Where on earth can be seen scenery?

On our planet, there are enough places, getting into which you feel on another planet. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, winds, water and sun, for millennia, sometimes create so bizarre natural objects that we can only wonder how much the world around us is beautiful and diverse.

Shilin, «Stone forest», China

Amazing «Space» Landscapes «Stone Forest» Shilin – The result of many years of nature of nature – The destructive action of the wind, washing up the seawater of cracks, pillars, formation of cleft. Besides cliffs, in «Stone forest» There are several lakes, waterfalls and caves. These places gave rise to a lot of legends, there are rituals of various rites, and every year in the second half of June, a large-scale and colorful festival of torches is held.

Solonchak Uyuni, Bolivia

Lake Uyuni does not look like a lake in a classic understanding. The bottom of the uuesty is perfectly smooth, and the surface of the water is flat, it is reflected in it, and the horizon line is lost at the same time. Which creates an impression not just another planet, but some parallel world.

«Road Giagants», United Kingdom

«Road Giagants» also called «Tropea Giant». These are more than 40 thousand natural basalt columns, they were formed in ancient times after volcanic eruptions. There is an amazing trail in a nearby city of Bushmils, in Northern Ireland. The columns are shaped from a round to octagonal, and at the same time rise to different heights. It looks like a blocking or paving tile, but only the nature laid out. Starting at the foot of the mountain, «Road Giagants» smoothly goes into the water than fascinating even more.

Where on earth can be seen scenery

«Valley of death», USA

National Park «Valley of death» Located on the border of California and Nevada. This is perhaps one of the most mysterious and mystical places on the planet. In the prehistoric times of the valley was the bottom of the sea, now it is a high rocky formation, sand dunes, huge blocks of stones and a salt grid similar to a hexagon. But the main mystery «Death Valley» are «Moving stones». The geological phenomenon of these stones is, they spontaneously move along the valley, and at the same time leave a long trail. While scientists have not yet solved, where and why stones crawl.

Dry Valley Antarctica

Finally – The most perhaps an unusual place on Earth, located in Antarctica. These are dry valleys, here two million years have not been rain. Valley Square – 8000 square kilometers free from ice terrain. Winds blow here with a huge speed of 320 km / h, as a result of which all moisture evaporates. Such natural conditions are very similar to Mars’s conditions, so scientists regularly conduct serious research and various tests here.

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