Where is this house?

Throwing the car, I already walked down the street from a dozen houses, pouring down on the midday heat. The hundredth time I look into a piece of paper with an address and angrily mnu in wet palms envelope with signed documents. Who believes that in Moscow it is difficult to navigate, he was simply not in Mexico City. The city is divided into several districts, the counties are divided into areas (they are called the colonies here), within which numerous streets are located. In one district, there may be up to five streets with absolutely identical names, so be sure to know the name of the colony.

I recently had a car – I imagined to storm public transport every day, where the trips reminded the fights without rules (I always chose the female metro car and long ago ceased to be surprised that in the last second it’s not a healthy man, and some fragile slim young woman). In the presence of a car, the road to work shorter did not become, but in case of refinement it was possible to refer to traffic jams. Life again played all the colors.

Until I was asked about one favor. "Since you are on the car – take an envelope with signed documents to our customers, okay? – said the boss. – it’s very near". I took with me a guide to Mexico City, which is similar in volume to the Encyclopedic Dictionary, and departed at the specified address. There were no traffic jams, I really went in 20 minutes and parked. Easily found Londress Street, and the house needed immediately found. Crossing the street with a lazy gait, I thought where I would keep the rest of the time by holding off it for performing a working job. In the end, deciding that I sit in a coffee shop with books here nearby (especially since Koyoacan, where I arrived, is considered the most European and intellectual district of Mexico City), I accelerated a step, went to the house of heavenly blue and stared at the sign : House Museum Frida Calo. What an exotic place for renting an office? I imagine the staff sitting among the painted gypsum corsets Frida and under the Seni of the unfinished portrait of Stalin. "120 Pesos", – flew to me from the cashier. I abandoned the blue house gloomily and began to clean the street. There was nothing even remotely similar to the office. Once again: Londres Street, No. 5234, Koyoacan. Finally, seeing the lack of a colony in the address, I was very happy and began to call the boss. But the phone, for a long time devoid of electrical feeding, published a suicide squeak and turned off. I started flipping a guide. Fortunately, the streets with the name Londres in Koyoacan turned out to be only three. Looping on the streets and seeking a card every minute, I cursed all the white light and remembered an advertisement that we had on TV. The same grief driver like me cannot deliver a package at the desired address, but in my mobile there is a function that speaks where exactly keep the way with an accuracy of turning. But my mobile phone was dead in a bag in a bag, I toured with an insane view all over the district in search of these two damned streets. Is it worth saying that the one where the desired office was located was the last. Looking at the watch, I realized that the client is waiting for documents for two and a half hours. Horror!

Where is this house

However, girls at the reception were pleasantly surprised by my efficiency. It turns out that my office promised documents for the evening.

So I did not understand: Whether my boss insteaded me, for which she is so much thanks, whether in Mexico City always give time with a stock, so that the person visits in search of the desired address all the streets in the district.

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