Where the passport is issued

Citizens of the our Federation may issue a passport in the Main Department of Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (MIUM MIA) or in the Multifunctional Center for State and Municipal Services (MFC). Bonus for those who appreciate their time, – Portal of public servants . Here the application will take place online.

Issuance of identity cards abroad – Predrogatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MYD).


What passport I can choose and get

According to the law 114-ФЗ «On the order of entry and departure from the our Federation», our citizens can issue a passport of an old generation (for 5 years), biometric with chip (for 10 years) or immediately. here Perelinkovka with whether our has 2 passports.

Table: Differences of the biometric passport from the passport of the old sample

Deadline, years

Designed from birth

The ability to enter a child

Contains a chip with personal data of the owner, including fingerprints

How long «do» document

  • at the place of registration – 1 month;
  • According to the actual location – 3.

In the consulate abroad – 3 months.

State duty for children under 14

Application online – 700 rubles, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs – 1 000.

On the website of State Service – 1750 rubles, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs – 2500.

Tariff for adult applicants, in rubles

Online – 1 000, offline – 2 000.

3,500 and 5000 rubles, respectively

Presence of a child up to 14 years

The design of the passport of the new generation implies the collection of biometric data from persons over 12 years: digital photo and fingerprint scanning (Dactyloscopy). Children under 11 years of age are released from the last procedure, as well as those who cannot «roll off a finger» for natural reasons: no pillows of fingers, the drawing is not read.

Where and how can I apply for a passport

The fastest and most convenient way – Leave a request on the website of the State Service . However, this option is suitable only to those who are registered in the system and has a confirmed account.

Where the passport is issued

In this case, you need to download a digital snapshot (up to 5 MB), answer the questionnaire questions, choose the feed location and pay the state duty. The final stage – come to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs behind overseas.

Algorithm of Action in MFC «My documents» :

  1. Download application application blank . Then fill it on the computer, or manually. Print on A4 sheets in two copies. Each page – your sheet turnover, that is, the seal should be bilateral.
  2. When changing the surname, you will need to add an application (it is here).
  3. Collect documents: 2 statements, internal passport, marriage certificate, if changed surname. Servicemen attach the authorization of command. Young guys from 18 to 27 years – military ID. Request for a five-year passport Complete three photos of 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Pictures are needed on children if you plan to fit them into your passport. How to arrange a personal passport for a child read by reference.
  4. Pay the state duty and take the receipt just in case. Suddenly will not find payment in the system.
  5. Stand in the electronic queue on the MFC portal in your area / city.
  6. On the appointed day, come with documents to the Center.
  7. Track the readiness of the passport on the site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

Unfortunately, the biometric passport is still not issued in all MFC. This is due to the shortage of specialized equipment. Therefore, we advise you to clarify the possibility of issuing a passport for 10 years in the IFC, which you plan to apply. List of addresses in Moscow, where guaranteed «do» Passport of the new sample, you will find here .

In the office MIUM MVD Applications take in order of a living queue. We will have to run around the cabinets, lose a bunch of time and nerve cells.

Urgent design

Such a service is available only when the old-sample closed.

2 categories of citizens can resort to urgent design:

  1. Those who need emergency hospitalization abroad;
  2. and those who go to a seriously ill relative or funeral.

Statement must be submitted personally in the LUCHM MVD. Bring a letter from the host clinic together with the conclusion of your attending physician, or a telegram with a request to urgently come to the funeral or to the hospital to a relative.

How to get a passport abroad

How to get a passport outside the our Federation? Abroad, the passport issues the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the our Federation, or rather consular services. Term of consideration of the application – 3 months from the date of appeal.

A questionnaire for an old-format passport fill on the MFA, new – Under this reference . Instructions for filling out an application for a biometric passport is here .

Standard Document Set:

  • 2 instances of the statement for the passport of the old sample, one – for new, double-sided seal;
  • internal passport;
  • Old pass, if there is;
  • documents confirming the change of surname;
  • 3 snapshot measuring 4 x 5 cm;
  • certificate of identification of personality if the previous passport is lost;
  • payment of state duty, currency depends on the consulate.

When making a passport, instead of lost, attach the letter from your name about the recognition of a previously issued passport invalid. Form of writing – Arbitrary.

For a biometric passport, you need to print paper with QR code (in the form of a square) and also bring it with you. But pictures can remove. Photographing in the consulate.

Where the passport is issued

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