Where they filmed star wars in Tunisia

In Tunisia more than two dozen places for shooting Sagi "Star Wars". Most of them appeared only in episodes as the landscapes of the fantastic desert planet Tatooine, for ordinary tourists (not fans) they do not imagine.

In the first part of this article we will tell about the five most interesting places of shooting. In the second part, let’s talk about which of them can be viewed on organized excursions, and where you have to go on your own.

1. Matmata, Hotel Sidi Driss

Tunisian town of Matmatat is famous for underground houses of Berber. In one of these underground houses in 1976, filming "Episode 4: New Hope". The Sidi Driss Hotel (Sidi Driss) was selected for the shooting platform, organized in several Berber underground houses in 1969 (another 7 years before the shooting).

Here they filmed the scenes in the house of Lars Owen – Remotious Uncle Luca Skywalker. After the shooting, the owner of the hotel got rid of the part of the scenery, then another film did not become ultra-popular, and there was no real value in these scenery.

In 1995, the fan of the Star Warrior from France named Philipp Bangni restored almost all scenery. Now the hotel acting, you can book a room, prices are available – from $ 25 per night.

In 2002, the scenes "Episode 2: Clone Attack". How full staff placed here? It is difficult to imagine, because the shooting group numbered 250-300 people.

Read our article "Matmata", in which we told: how to get here, you can see how to book a room at the Sidi Driss, during which excursion you can come here.

2. Djerba Island

On the island of Djerba, three places, where they filmed "Episode 4: New Hope". They are not particularly interesting, but it is very easily accessible. Resting in one of the hotels in the island, you can take a taxi.

These places of shooting are near the city of Ajev in the southwest, and the hotel area in the north and east of Djerba. Taxi from the hotel to Adham will cost 15-25 dinars. Course of the Tunisian Dinar, see our page "Currency Tunisia", Taxi Tariffs on the Tanki page in Tunisia.

House Obi Vanand is 2.5 kilometers north of the landing marina. Ask a taxi driver to go along the road along the shore to the north, look closely left, do not skip the house (watch the photo nearby, click on the photo to increase).

Station Tosh is further north on the same road at 11 kilometers. Look for the Mosque Sidi Lorm, it was her used to shoot.

Cantina in Mos-Eisley (bar of smugglers) is located in the heart of the city of Adj. This building is now in a deplorable state. Find it hard, there are no good landmarks around. You can either hope that the taxi driver will know its location, or use Mobile Internet and Google Maps.Maps, house on this map is indicated.

By the way, taxi drivers rarely know the location of these places, Google maps.Maps accurately come out. Read our review "Internet in Tunisia".

3. The neighborhood of Tatavina

Around the city of Tatawin there are many Ksarov – Berber Strong Storage Fortresses. Several of them became decorations for "episode 1: a ghostly threat" for scenes in the quarter of the slaves of the city of Mos Espa, where Anakin Skywalker grew up and lived, while he did not take him.

Ksar Hadada (Ksar Hadada) 30 kilometers north of Tatawin is considered the most interesting place of shooting, the scenery is even preserved here. Doors in the granaries room (rigids) remain painted white, as it was in the film. The popular excursion "Tatavin + Star Wars" comes here.

The Local Hotel "Hotel Ksar Hadada" became a decoration for scenes at the back of the quarter of the slaves, where Anakin collected racing under and where Anakin’s mother told Qui-Gon Ginna about the immaculate conception of the Son.

Xar fell Soltal (KSAR OULED SOLTANE) is 20 kilometers south of Tatawin. This place is interesting not only as a scenery for shooting Star Warrior, but also as the biggest preserved KSAR in North Africa. Read our detailed article "Ksar Dela Soltal".

Shenini village (Chenini) is located 20 kilometers west from Tatawin. The village is built on the site of Xara on the hillside, some of the houses here are the former rulphs (food storage rooms). Here they filmed some scenes of "hidden threat". Read our detailed article "Shenney".

4. Canyon Sidi Buchlel (Sidi Bouhlel)

Still known as "Star War Canyon". 9 different prices were filmed here "Episode 4: New Hope". Located 20 kilometers east of Tauzar.

Here, one of the scenes of the film "In Search of Lost Ark" from the series about Indiana Jones. This is a scene where the Nazis is ceremonically marched with the ark of the covenant on the canyon, and Indiana Jones threatens to blow them out of a grenade launcher.

