Where it is not worth going to lonely girls

In most of the world’s countries, equality between men and women is recognized, and the same applies to tourism, respectively, a woman can visit any state independently, but some of them for this Extremely not recommended.

There are countries in which it is dangerous or not welcomed, therefore, no matter how much lonely travel wanted, in the following states, women will have to look for a strong traveler:

Because Religion is dominated here, the attitude towards women is strictly defined. For tourists, of course, exceptions are made, but it is better not to drive on this country. Moreover, a visa will have to do in advance at the embassy, ​​and not open at the entrance to the airport. Separately drawn attention to the wardrobe: It must be as closed as possible, but headscarf on the head – generally a prerequisite.

Another country with peculiar orders, so one woman cannot rest here, accompanied by She must have a senior male relative. In addition, the traveler must have officially certified by a notary permission to enter the country from parents. If a real goal is not a rest, and work, when detecting this fact, a woman will be subjected to numerous rather humiliating interrogations.

Saudi Arabia

Here Single journey for a woman generally closed. She can not not only to travel, but even just get out of the house without male escort, And this must be a relative, otherwise faces a fine. Also a woman can not drive a car.

This country is safe, but without knowledge of traditions, the presence of a satellite relative and the appropriate clothes of the ladies here to do, And to visit the country really worth. Especially strict rules for unmarried girls, so it is not recommended to break them.


Where it is not worth going to lonely girls

Here is very Carefully relate to unmarried girls, which under the guise of rest are trying to find a job. Moreover, you need have several documents confirming the traveler status, and even better satellite, although it is not required. On the conviction of the border service, it may take more than one hour, which is why it is necessary to be morally ready. Concerning clothes, then it should be as closed as possible, And the head must cover a handkerchief.

Countries like Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria are dangerous high crime levels, But there are no prohibiting laws here, so you can find the problems of the traveler in virtually any weakly lit street away from the main roads.

Of course, traveling and relaxing one pleasant, but it is definitely not worth the problems that can be involved with a girl because of its inconsistency.

In view of this you need Or carefully choose the country so that it is safe, or have a satellite, Not to mention the fact that you can travel a large company. Naturally, no one guarantees that everything in safe countries will go smoothly, but the probability of problems here is significantly lower than in the above states.

Where it is not worth going to lonely girls

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