Where is the source of the Volga and how to get there

Get to the source of the Volga on the car is not a problem, there may be not very smooth, but the road. It is not difficult to find the route, but there is still a chance to get lost in local developments. On the way to the source of the Volga, you will see a lot of interesting things, in the vicinity of Seliger, many beautiful places, monasteries and temples, as well as traces of World War II.

To make it easier, we at our own experience made a map of objects around the source of the Volga with a route for a trip by car. Where to spend the night, we will also tell me – in the rest – from there to the source and back can be not in a hurry to get into one day. Inspect all you have time and from the source and in the rest and on the way.

But the source of the Volga we found from the first approach.

The road there is also not very. Washing board is called. You can try to look for the speed on which it shakes less, but the height of the corrugation of the road periodically changes and still begins to shake.

The source of the Volga on the map

Distances from the nearest cities

  • from Moscow &# 8212; 440 km
  • from St. Petersburg &# 8212; 440 km
  • from Tver &# 8212; 260 km
  • from Veliky Novgorod &# 8212; 260 km
  • from Yaroslavl &# 8212; 585 km
  • from Smolensk &# 8212; 406 km
  • from Vologda &# 8212; 645 km

What to see on the way

In addition to the source of the Volga near the village Volkheerhovye and in general around Seliger a lot of interesting and beautiful places.


The largest city in Seliger and the Center of the Ostashkovsky district. There is nothing to look here. There is a historic area with houses of the 18th century, a historic museum and several temples.

In the rest you can do two things: lunch and ride on the motor ship in the Seligera. For example, a trip to Nileu deserts can be replaced by a motor ship, and from Ostashkov immediately go to the source Volga. So even more convenient. Walking on the lake is cheap, and Nilova deserts are not completely along the way.

Ride in the Seligera

Find a shift excursion is not difficult &# 8212; Just come to the pier in the rest. Curses schedule for the coming days with prices Smorch here: http: // www.Seligerkruiz.RU / Price.HTML

Where to eat in the rest

There are two decent institutions: Cafe Juse and beer restaurant with a strange name Ostshkoff. We have dinner in the juse. Here everything is good and tasty, but cook long &# 8212; Be ready for it.

About Ostushkof write different things, but our local advances it to us. Think. What to try can be.

Lake Seliger

From the nearest lakes to Moscow is the most beautiful and interesting. In fact, there are several of them here, the lakes united into a single system of complex shape. It turned out a lot of all sorts of bays, straits, capes and islands, it makes these landscapes unusual.

On the shores of the lake there are many fishing and tourist bases where you can relax. To the source of the Volga, you will definitely go past this lake.

Neil-Council Desert

Nilova Desert is the most beautiful monastery on the Seliger, its main decoration. He is the island of a striking, located just a couple of tens of meters from the shore. The road rests on the bridge leading to the gate of the monastery. Here quiet, beautiful and circle water.

To see her will have to make a hook 25 kilometers from Ostashkov, but if you came here to rest here, then you can look &# 8212; it is beautiful there.


A small village, just about 20 houses located 60 kilometers from Ostashkov. Nearby is the Berezovetsky fortification &# 8212; Monument of archeology of the period of the Novgorod Republic. Here was the manor of Martha Martz, the wife of the Novgorod Postener. Berezovets was essential on the Voloka route from Seliger to Lake Chibarich, which was part of a major trading path. It is just known that by 1620 the city was empty.

Now it is difficult to see something there, however, beautiful views of the lake and the islands open from the shore, and a wooden church is installed near the town (closer to the village of Birch row).

Okovetsky key

Depth source of clean transparent water. Around the spring makes a cool loop of the ribbon river. According to the legend in 1539, in this place, two local residents came the icon of the Cross of the Lord. Among the Orthodox source is considered healing, a small temple is erected above it. Believe in legends or not &# 8212; the case is personal, but the fact that the place here is beautiful, I will tell you exactly.

Shirkov graveyard

Here stands old (17th century) wooden temple &# 8212; Church of John the Forerunner. Next to it have a newer church. The place is very beautiful if there is time, you must come here to call.

Move to Sochi from Bashkortostan – My experience

Dot in Selizharovo

Where is the source of the Volga and how to get there

The most affordable object of Rzhevsky Straighfon is right on the side of the road, at the entrance to Selizharovo. Currently, a memorial plaque is installed on dot, the entrance is closed.

If you take a walk through the surrounding forests, you can find a few more makes built in 1941. There are facilities in the village itself, everyone is well noticeable. In fact, the Rzhev-Vyazemsky line of defense included a huge number of objects in a huge territory: anti-tank Rips, and bludges, and trenches with the moves of the message, and mine fields.

At the construction of the site, not only builders and the military worked, and the civilian population of the Kalininskaya (now Tverskaya) region worked here &# 8212; about 150 thousand people.

Let me insert into this text mention of my grandmother, who also worked on the construction of anti-tank RVov about Ostashkov.

The Germans of the Defense line on the Rzhev-Selijar site still broke through, but she was able to slow them off the offensive for two weeks &# 8212; from October 20 to November 8.

GPS coordinates of the source of the Volga and other objects on the Seliger

The coordinates are not the objects themselves, and the sites where you can approach / drive up to see them.

The source of Volga

  • 57 ° 15.078&# 8217; with
  • 32 ° 28.078&# 8217; in

Dot in Selizharovo

Dot is on the right on the road Rzhev-Selizharovo. Driving past difficult from Selizharovo to him just a couple of minutes drive.

Bridge over Volga

  • 57 ° 57.301&# 8217; with
  • 38 ° 25.935&# 8217; in

Neil-Council Desert

  • 57 ° 14.193&# 8217; with
  • 33 ° 4.027&# 8217; in

Seliger Tent Place

  • 57 ° 14.718&# 8217; with
  • 33 ° 5.408&# 8217; in

The site is located in the forest near the Nilo-Stolobensky Monastery and hidden from the forest road with a high shaft. Turn out through it by car will not work. But, on weekends it can be free here, even if all parking in the area are busy with resting.

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