Where the Lohnes monster lives? Lake in Scotland with a legendary story

In Scotia, Lake Loche Ness can be bolded to call the most famous lake, inhabited, according to legends, Loch Nevsky Monster. For more than a century, he makes curious tourists come to famous waters, although the real existence of Nessi evidence was not discovered.


A large number of people with a long time ago argues that Seeing the famous monster in Loch Ness. More often, these stories were invented exclusively thanks to Scottish mythology and literature, which are filled with a variety of monsters from water spaces.
The first mention of the Loch Nevsky monster in the legends of Scotland appeared In 565, our era. When Saint Columbus went on a trip to the mountains near Lake Loch Ness, he came across a company near the grave of a man whose body was disfigured by many wounds. Legend says that Saint Columbus appealed to people to swim in hazardous waters. When Nesssey reacted to the bait and seemed from the depth, he expelled the monster, turning to the power of God. After almost the century after these actions, the legend was written, which came to this day. It is it that is considered one of the main evidence of the real existence of a marine monster in Scotland’s waters.
For a long time, Nessi’s mention in history remained ordinary The thing, the monster no longer harmed people, only served as the cause of superstitions and horror stories for children.

Monster’s greatest popularity received in the 20th century, when the number of people arguing that the Loch Neskie monster exists significantly increased.
Supbo McCay argued that during movement by car along the lake, they noticed an incredible monster, broke the road. Judging by their description, the Loch-Neskie monster has impressive sizes of the body, elongated the neck of a rather big length, and they also claimed that the extremes of the beings were impossible to see. This case occurred in 1933.
Approximately the same gap in history recorded readings Other eyewitney, who exactly repeated the external description of the monster, written earlier.

Where the Lochnesian monster is inhabited by the Lake in Scotland with the legendary history

In the same year the road was built next to the lake, and active searches began. In November, Hugh Gold managed to surrendered to Nesssey, when he climbed the water stroke. It was displayed on it, characteristic of a well-known description, but experts reacted with a noble share of mistrust. The photo placed on the main page of the leading newspaper in Scotland, it was he who pushed to hire the skill of a hunter for the search for confirmation of the existence of a Loch Nesky Monster. He managed to discover enormous traces on the shore, but critics confidently stated that the find belongs to a particularly large hippo. The idea was recognized as unsuccessful, and from the hunter they took the duties.
On April 21, the most famous photo of a monster, made by some doctor Robert Kennedy Wilson, who refused to subscribe to his real name to subscribe to this year. Skeptics did not pay attention to the details and realism of the photo, immediately stated that it was a passing. In 1994, there was evidence in 1994: the model of the famous monster was depicted in the picture. The doctor came up with this deception after an unsuccessful expedition to Loch Ness Lake.

A huge number of new information and materials about Nessie did not cease to enter the world, although almost completely ignored.
Everyone decides believe in the Loch Nesky monster or – no. On the one hand, the monster had to be discovered, given the time of its existence. And on the other, there is always the likelihood of the presence of something mysterious and unknown, especially in the waters of Scotland.

Where the Lochnesian monster is inhabited by the Lake in Scotland with the legendary history

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