Where the ocean is clean, and the mountains are high

In Soviet times, our compatriots – those who have been allowed to travel around the world – Visited India with great pleasure. The fabulous ancient country, like, maybe no other in the world, perfectly combines antiquities, stunning temple imagination, wondrous landscape and magnificent sandy beaches on the coast of the pure ocean – Indian.

The world discovered for the ferris made our people forget about previous affections. And in India began to ride for Delian markets flooded with cheap goods. But shovels – a temporary phenomenon. And India was and remains one of the most attractive countries for the traveler.

In India – twenty-five states and seven union areas rich in attractions. Delhi, Agra, Beauty Taj Mahal (As you know, the eighth miracle of the world), the pink city of Jaipur, cosmopolitan bombay, endless golden beaches Goa, reserves with tigers and crocodiles.

ours sooner or later will remember this. The lion’s share of the new our flow of tourists will be the discerning people who are accustomed to comfort. Just for them in India there are hotels, which are no analogs in anywhere, – Magaraja Palaces turned into hotels. The night in no one will cost other times more expensive than in the European five-star hotel. But service is not a couple of Western European. Indians are suitable with all responsibility: for the night on a pillow flower with candy, and all day is not what they are looking in the mouth – the dust blows blown. If there is.

Where the ocean is clean, and the mountains are high

Food, from the point of view of local residents, is no less serious. According to old prescriptions, six flavors should be present in each dish: sweet, salty, bitter, tart, sour, sharp. Each of them affects the state of a person in a certain way, and the correct combination of all six facilitates existence, and sometimes even makes life a pleasant. You can experience the effect of healing Indian food for yourself. If your wallet is not enough for a respectable restaurant, look into the roadside snacks: everything is the same, only cheaper.

And finally, buy yourself something indian – for memory and for benefit. For example, a transparent muslin scarf, such as those who once decorated the outfits of the Empress of the Mogolskaya dynasty, and now decorate the collection of famous designers. Or some more comprehend. And you can purchase a product of an Indian artisan, which is always an artist, from bronze, gold or silver. Indians are convinced that gold "Soothes and improves eyesight", silver "Positive affects the gallbladder", And bronze "favorable for the thought process". Maybe you will help you?

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