In this canyon there are Luke and Obi Van. Here the scene was shot, where the hatch is beaten by R2D2 at dischers raiders. On the outskirts of the canyon, the scene was filmed, where the attack aircraft attack and execute jav, who sold Droids Lars Owen.

At the time of the actualization of this article (2020), no our-speaking excursion to Canyon Sidi Buchlel does not drive.

You can independently get by car, the route is difficult to describe, we advise you to navigate the google maps.Maps, canyon on them is indicated.

The second option to get there to a taxi from Tauzara, a trip costs tourists in 40-50 dinars in both directions. Be sure to ask the taxi driver to wait, otherwise he will leave back to the city and find a taxi will already be a big problem.

5. West desert from Tauzar

This is the main thing in Tunisia Saga shooting place. In the village of oil 30 kilometers west from the city of Tauzar, a lot of scenery has been preserved, the vest from the village a few kilometers the shooting group built a small town, here they filmed the scenes in Mos Espa on the planet Tatinov from "Episode 1: Ghostly Threat".

In the desert you can see the gate of Mos Espa, arena racing racing, the store Watto, the market, Cefe Sebulbs and other memorabilia. A lot of scenery, you need to look for interesting places, and it takes time. What a scenery looks like, look at the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

Most excursions under the program "Excursion to Sahara" come here, however, they look fast scenery, for fans of the saga this is clearly few.

In a pair of hundred meters from scenery there are large rocks protruding from the sand, called "Yarba". Here they filmed the scenes of the fight between Darth Mollar and Qui-Gon Gin.

South from the road in between the village of Neft and Tauzar there is a legendary scenery. It is located on the bottom of the drying lake Schott El Jerid. This entrance to the underground house Lars Owen. You can only get here on SUV.

Excursions at the shooting places

In Tunisia, arrange special excursion tours for fans, but only in French and English languages. As far as we know, now (approx.: This article is updated in 2020) such tours are not conducted with our-speaking guides. Perhaps in the future such tours and excursions in our will appear.

What can be viewed on excursions

In Tunisia, the "Excursion to Sugar" is very popular, but under this phrase there are several dozen options for the South Tunisian sightseeing program. Routes differ greatly from the operator to the operator.

Where they filmed star wars in Tunisia

If they aimed at the location of the star wars, then you definitely interest in advance, which is included in the program of this tour of your tour operator or the excursion agency, where you order an excursion.

Most programs include visiting decorations west of Tauzar. However, time for inspection give an hour or even less. Watch scenery can only glimp.

Some programs include visiting Matmataty and Hotel Sidi Driss, but here you need to find out exactly from the seller’s excursion. A trip to Canyon Sidi Buchleel is not included in any program. Xaras around Tatawin are preferred, usually this village of Shenini. In Ksar, Soltal no excursion is driven by.

For Star Warrior Fans The best place to stay in Tunisia is the island of Djerba. First, on the island itself you can see three places of shooting, as we told above. Secondly, several day excursions are available on Djerba: "Matmata – Duz", "Tatoan – Shinini", during which they watch the shooting places. These excursions are available from the rosas.

Alone on the car

Only this method allows you to see all the venues for one trip. But the our Star Warrior Fans are decided on such a few.

Usually buy the cheapest tour to Djerba. No matter what hotel, live in it does not have to. Immediately rent a car and ride south through the Roman road to Midenin, then in Tatavin.

Rent is better to take an SUV, although it is problematic in Tunisia. For a week, car rental will cost 250-400 dollars.

Map of South Tunisia with the designation of star wars signing sites nearby, click on the card to enlarge full screen.

On public transport

It is difficult, but you can. South Tunisia is an unclosed area, public transport almost no. From Jerba to Tatawin, you can drive on the minibus, then almost everywhere will have to move on a taxi, it is expensive. Get ready for spending about 500 dollars only for a taxi.

Tips for independent tourists

– Be sure to book rooms in all hotels on the route. Upon arrival places may simply not be, you will spend the night in the car;

– Take a big stock of water. How much will fit, so much and take;

– Be sure to read our articles "What is impossible in Tunisia" and "What to take in Tunisia," where we gave a lot of useful advice and told about the country;

– Provide financial reserve. There is nothing worse than staying in South Tunisia without money. About how to reasonably plan the budget of the trip, read in our article "how much money to take in Tunisia";

– Be sure to buy a local SIM, as you read our review "Purchase SIM in Tunisia".

A pleasant inspection of star wars shooting places, and read our interesting pages about Tunisia (Links below).

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Where they filmed star wars in Tunisia

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