Where men go in skirts

. However, ladies in Burma, and we are talking about it, they also flaunt in a similar dress. And although men’s and women’s skirts differ in both the drawing and the method of wearing, they are similar and belong to one type of clothing. This does not mean that this fact somehow affects the relationships of floors in Burma and the skirt acts as the equalizer. Although, probably, in part, it is.

But not in the same skirt case! In the neighboring Bangladesh, for example, a man’s suggestion is also common, but the position of the woman is completely different. It rushes into every one who has committed all the time flight from Muslim Dakka to Buddhist Rangoon. On the streets of the Burmese capital, its numerous markets are full of women. They are kept liberated. Want to photograph with a girl? We ask for mercy, you can even take a bit. Purely symbolically, of course. Local gentlemen will not drank you by dagger. Long scarves and scarves – without which in Bangladesh a woman will not come to the street – there is no and in mom. Burmets do not wear hats at all, if only do not work in the field. Then they wear wide-grade cane hats. Thanks to Buddhism, as well as ancient communal traditions, women in Burma have never been halves, used and enjoyed many rights. In this they could envy the representatives of the fine sex not in one country of the world.

On this topic, it is best to talk in some kind of Burmese family. Familiar in Rangneu I have enough, and many invite to themselves. Today I go to Zo Linu and to Mjine Mjine. ("W" — means "Mr", a "Before" — "Madam"). Burmese has no surnames, but only a name, so, going married, the woman here remains with his name. It seems like the barcode small, but the indicative. My friends are married for ten years, they have two daughters. I ask them how they got married, they are confused. Then Zo Lin briefly reports:

— Parents were against, and we had to escape from the house, live some time for distant relatives.

Although the Burma marriage consists most often on the advice of parents, such a wash of the bride is also not uncommon. I’m prettring:

— And who brought someone to escape?

Zo Lin throws a look at Mjine Mjin, but she does not give her mouth to open and begins to quickly talk:

— Yes, both we decided so, both. And in general, nothing terrible happened. Parents, having learned about the birth of granddaughter, forgave us, and now my mother’s soul does not get into Zo Lina.

Here I remembered: in Burmese "son-in-law" will "there is", What can be translated as "Favorite, welcome son". Not bad invented.

This family lives hardly, earning on rice pressing small trade. Spouses do not share homework for men and women. Zo Lin, when Mjine Mjin is busy, can prepare, and wash, and this does not surprise himself, nor neighbors, nor even his mother.

— And what else remains? Burmese women can divorce at any time – I’m kidding me.

Mjine Mjin perceives my words seriously:

— Not in this case! We are not going to divorce. What more.

I know that divorces in Burma are very rare. When freedom divorce, this fact looks paradoxical. After all, in the case of a divorce, the wife receives an equal share of property and can marry again, no one considers it less valuable.

Maybe the high position of a woman in the Burmese society is caused by the special nobility of local men wearing skirts? Alas, the reason here is different, more prose. The well-being of many Burmese families holds on a woman. She trades and engaged in some craft, for example, sews. Well, about the peasants and talk not to say: work on rice checks is enough.

Equality birmancam gets far from free. But they feel confident and independent. In the history of Burma, the Queen of Shinsopu is known, solely the state in the XIV century, a female ambassador to Khin Zhi – a widow of the independence architect General Aung Sana. And their daughter to Aung San Suh Zhi became a person in general legendary. She is known to the whole world as an unreleased leader of the Democratic Burma Movement. Almost six years spent under house arrest. Until Aung Sub Suh Zhi awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 1991.

But what is nice: the Burmese women at the same time are not at all like avid feminists and respect the male weakness to be – I will say more precisely – seem first. So my friend Mjine Mjine, even though it is her hands holding a family budget, it is definitely advised with her husband about any purchase. (Although he knows what he agrees). Having treat us, men, noodles on coconut milk, Miine Mjine itself at the table did not sat down. Such is the tradition. Western woman she may seem just unpleasant, and Birmanka looks at this custom as a convention, (the same as the Council of her husband before buying). Her pride does not suffer. The main thing is that the family is in the family.

To which Buddhism is soft and democratic, but at the entrance to the most sacred part of the Pagoda, you will definitely see the inscription: "Women entrance is admitted". In the temple of Sulu, I asked about it a venerable monk. He became hot to prove to me that the Buddhist teaching stands for the equality of all people. As for the ill-fated inscription, it is only a popular custom. You can not believe the polar monk. A young birmanca approached him, got on his knees, bowed to the ground and did some imposition. Women do not dare to touch even the monk clothes. But the monks themselves are to some extent depending on women, for who else gives them food? Were in the Middle Ages in the Burma of the nun, but this tradition stopped. Obviously, finding in this inequality, Burmeckes aggressively fought for their rights in the spiritual sphere. And now on the streets of Burmese cities and villages, you can see the pieces of creatures in gentle-pink robes and with shaved heads. it "Tilaschin" — Low dedication nuns. Let the Tilasch have no such respect as the monks, but Burmets have the opportunity to devote themselves to nonime life.

