Where prefer to rest Belarusians

To rest love everything. But at different points of the world its contingent. It depends on the geographical position of the resort, and from the amount, and from the possibility of entry. ours consider a good holiday in Belarusian sanatoriums, but in which countries are Belarusians love to relax?

Ukraine, Crimea, Russia remains the most common place to relax. In terms of cost, this is the most acceptable resorts that are available to the average Belarusian.

In second place are Asian countries, such as the UAE, Turkey, Egypt. In price they are more expensive, but already give a kind of exotic. Meet Belarusians in any city from these countries can be quite often.

In third place is Bulgaria, Montenegro. These countries are attracted by the warm sea and quite close Slavic culture. It can not be confused here, having heard a foreign language. Yes, and at the price of rest in these countries a little higher than Asian resorts.

Where prefer to rest Belarusians

And since now Shengen visa Minsk is not as difficult, visa and visa services and visa services are open. Recently, among Belarusians became common holidays in Italy, Spain. Despite the long-distance road and high cost, some Belarusians can afford a short vacation there. And these countries can be placed in the fourth place.

Fifth place occupies Poland, Lithuania, Latvia. These countries are so close to Belarus that people visit them not for recreation, but for mass purchases, during which the rest will not be able to rest.

Countries such as Germany, France are also popular among Belarusians. However, they are rarely visited purposefully. In Belarus, bus tours are common in which a number of European cities are included, such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and many others. It turns out that in one trip you can visit several luxury places to relax at an affordable price. And since in Belarus, many horrors in monetary equivalent, such a rest for them is just a find. With the exception of those who live can not be without a beach and the sea.

Where prefer to rest Belarusians

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