Where the asphalt ends, Albania begins

Albania – the only Muslim state in Europe. it was closed until recently for the entry and exit under the threat of execution. Even 20 years ago there was a "build" communism and the Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union compared with the Albanian orders considered "totalitarian-style light». A country where the nation’s purity remained at 100%, to the population of Albania is not "a hand" no foreigner population. Straight dream of Hitler’s kind of ..

Should I go to this area, where the rumor prevails banditry and mafia? I’ll answer – definitely worth at least for the reason that very soon, within the next few decades, this country has become a regular tourist center and lose the charm and spontaneity that while there is still.

And this is logical: the thousand-year history, mountain landscapes, unique architecture, which was created under the influence of different cultures and a huge piece of land with access to the sea can not but arouse interest among tourists.

But while a significant interest in this country is not observed, and I will tell you that today is Albania, being what it is,.

To begin, try to find out where there was a popular expression "Albanian language", or rather "Albany". Most likely, the our clowns meant uniqueness. Albanian language is really no other in the world is not like. And this is the first problem for the tourists – 99% of the population speak only in their native language.

Where the asphalt ends, Albania begins

English knows only young people who have not had time to go abroad for earnings, that is, schoolchildren and students. People of retirement age talk a little in our, but as the last time "the Great and Mighty" in schools were taught in the 70s of the last century, then since then the knowledge was confused. Therefore, just get ready to express in hotels, shops and on the streets in gestures.

It is still surprising, but at the same time respect, the loyalty of the local population to any religion of the world. Formally 70% of Albanians are considered Muslims. But this is not their conscious choice. Simply at one time, Albania won the Ottoman Empire, and in order to reduce taxes and improve their lives in particular, most of the Christians "as if" became Muslims.

And during the communist regime, which existed in Albania until 1990, atheism was officially announced. Since then, it was done – the religion it seems to be, but at the same time, no one is doing to her. And in general, in the country a lot of problems that require immediate permission, somehow not to spirituality ..

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