With all his religiosity, Burmets are very cheerful and colorful. Honestly, I do not like smoking women. If only they are not Burmets. Smoke Burmese ladies are not some cigarettes there, but huge cigars. Cigar – it is called charuta – made from tobacco from the addition of palm leaf pieces and wrapped in corn leaf. Watch smoking charutu Burmese – a pleasure. She smokes with a special grace, turning mediocre inhaling-exhaling smoke in a ceremony. Once I inquired in Burmese: it gives her? She graciously replied:

Where men go in skirts

— A bit of relax, have a rest from all the worries.

Burmese can easily go up to a man and ask for a spark – a light. Some women (but few) do not even deny themselves the pleasure to chew betel nut – chewing gum, has tonic properties. And to prepare and sell it, mainly male delicacy, it is the ladies. They know how to choose a sheet of Areca catechu, how to put lime, spices. Merry betel vendor on the market Minigon persuaded me to try. I did not find anything special in the cud. Salivate copiously. Always have to spit. I even could not answer the question of traders, whether I like betel. In the mouth was a real mess. Vendor laughed:

— That is why I have been trading and betel. Let men chew it and less to argue with us, women.

She deftly straightened his skirt, first untied her, and then again zapahnuv. Roughly the same make and men. No, whatever you say, and women in a country where men prefer skirts – other than at the edges with a predominance on the stronger sex trouser. By the way, Burmese magazine I read that in a multicultural Burma but birmanok, enviable privileges enjoyed Monk and karenki, but Schank, kachinkam and arakankam falls harder. I check my hypothesis. So it is: it is the Shan and Kachin go in trousers. (Arakanese, however, adherents of skirts, but live close to the Bengali-Muslims – it is their influence.)

Burmese, among other things – a very beautiful. The special charm of the smiling person gives "tanakha" — Local powdered cream, generously applied to the cheeks. Burmese women – big chistyuli. They erase clothes every day, but wash at all a few times a day. And do it often straight on the streets, watering themselves with water from special cement pools – the matter is … Of course, the Burmets are not naked, but knocked the skirt under the mouse. Clearing, called "Natural", The swimsters quickly change the wet skirt to dry, also strengthening it under the mouse, and so returned home. Once, when only came to Burma, I got to. On the street I began to ask a girl about something in a similar strange dress. She politely and kindly answered, but as if she wanted to get rid of me. Only later I realized that she was in a hurry home after a street bath.

Surely many wondered why Eastern women differ in extraordinary harvest. I was interested in me too. I found the answer in Burma. Living there for several years, I have never met the Lady Soutul. Probably because in the east, it is not impatient on the perins, but sleep on hard mats. But I think the main thing is to wear all sorts of cargo on the head. At the same time, the back straightens like a string, and the head is proudly raised. What objects are transferred in a similar way? It is easier to name those that carry differently. Usually a rolled piece of fabric is put on the head, and already on it – anything: basket, zucchini, pot, knitting twigs, bale. Merchant tolerate on the head of the trays in all sorts of things. Utility workers on construction – Stones, Capacities with mortar. At the same time, at least one is certain, free. You can always find them any application. The peddle cleverly gives the buyer, the young mother presses to the baby’s chest, the old woman brings a huge cigar-charm to mouth. I have never seen how to choose, no matter how cumbersome it fell. Sometimes, looking at the tanking pot or basket, you expect with fear: now it’s crashes. Contrary to all the laws of physics, this does not happen. Easy, barely catchy touch, and balance restored. Feeling equilibrium in Burmese women, probably genetic. It is difficult to figure out where the reason, and where is the consequence: whether Burmets are so skilled in carrying their heads on the head because they are calm and balanced, or on the contrary.

It is curious that only women carry gravity on the head. Men – Never. Drag loads on the shoulder or on the back, and even on the rocker. There is even a proverb about how family welfare grows: the husband carries into the house on his shoulder, and the wife – on the head. What is the case?

I’m just lost in guess, but of course, immediately with indignation I reject the version that a pretty female head is not suitable for anything else. Maybe the reason is that women are much more often wearing all sorts of small things, for example, shopping from the market? Men are less common, but harder: Kuli, bags. Yes, and then, that he is chasing him? Agree that an overly graceful man would look doubtful.

It is said that cervical vertebrae can be deformed from wearing on the head and even the spine. I do not know, except if the load is too heavy.

And birmanca with proudly raised head carries hard load of everyday worries and always remains feminine and attractive.

Where men go in skirts

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