliches — Large historical serials taken to shoot on a luxurious natural background.

Why Ireland?

The action of the series occurs during the early Middle Ages in England, on the Scandinavian Peninsula and in France. However, they remove it almost completely in Ireland, which is quite a pragmatic explanation. Studio Eshfort in the same village, approximately an hour drive from Dublin, in 2011 specifically for shooting «Viking» built a rich Irish businessman and a big patriot of his country Joe about’Connell. This patriotic gesture costs about’Connella at $ 22 million.

The village of Eshfort is located in the Ukalau County, cinematographers call this area «Ray for filmmaking». Wooded mountains, vintage castles, picturesque lakes with sandy shames have become natural decorations for historical films. Several episodes were filmed here «Game of Thrones», and Mel Gibson filmed here the famous «brave Heart». It is symbolic that even the name of the ukalau county, one of the versions, comes from the Staronorvezh «Vikingr», so called yourself the Vikings.

«YaseNew Mount» and lake Tay

Luggala, or «YaseNew Mount», Located 45 kilometers from Dublin and closely adjacent to the lake Tay. This is perhaps the main location of the entire series: on the time of shooting on the shore of the lake, the scenery of the city of the Catteghat is installed, and on the slopes of Mount Luggala, among the huge firings, the Vikings led by flocks choose trees suitable for the construction of their ships — Drakkarov. Here are the episodes of battles in fjords and other battle scenes, mainly, «Forest».

One of the benefits of terrain around Luggals, from the point of view of cinematographers: Earth around the mountain — private property. It closes access to the place of shooting inorganized tourists and just curious serial fans. However, wealthy tourists have the opportunity to settle on the shore of Lake Tay in the estate of the XVIII century Luggala Lodge, turned into a comfortable luxury hotel, but saving all external attributes «Old style». For the pleasure inhaling the pure mountain air Luggals and admire the views of Lake Tay will have to post 20,000 euros per week.

Glendalok Valley

An important shooting platform in the Ukalau County for the series is also the Glendal Glacial Valley.

Where they filmed

The church of the VI century has been preserved here, in the Middle Ages and later belonging to the monastery, founded by the Irish Monk Saint Kevin. The 30-meter round tower is towering here, these objects are perfectly suitable as scenery in those scenes where the action takes place in England or in France.

The terrain is often visited by tourists, unlike Luggals, access here is free.

Lake Blisseington — «sea»

Hardly the audience «Viking» Last seasons could even think that the episodes shown in the series of marine hike episodes, hot marine fights on the drakery were removed at all at all, and not even on the lake in the literal sense of the word, but on the artificial reservoir. Polylaphuka reservoir was formed in the 40s of the last century, after the largest Irish River Shannon blocked the dam and built a hydroelectric station. Later behind this man-made lake fixed the name Blindington. It is the largest in Ireland artificial reservoir.

Such unusual for the uninitiated choice of nature for the shooting of marine episodes is due to the calm nature of the water surface of Lake Blissengton. Sea waves would not allow to shoot at the same time 12 drakars, which also produces to the water and about 20 accompanying boats with actors, as well as pyrotechnics, grimerals and other service personnel.

Lake Blisseington — Not only the largest in Ireland artificial reservoir, but also an ecological resort, popular with fans of clean air, lake and forest silence. Tourists here offer inexpensive apartments b&B, and hotel hotels «lux», with golf pools and playgrounds. The lake is outside the territory of the Ukalau County, however, to the main shooting sites «Viking» Easy to get by car, overcoming only 10-15 kilometers on a great road.

Where they filmed

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