Where the sail whites, but not lonely 🙂

So, Zakynthos, Zakynthos, Zante. Zakynthos – one of the few Greek regions, never knew Turkish domination. It feels like every step. And the Greeks here are some not quite Greek, not as in Athens – as if they came down from the pictures from the textbook of history, and not as in Crete and Corfu – Handsome, desperately laughing on the Turks hated by him. Prices are also, rather, Italian.

About the hotel and the resort of Cilivi

On Zakynthos, of course, airplanes fly, and on the island, of course, there are those who wish to pass their hibars, apartments and villas. But we bought a tour. So it was easier and cheaper. In 2016, the coral tour operator made the first attempt to dilute the British by our tourists, and therefore we flew by a small group on a small Boeing, and the transfer was practically individual.
Our Hotel Filoxenia has not a little reach the center of the resort village of Tsilii, staying a little later, the environment of luxurious olive groves and vineyards, one and a half kilometers and six homeless kittens from the sea.

The beach from the hotel can be reached not only by footing, but on the shuttle, taxi or flight bus. Transport we took advantage of only a couple of times. Every evening they made hiking to the center of Civilii – played golf, firing ice cream, fed kittens.

There are no cities on the stump. Even the capital of the island of Zakynthos is not considered. All here are villages. At first we were sure that our cylizi is the most noisy resort of the island, but one of the days on the road to Keri accidentally drove along Laganas. Hellish place, full of tattooed young and quad. Another time I would gladly settled in Laganas in the thick of the parties, but this vacation was planned as family and calm 🙂

Summer Tsilivi is Anapa. Hundreds of people storm the sea, then the taverns, then again the sea and so in a circle, so in idle days we, despite the local beach, went a little further to the next little beach, quiet and pleasant.

About transport

Quad bike – the most popular tourist vehicle, infuriates me as a forced driver incredibly. But, in truth, unlike a huge Crete, Zakynthic is so small that these unhurried Mahina, collecting a displeased tail of motorists, is quite a comfortable and cheap way to drive around all the corners and see all the important.

Pre-burll the rental prices of the car, realized that "Nisevo I do not understand". Agency data varied within 30 euros per car of one class. It was decided to understand the question in place. Started at the airport with a very unloved me Hertz. It is unloved from the last trip in Italy, when for noting 3 liters of gasoline (we were very hurried to the airport, they wanted to refuel on the road, but the only gas station was passed by inattentive), a fine, equal to whole Baku. The aunt in Hertz called the amount of 320 euros for 5 days of rental of the cheapest car, and T.N. Full insurance still suggests Excess (the amount that is blocked on the map and charged if you decide to get rid of the car, throwing it into a break with a cheerful ululukanym, well, or if the aliens will take a successful attempt to remove your vehicle for their supernatural needs), And he (Excess) is "only 700 euros". I do not like deposits, t.To. Wait back this money is at least a month. One dealers in the center of Cilivi tried to convince me that in a post-crisis country not to find a car with normal insurance, and became very dissatisfied when I said that I was not the first year.

Next … Car rental with full insurance covering all road failures, the tour operator costs 48 euros, t.E. per 100 euros cheaper than in Hertz. And if you walk to the end of the village, you can find both unassuming comrades, ready to pass your iron friends at a nice price of 30-35 euros per day without unpleasant deposits. In one such office we saw the Ford Focus for a period of 3 days. We were not enough for three days, but the focus was already promised to others, and on the last aircraft we were offered to Seat Leon at the same beautiful price.

Navier Beach

Navao Beach, to Great My Regret, Available Wishing only from the Sea. In the season in the other side floats a lot of large and small ships, boats, catamarans and other bots and jals. Excursions are sold at every corner, and the cost varies depending on the capacity and convenience of the Floor. I will not open secrets, saying that the price of the tour operator on the excursion (all) is about 2 times higher than that of the most super-mega-VIP local office. Difference? The language of communication. Honestly, the whole thing is limited to three phrases along the movement, like: "Now we swim the lighthouse, this is a very important lighthouse over the cave".

We bought the tickets to the boat in the nearest to the hotel and got exactly what they wanted – rocky shores, blue caves, islands, distant Kefalonia in the morning haze, Navao Beach and the Tourist Soleanka team, including the ubiquitous Chinese, inclined under the severity of cameras and tripods.

Despite the loud guides with bright umbrellas in their hands, the Chinese managed to rub even here, on a closed from three sides, the sushi patch. One boat, under the brigaled by citizens of the People’s Democratic Republic, 40 minutes shot on blue waves waiting for the losses. They were found on the beach in a meter from the ship. So I realized that the Chinese also do not particularly distinguish their fellow citizens 🙂

I am glad I saw Navao with my own eyes. Let him fall on the shore of the apple, let it be hot, and everything was mixed in the sea – people, boats. Anyway, this rare beauty White Beach with Water Colors of Young Turquoise I will remember how a valuable and beautiful.

