Where the line between beauty and ugliness in architecture

Hello to all cultural and educated people. Here is what break patterns from me the other day – this is a question of aesthetics of various structures.

I came across the review Dail Telegraph – a very reputable newspaper, where the rating was compiled …The most ugly buildings of the planet. Experts and other smart people from this media believe that for the sake of the following creations, the builders in vain translated brick.

But what’s the problem … I, of course, is not an architect, but I like! I disagree with DT journalists. So I suggest us to understand everything: whether these newsprises are complete bore, or I have no taste, or just skis do not go.

Hotel RĂ¼gen, Pyongyang

I look at the highest building in the DPRK, in the form of a pyramid – and a sca of the nose … In my opinion, an excellent 105-storey hotel, something reminds the rocket before launching.

Library in Pristina (Kosovo)

And look at this institution that carries education in the mass. Doesn’t it resemble a pretty hive? To arise the right associations: where everyone worries as bees.

Residential complex Tours Aillaud in the suburb of Paris

This house without corners was built in the seventies and the chief architect introduced his creation as a "model of the future". How many years have passed, and the idea still remains creative. Is it possible to criticize?

Liverpool Catholic Cathedral

Boring critics say this is an unsuccessful form of a spacecraft. And I see here the temple in a futuristic style. Do not necessarily churches to be pathetic?

Federation Square in the center of Melbourne

And so, in my opinion, the future looks like, which has already been reached until some corners of Australia. And I do not understand why this architectural style is called controversial.

British Intelligence Headquarters in London

I would go to the scouts, just to be more likely to be in such a stylish building on the banks of the Thames. Moreover, it has already proven its safety. Once he was shot from a grenade launcher, and at least that. By the way, if you did not know, it was this building more than once been filmed in Bondian.

Housing and office building in Bangkok in the form of an elephant

And what? It seems! Also reminds the letter "sh" upside down, in which a mute sounds: "And sho? I do not like?".

Slovak Radio headquarters in Bratislava

Critical for the fact that the pyramid is inverted. And I think: so good that upside down!

Where the line between beauty and ugliness in architecture

Hotel Grand Lisboa in Macau

Someone turns the language to say that this is a casino in Macao – a beamlessness, for the reason that it resembles anime hero. Envious, not otherwise.

National Library in Minsk

Another library, only in Belarus. Has a diamond shape, probably that students do not forget that they need to gnaw. Actually very original.

Skyscraper in London

High-ethuction Strata Tower SE1 has its own wind power station on the roof. In my opinion, the turbine is very organically looking at the roofs of the building, and the opinion of critics – in the furnace.

The Basket Building in Ohio

Office building in the form of a basket – My rating favorite!! Because the company produces, actually, baskets. Excellent branding – well, here is incomprehensible?

Office in Abu Dhabi

Another demonstration of the company’s production capacity. No, it’s not a wallet. Just a round form of headquarters of the construction corporation. They say, we are also not so.

Where the line between beauty and ugliness in architecture

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