Where the eyes look – Sunday journey

Do not you agree with me? In my opinion, the best excursion is tenting there and here, without thoughts, without plans and without purpose. Solid contemplation.

So I suggest to go to the virtual Sunday journey around the world, in fact, the places that may not be the sights, but the cool photographers on them "looked" that you have to pay attention to inconsistent things.

In general, the usual under an unusual look. Something familiar with an unfamiliar party. Go.

Canadian Mountains Rokis

So in winter at 30 degrees of frost looks like the most ordinary lake. Frozen not only water, but also bubbles on the surface. It seems that such a remarkable in this natural phenomenon? All reservoirs freeze. It turns out that they are different.

Skyscraper Burj Khalifa

About the highest building in the world, for sure, you have already heard. I think it is too much to talk about his smartness and pomp. It is better to pay attention like this building of the century may look in October.

Such a surreal photo can be obtained when a strong fog rises in Dubai. If at this time it is very high, then the eyes will open this picture.

Canyon Antelope

To fix this wonderful moment, the photographer went to Arizona (USA) and climbed inside the cleft of this interesting sandstone with the walls of the bugs.

Its name Gorge received, as they say that the color of the walls resembles the hue of the antelope skins – also red. But I personally do not see here red colors. Rather – Pink.

Where the eyes look - Sunday journey

Such an intricate plexus of lines inside the canyon was formed due to erosion. Romantic natures call this phenomenon with a stone dance.

Temple of evolution

And this is the highest wooden structure in the world, almost 37 meters high, which is located in the US state of Nevada.

This is a non-residential building, but also not abandoned. "The Temple of Evolution" was built by the hands of talented people for … self-expression.

The fact is that every year in the desert Black-Rock passes a creative festival and creative people engage in the embodiment of their fantasies. Actually, this is one of the installations.

There is a lot of interesting things in the world, but not about all will be told in travel agencies.

Where the eyes look - Sunday journey

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