Where the sun leaves the sea

A sharp garlic-dung smell of one of the bags caused the same reaction from the Indonesian customs officer as Pointer, having honed to game. With Grozny Exclamation "smuggling!" he learned to God Durian. According to rumors, this tropical fruit greatly increases potency, and one of our tourists tired of exotic entertainment decided to grab Durian to Moscow, in order not to hit the face in the dirt and before the young wife.

Well, we, a group of our journalists and representatives of Moscow travel agencies, were brought to their homeland that no intense customs device will be found – we were impressions, facts, contracts, that is, what will be embodied in new travel services for the our tourism market.

As befits a truist tour operator, our company "Irene", Before sending the first client to a new route, I decided to test the routes on myself and our travel aragents, and the assessment was objective, and journalists were called for inspection. The route covered Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. "Irene", By the way the only our company organizing the direct flights of Moscow-Phuket Bali this season.

For beach holiday Singapore is not suitable in any way. The huge port so pollutes the sea that there is no special desire to swim. Yes, and swim here practically now except for the small island of Satoze. It connects with the city of Bridge and is a small similarity of American Disneyland. On the Monorail Train You are traveling from the park of butterflies and the fleet of orchids, singing fountains and aquarium. And for swimming on the island there are several beaches, on which a special revival correspondent "I" Not noted.

And nevertheless, Singapore was selected for a new route not by chance. Singapore – port of duty-free trade. Prices for any goods here are lower than in any other country of the Asia-Pacific region. In what we are with deep satisfaction and were convinced by running around the cool shopping centers and Orchard Road bouquets: electronics, cameras, hours, gold and clothes of the best European and Japanese firms are significantly cheaper than, say, in Europe.

But, indulging in shopping, be restrained. If the price of goods is so small that you revealed your mouth from amazement, forgetting about a cigarette, it is better to catch it on the fly: for the abandoned cigarette or any other garbage you will be fined $ 500. Eating ice cream in a Singapore subway will cost as much. On the street, not only candy wrappers are not lying, there even dust in the air do not fly. By the way, that is why many well-known companies producing computers and other electronics elected Singapore to their bridgehead in this part of the world and opened their assembly branches here.

On shopping and inspection of the city firm "Irene" Wars 2 days, and then a week of beach recreation and entertainment on the Islands Bali (Indonesia) or Phuket (Thailand) – who like more. Flight to any of the islands takes an hour and a half.

On Bali – the main "Pearl" Route – We were waiting for us. Despite the torrential rain and two o’clock in the morning, the wreaths of wreaths from orchids on our tired shoulders and a festive dinner at the hotel’s bar "Sheraton" Take off. Hospitality and guilty, with which we were met, was so natural that even journalists did not doubt: such a reception is not only elected delegations, but all guests who came to Bali.

Nusa Dua on the south coast – the most elite island resort. All hotels in five star. Each of them is just a separate resort with bars, restaurants, pools, cortes, saunas, jacuzzi, water entertainment and God knows what else. Nusa Dua In addition, both the super safe resort: security is located in the hotels themselves, and on the adjacent territories along the long avenue connecting hotels with the highway.

Landscapes Nusa Dua are not very typical for Bali: Instead of rice fields, jungle and rocks – endless deserted sandy beaches and lagows protected by reefs. And even on Bali, it is worth going because here you can see the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and for the sake of this amazing spectacle, thousands of tourists come here – experts on sunsets. However, the Hindu temples on the lakes, or the capital of Denpasar, where you can buy in the shops in the bazaar of all sorts of either, or an incredible theater of shadows and masks, which, with all the banality of the plot, simply fade you with a mad violence of dance, paints, frightening masks and torches – all this is already sufficient reason to see Bali.

Where the sun leaves the sea

Phuket – Fashion Resort Island. He is by no means so mastered by our tourists, as, say, Bangkok and Pattaya. The climate does not differ from Balinese, and the best time to rest – from November to April. From all sides of Phuket surrounded by many smaller islets: there is a private island, which are engaged in growing pearls and keeps the biggest pearl of the world, there is the island of James Bond, where he starred "Agent 007". You can dedicate for several days by sea walks on these islands, stay for a couple of days on the landless piece of sushi, sunbathe, swim and dive with the mask. To the chagrin of those who look after themselves an island on Thailand: only a citizen of Thailand can be in private property, which can not even be married at secret (though, you need to say if you marry a secret, no longer need no islands. ). Thailand citizenship is not purchased, local citizen can only be born.

Exotics in Phuket, of course, smaller than on Bali, and tourists, mostly Germans and British, more. Europeans go to Thailand for night entertainment.

After dinner, we do a friendly raid on the so-called Party Quarter of Phuket – Pattong Street hoping to plunge into the atmosphere of golden quarters of Thailand. Nightlife here boils. Solid benches, restaurants, outdoor bars. Walking down the street, you can view the famous Thai boxing from afar, and until you stopped at the ring – free. Rolling from the central street and stepping literally a couple of steps, be sure to come across the street striptease show, usually a pretty ordinary spectacle. Although for $ 100 in the institution called type "Massage High Class" You can get the full range of services for the full program. However, just a massage can be ordered directly at the hotel or on the beach for $ 10.

Many have already felt on themselves that Thailand, this, at first glance, is just a resort country, something magically attractive. Some Europeans in good wax do not want to return home from there.

But Thailand is not only a magnet, it is a lot of surprises. For example, it is impossible to mention the name of the king: it is very likely that you will be misunderstood, and then put in prison for the criticism of the monarch. And no one will know that you just wanted to thank the king for his wonderful country.

Where the sun leaves the sea

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