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"My Planet" will tell about tourist clubs, where expeditionary tourism professionals teach children and adolescents to climbing, skiing, and the marine case, and completely free. If you want to raise real travelers and good people, read carefully!

Club "Mumi-Troll", Moscow

Very soon the club "Mumina-Troll" will celebrate its 20-year-old birthday. The idea of ​​combining lovers of mountain tourism belonged to Margarita purple and was born from the desire to go hiking along with her daughter. The name of the club originated thanks to the School of Mumi-Troll, where the daughter of Margarita went to the first class. It is here among parents and children there were like-minded people who organized the first joint campaign in the Crimea.

Today, the MUMI-Troll club is regular mountain sports, including skiing, climbing and sports orienteering. The main part of the classes passes on weekends on exit training. Topography and orientation, Mountain Tourism Technique, Basics of First Medical Aid and Search and Rescue Works, Mountain and Mountain Relief, Mountain Travel Tactics, Radio Communications, GPS Navigation – All this is available to anyone who has seven years old.

Address: Moscow, ul. Sokolovsky, 12. Eight minutes walk from the station. M. "October Field".

Contacts: Margarita Chistyakova: +7 (916) 531-82-46, ritka67 @ bk.Ru. Galina Morozova: +7(915)451-9783, Galkamoroz @ Rambler.Ru.

Age: Classes are held in three groups from the 2nd to the 11th grades formed by age and the level of training.

The terms of participation: All wishing to join the club are waiting for any Thursday at 18:00.

Margarita Chistyakova

Senior Club Head:

– What is the basic idea of ​​your club?

– First, discover for children the opportunity to travel and make it hobby for life. And no less important to teach them how to travel competently and safely.

We try to open our pupils the full range of hobbies associated with mountains. Therefore, besides tourist campaigns in the mountains we make climbs on tops, quite seriously engage in rock climbing and alignment.

– What difficulties have to come across the camps / trips most often?

– First difficulty – collect a good team. I want to go all, but always someone falls out – it is necessary to coincide the desire of a child and parents, the financial capabilities of the parents (some of the campaigns pay the federation of mountaineering. – approx. Red.), Dates.

The second difficulty is to create good friendly relations in the group (including children with leaders) and at the same time maintain discipline and ensure absolute security. This is the highest pilot.

– As you think, based on your experience, the participation of children in tourist campaigns is the desire of parents or still the desire of children themselves?

– already, and so, but mostly, of course, this is the desire of children themselves. If the participation of the child in the campaign is only the desire of parents, it is not for long. In the younger age, up to 12 years, without support from parents, participation in the campaigns and generally classes in the club are simply impossible.

Rodoo "Education. Sport. Rehabilitation"

RESURAL AND Educational Center "Junior" and other projects

According to the head of the organization Alexander Yakovlevich Mendel, it all started more than ten years ago from the children-youth tourist team, which in the late 80s included in his composition of children with disabilities (inhappiness and weighted, visually impaired, with the consequences of cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and others). Today, on the basis of the organization, such projects are being implemented as the "wind of the wanders" (Ecological and tourist camp on Lake Seliger "Young Robinsones"), "Walk of Osilit Going" (tourist and local history activities in order to integrate and social adaptation of students with disabilities), "Sails of our Hope" (travel children with hearing impairment and speech on the Volga on the yacht) and others. In addition to tourist plates, camps and travel, children are waiting for regular classes with tourist and local history topics at the place of residence throughout the year, on which professional teachers and travelers with many years of experience help the social integration of various children and adolescents, each of which is special.

The organizers believe that no artificial homogeneous groups are needed for socio-labor adaptation and development of the individual, and more natural in their composition are heterogeneous, in which weakness stretch is strong, the younger imitate the elders, people with disabilities – healthy, and all children are a beloved and respected leader.

Where teach travelers

Address: Moscow, ul. Veshnyakovskaya, 14, Corp. 2, 1st entrance, 1st floor.

Contacts: +7 (499) 786-47-50. Alexander Mendel, Head of Organization: AlexMindel @ Mail.Ru.

Age: from the 5th to the 11th grades.

Conditions participation: To participate in campaigns, special training is needed, the club takes all those wishing.

Sergey Gorlanov,

Head of Educational Programs, Instructor:

– What is the main idea of ​​exit tourist campaigns?

– We all studied the story in the institute and at the institute, in the campaign we can in practice to consolidate the knowledge gained from books, because to go to the campaign – this does not mean to go through as many kilometers as possible, there is also an educational component. Working out the output trips, I try to make interesting places along the path of the route: Manor, Museum. In addition, in the hike, a person shines, as on X-ray: it is immediately seen that you are surrounded by people and with whom you will continue to communicate comfortably, and with whom, alas, no.

– What difficulties have to come across the campaigns most often?

– If the group goes to the route in a new composition or for the first time, the main problem can be a relationship between members of the Group and the team as a whole. As mentioned above, a person is revealed in the campaign – and in which direction, it will be visible only on the route.

Another problem is to bring the children’s group. First, you need a lot to get different permits, certificates, secondly, at present, not every parents let go of children in real tourist hiking – they can be understood, time is, but in the end, even if there is a desire, it is not always possible.

Each participant has its own specialty for the time of the hike: commander, treasurer, reserves, remmaster, photographer. And everyone should cope with their responsibilities. In practice, not everyone gets.

Where teach travelers

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