Where is it better to relax in the winter of 2020 &# 8211; 5 interesting destinations

Most people prefer vacation in the summer months, but agree, why go to the hot south to the sea, when and at home is a comfortable weather? Much more pleasant to get on vacation among the ferocious frosts. Moreover, it is not necessary to go to exotic countries, lovers of active entertainment will be able to spend 100% time and in Russia, for example, skiing. However, I still consider the best directions, first of all, Southeast Asia, where winter &# 8211; High season, weather whispers, the sea is divinely warm and so manits to plunge&# 8230;

Rest in winter in Vietnam &# 8211; good beaches + pile of sights

Vietnam &# 8211; The best direction for rest in winter at the warm sea, the temperature of the air here reaches +28 degrees, the water temperature is kept on a similar mark. Of the advantages of Vietnam:

  • Low prices for rest, except for the flight;
  • Many sights;
  • delicious dishes of local cuisine;
  • Tourists are not so numerous as in Tae;
  • good and clean beaches;
  • Friendly residents and unique cultural heritage.

Weak place Vietnam &# 8211; Sanitation, so I do not advise you to eat in the cheapest cafes and buy food from street vendors. Risk to poison. The cost of travel &# 8211; from 60 thousand. USD For two weeks.

Winter Thailand &# 8211; Love of our tourists

Unlike Vietnam, Thailand &# 8211; more popular areas of domestic tourists. Consequently &# 8211; In many places, the service is focused on our travelers, you can find the menu and brought out in our language. Here are going to swim and sunbathe, as well as:

  • Order Excursions to Islands;
  • Where it is better to relax in the winter of 2020; 5 interesting destinations
  • visit Cabaret and other incendiary shows;
  • ride the elephants and visit zoos;
  • Active sports, including diving;
  • Walk through Night Pattaya and explore the local bars.

Phuket is more suitable for family holidays, Pattaya &# 8211; for young people and lonely people. If you want a measured and relaxed vacation, go to the islands, for example, crab. Price tag on rest &# 8211; from 55 thousand. USD With flight.

Fabulous Malaysia &# 8211; Where to relax in winter?

Malaysia is difficult to call Mecca our tourists &# 8211; Here are those who flew to those and Vietnam, looking for diversity and even more exotic. All this will be able to find in the resorts of Pangkor, Tioman, Langkavi and neighboring with them. The advantages of visiting Malaysia a lot:

  • Skilled nature and incredible parks;
  • rich cultural heritage and exciting excursions;
  • Of course, the delicious Asian food;
  • good beach vacation;
  • SERVICE is well developed &# 8211; Many hotels 5 * and 4 *, especially on the islands.

Of flaws &# 8211; not the lowest prices, still Malaysia I recommend to consider how the country for excursions in nature, and then &# 8211; For beach holidays. At night or in the evening in winter there are rains, they are short-term, but still capable of sanging. Cost of rest &# 8211; from 100 thousand. USD For two tourists.

Philippines &# 8211; For those who need exotic

If holidays on Bali, Maldives and Seychelles &# 8211; expensive pleasure for you, choose the Philippines, here below the price, and the level of the corresponding. You are waiting for numerous islands, exotic nature, a bunch of excursions, monuments of the colonial period. True, it did not cost without flaws:

  • There is no own culture here;
  • National cuisine is also absent;
  • Low security &# 8211; Watch out for things;
  • in winter there are typhoons;
  • in major cities are dirty, so it’s better to get to the islands.

I also want to celebrate a long and expensive flight, but still relax here is cool, the beaches are happy with a white sand, the weather in winter is warm, and the cost of weekly rest starts from 110 thousand. USD

our resorts for first-class recreation in winter

As an exotic amateur, I have never been a tary of rest in Russia, especially in winter, when in Asia Paradise. But for a budget trip, short vacation and active tourists, and in their own country there are a bunch of excellent classes and resorts:

  • For honing ski mastery and walks in the mountains &# 8211; Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai, Altai, Arkhyz, Kamchatka;
  • on Excursion I advise you to get into traditional Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, as well as to Veliky Ustyug, Suzdal, Crimea;
  • on lakes, To enjoy the fabulous nature of the native country &# 8211; Baikal, Lake Altai Territory, Karelia;
  • on thermal sources, Where can I fix health, recharge your energy &# 8211; Krasnodar, Stavropol Territory, Adygea, Crimea;
  • fishing &# 8211; Best Klevel Wait for Baikal, Volga, Akhtube, Trout Catch in winter in Arcise and Dombare.

our resorts &# 8211; Inexpensive vacation option, however, the skiing directions in the winter usually raise the price tag, and the hotels in hotels end 3-4 weeks before traveling. Especially when it comes to Christmas holidays.

Where to look for information for self-rest?

Prices, visas, Turputevka, hotels All information about this can be found on different tourist sites or tourist forums. But most of all the information of course in social networks in tourism groups. Here people communicate, share their photos, video recording and talk about their travels, join one of these communities and you will always be aware of the most recent tourist news!

But most of all information on specialized sites for tourists and travelers, where you can get full information about booking a tour, buying tickets, booking hotels. My advice &# 8211; Do not blindly trust the words of tour operators and advertising booklets, it is better to read feedback feedback, appreciate all the advantages and cons in order to understand what you like. Remember: ideal countries do not happen, but find a good direction for rest in winter &# 8211; Quite a real task!

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