Blue caves

In general, the reference is perfectly clean water for me is the Aegean Sea in the area of ​​Fethiye. Pouring on a yacht for 12 nearby islets I remember how it was last summer, and not 10 years ago. Water of perfect transparency, incredible blue, circle fascinating landscapes. And I don’t need any maldives, give only autumn leaves to squeeze into Greco-Turkish waters.

The sea ionic is not inferior to his neighbor in the Mediterranean basin. Swimming near the caves, photogenic and impossible beautiful, was a refreshingly pleasant and relaxing.

On the route of our boat, we have noticed a couple of cute beaches, remote and less people, there and went to the next day on a fresh car.
We lost in the first turn. It was completely incomprehensible as possible, but I could. This is a special such talent. Remember, in an old film about a shrouded American family on vacation in Europe, which could not leave the London ring, hardening the circles around Big Ben?! So, my Bigben was a chapel on a mountain in the center of some kind of crumbotone village, where in the afternoon in +40 even flies do not fly. Somehow with the help of an ancient Greek grandfather (which relatives probably forgot to make a day at day Seside) managed to stop the random spending time and gasoline. Finally, we left the hill with a stunning view of the mountains and gardens, a little bit down and drank in Freusha (chemos fresco of portical, if anyone is interested :).

Askos Nature Reserve

In general, the plan of the day was such – the wild beach, the Reserve Askos and the Bay of Navao Top view. Zakynthus is small, all these movements were met at 6 o’clock day of the day, and this is taking into account the losses, long festivities in the park, solar and sea baths, as well as time to spit from the mountain.
Askos we found from the first attempt. Bought tickets (9 euros per adult and 6 for a child). We were given a map, on a bottle of water and sent to walk to deer.

Askos is a beautiful and large reserve, from those where animals can easily release in the night, and in the morning to meet fresh punishable and water well. For animals, the Ukrainian singer is cautious, in the recent past worker of the Athenian Philharmonic. At some point, Troupe was dissolved, and the singer had to look for a new place. Now, I guess the animals of Ascos know the men’s games of "Figaro" knows much better than me 🙂

We were the only visitors at this hour, so the milestone worker paid us a lot of time, told about animals everything that can and could not be allowed to feed deer and raccots, in general, helped get the maximum pleasure.

Separately about raccas – I read a tourist memo somewhere regarding the rules of behavior in the conditions of Encotian raids. According to eyewitnesses, the scale of such disaster is unpredictable. There are any items found – from a saucepan to stinky neoprene costumes. All mined ̶N̶̶̶̶̶̶L̶L̶M̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶M̶ The animals instantly properly properly and begin to actively use – throw it into the fire, hang on the trees in the radius of a kilometer, taste and put on the head. Probably, therefore, in Askos, these arrogant, but lovely muzzles live in a clearly reserved space. Feed the comrades (eat only dry dog ​​food with chicken taste 🙂 it is possible only through the grid and very carefully.

Lookout Naviero

Fighting in an embrace with reindeer, tired, but satisfied, went to the end item of the program – the observation platform of the Bay of Navao.

All photos without additional effects, it was all so everyone saw my eyes, and I still trust them 🙂

By the evening of tourists there are a bit here, beautiful light allows you to make colorful photos, and the awesome lovers of extreme selfie will not let you get bored. One guy who bought on the very edge of the cliff, friends had to stick back to the mountain under ahi and sighs of the public. Well, what, but the photo is normal, likes there, Folloviers, all that.

My heroic maximum

Watching "cell" – continuous disappointment, almost nothing can be seen. Tourists at their own risk and risk of a wedding path along the cliff to make the very recognizable personnel.

Probably, you need to say a few words about how to get back to cilivi from the track. And this is not a fig not just. The road leads the unlucky traveler into olive bushes, in the thickets of which only a very attentive person can evaporate the smashed sign with Greek doodles τσιλιβί. I know a local diploma, but even it was not saved from the next "Bigben Tour" on the neighboring villages, for I, like a Schrödinger cat, a little here, a little there)))

Toffee eggs and Limni Keri

Carette Carette turtle is found on the stump, whatever. The next day we devoted to her. Gerakas on the beach was unloaded at noon. They realized that he felt that king, which "boo in the boiler and was welded". +43 showed a street thermometer, but when she stopped.

