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If you are going to go to Schengen to avoid unnecessary unrest, it is better to apply for a visa more than a month before the start of the voyage. But sometimes the permission to enter the entry will be able to get in a shorter period. What countries give visas faster?


3 days
Greeks issue visas very quickly – in just three days. True, with the beginning of summer, when the flow of vacationers increases significantly, this period can be stretched for a week, but still the procedure does not take much time. Yes, it is also possible to serve immediately, in the order of a living queue, without approval. Additionally, the Greeks began to induce their tourists with multivisas, so that it would seem, there is no reason not to go to rest in this country. Of course, many frightened the economic instability and protest demonstration, but in most resort islands, quiet and grace. There would be more airlines regularly.


5 days

As a rule, to get a visa to Spain, one working week takes. You can submit documents immediately by contacting the visa center directly. As a last resort, you can ask for an urgent visa, pay twice as much, but get it for 3 days. However, this proposal is not to be seduced by those who are going to deceive the ambassadors and go to other countries. The Spaniards became rather jealously to treat their visas and a number of tourists even began to issue national, on which the entry is allowed exclusively into this country. The most nice tourists should not pay the collection of the visa center and contact the consulate, but it will have to call through the phone, and you will be prescribed – approximately after a month and a half.


5 days

Pedantic Austrians carefully check your documents within a week. You can log on at the phone or by email to the date – approximately in a week (if only this is not a "hot" winter period). By the way, be prepared that if in your passport while there are some visa stickers of Schengen countries, you can call, invite to the interview and interrogate with addiction, so do not outraget if you have to visit the consulate once again. However, if the tourist does not try to deceive, most likely, there will be no problem and the visa you will get exactly on time.


3-10 days
Belgians, of course, can give a visa and for 3 days, but quite often they decide that it is not able to answer in Moscow and send your request to the Foreign Ministry of Belgium, to which a couple of weeks will go. But submit documents to the visa center will be able to immediately, without appointment on any working day, and to avoid the queue, it is recommended to come after 11 days. If you want to save on the services of the visa center and pay only a fee of 35 euros, you can bring documents directly to the embassy, ​​but for this you need to first contact the consular department by phone.


4-7 days
The French are distinguished by unpredictability. They can give visas phenomenally quickly: it is only possible to attribute documents to the visa center, as a couple of days later, a message appears on his site that the passport is already there again. However, many tourists, especially in the hot season, the consulate may issue permission to enter a couple of weeks (and what is happening after you after 10 days, they do not care at all). Therefore, if you want to travel in France, please contact a visa!


4-7 days
How much time will take you a visa to Germany, depends on the workload of the consulate. The Germans themselves admit that some peak dates can delay your passport for a couple of weeks. To put documents, you need to sign up to the phone consulate, as a rule, you will be prescribed time time in two or four weeks, depending on the season. But if you have in your passport, at least two Schengen visas category with (or at least one annual) issued in the last couple of years, you can apply a simplified procedure to you, and then getting a visa will take a little less time.

Where the fastest you can get Schengen, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist


5 days
Despite the reputation of slow people, the Estonians visa issues an average of 5 days. But reception in the consulate is carried out only by appointment. Since Estonians have not yet enjoy the services of a visa center, they do not always cope with a large flow of visas, and for what time you will be recorded – unpredictable. Sometimes it is possible to book a time after a few days, sometimes – weeks. But the consulate of Estonia, unlike other Schengen, accepts documents from residents of remote areas not only personally, but through the affiliates of PONY EXPRESS (for 30 euros), that is, in fact, through the courier. Unfortunately, residents of the areas where there are branches of the consulate, cannot be used by this service.


5-7 days
Promotive tourists who decided to sunbathe in the Italian coasts received visas before the beginning of the holiday season. After all, with the beginning of the summer, the period of consideration of applications may increase from 5 days by about twice. You will not miss the visa center without a preliminary recording, which is conducted on the website of the Consulate, although there is no special queue, you can assign a date and go to surrender documents next week.


7-10 days
Alas, tourists who decided to go to Hungary this summer should be changed. Promptly go to this country will not succeed, since you can take documents only in a month. In addition, Hungarian officials are not in a hurry to issue visas at all, and in the spring-summer, when many want to see Budapest and swim in Balaton, your passport can stay at the consulate for a couple of weeks. So, who did not take care of permission to enter Hungary in advance, until the end of August it is unlikely to be able to do.


8-10 days
Czechs do not always cope with the influx of those who want to see their wonderful country, take a walk through Prague and be on the waters of Karlovy Vary. Therefore, to make a decision on permission to enter the consulate, sometimes takes a couple of weeks. But documents, if you want to get a conventional short-term visa, can be submitted immediately in Czech visa centers in Moscow or in other cities of Russia without approval.

Where the fastest you can get Schengen, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

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