So, Gerakas. At the entrance, a specially trained person is sitting, who every newcomer who came to give leaves-memo. The tourist is reported to how to behave on the beach, where most of the sandy territory occupy Shalashi Vigvama with turtle eggs inside, and on that tonya strip, where it is ordered to lie, you need to be careful, vigilant and very clean. It is also indicated what to do in case of sudden hatching turtle. I honestly, I do not remember what was said at this point, but I am sure that this is what happens, the island would be shaking the topot of tourist feet in the direction of newborns, and the sentimental Aaaa would hear even in Albania)))

If you do not feel about the turtle detachment, Gerakas Beach is unlikely to seem very cozy to you, despite the crystal clear water and a pleasant sand, for you constantly feel like a crash 🙂

When even bathing stopped saving from the admin heat, we decided to change the location.

Where the sail whites, but not lonely)

To get to the next beach of Limni Keri, you need to drive both a sharp turn, and space, and hectares of olive groves. At some point, the path opens an incredible sea view with an island in the form of the very carriage carriage.

Probably Limny Keri – my favorite beach on Zakynthos. Everything, as I like, is a windless bay, small, smooth pebbles on the shore, small and sleek sand in the sea. Beach in the Songs of the trees, where we look – everywhere beauty. And the goodness is so in the soul that I want to say the Buninsky syllable and not about the apples of Antonovsky, but about the sea, the tight smell of oleander and the gardens of olive 🙂

The biggest flag, Greek Capri, Mayak and Beach Maratias

Google, well-friendly familiar with local attractions, told about a special lighthouse in the village of Keri and about the largest Greek flag that flies somewhere in the same place. The words "special" and "most" magnet attract adventurers and idiots. We clearly, they could not stay aside 🙂 and were right, so we found our personal caparis. The biggest flag (and the truth is huge) is on site and restaurant "Keri Lighthouse".

The flag was raised in the afternoon when we returned from the lighthouse

While we were glad to understand your eyes on a giant flagpole, trying to understand whether the white-purple faded rag nearby thereby "the most" flag, Igor saw a piece of the beautiful sea on a restaurant veranda. We went to drink my portoclades and stayed for 1.5 hours, unable to tear away from incredible beauty, not burdened by crowds of tourists and sad echoes of Gorkovsky heritage.

Making an incredible effort, forced themselves to move to the lighthouse.
The lighthouse did not meet expectations, it costs such an imperceptible, fenced with fence and trees. But the landscapes around the wonderful.

Porto Vromy

Latest aircraft we dedicated to the west coast of the island. It (coast) is amazingly beautiful – little baton, but very wonderful. First, Porto Vromy. A winding track leads to it, hanging over the sea. Having done the whole way from top to bottom, I thought was to park on the bus parking lot. Local guys asked me to move down down, search the place there, and in case of failure, return to the village of big buses.

The case of failure occurred in a minute, when I, seeing the place between the two cars on the descent, decided to fit into it. Fitted, but to the offensive crooked. I decided to imagine the position, the handbrake did not hold, slightly moved down. To somehow fix the situation, I am going to pass back, but that fraction of a second between the handbrake and gas was enough to "kiss" Ahead standing car. I finally drifted and called to help guys from the parking lot. For a fraction of a second, they rescued our seducing from imprisonment (do not offer craftsmanship), and when I picked up about the call of the police and other, not promising a pleasant day of events, one of the guys with a light movement of the hand improved a dent injured car. We for the order of another 5 minutes turned on the former dent, trying to find her traces, which were not found and went back to the bus parking lot, where now for the driver-loach there was a parking place for the driver.

Well, the beach of Porto-Vromy is small, yes good, here from time to time excursion ships. But the best look, as usual, top.

Stopped at the afternoon ground in the village of Echso-Choir, in which there is nothing remarkable, except the oldest olive. We watched how from time to time a huge bus will drive up from time to the tree, tourists shake out of it, turning the silent corner of the island in the San Marco Square. Make hundreds of photos in the tree and leave, and returned rustic silence again . 5 minutes before the next bess.

Home, she is the only street echso-choir

The cross in the town of Campsi is also a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the rocks cut into the sea, disturbing water of all shades of a blue green spectrum and merging with sky skyline.


Finally, drove into Limnionas. I saw such a beach for the first time. Sunbeds with umbrellas are placed on stone steps descending to the sea.

And those who wish to refresh themselves sneeze into the sea bunch with a peel sticking out of the rock. To return to the shore, you need to go up to the slowdown and try to grasp the rope, to it attached. It turns out not all. Some long-long fighting with the opposite rope, which does not want to be in hand, then the emaciated swimming officer pull out comrades. I did not dare to such a heroism, because I swim even worse than the batting on the mountain.

Sunset in the sea from my nightmares 🙂

What to say about the island finally? He is beautiful. So small and so inspiringly diverse. Sorry, of course, that they did not get down to Kefalonia. Next time necessarily.

Where the sail whites, but not lonely)

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