Where is the most delicious beer in Kaliningrad

Beer, it’s of course cool, but do not forget that the medicine from poison is distinguished by dosage. Do not abuse! Today, find out, Where is the most delicious beer in Kaliningrad and what Beer restaurants Cook his beer. It’s still former, but Germany &# 8212; Traditions remained.

Before starting to get acquainted with Kaliningrad beer, read the article Kaliningrad for 3 days. There you will find all the information about what you can have to see in Kaliningrad during this time where to go and where to eat. Everything is marked on the map.

A restaurant &# 8212; Brewer Khmel

The interior of the restaurant resembles a real factory: steel corners and 2-ways, brick walls and pipes of ducts over heads. There is even a factory management. The hall of the restaurant is multi-level with a staircase, which deftly run waiters with trays full glasses with beer.

Beer here own production.

It is boiled in brewery behind a large glass partition. Therefore, if you want to try it Kaliningrad Beer , then you here.

Day here serves comprehensive lunches in which a glass of beer is included.

The menu is based our cuisine and different types of meat.

The food is very tasty, the staff is friendly, and the portions are large. Order crackers to beer t You will bring a whole loaf of chopped with large slices, dried and roasted in oil with salt. You’ll like it.

This place is recommended and visited by the local residents of Kaliningrad, they know exactly where the most delicious beer.

Address : TC Klover on Victory Square (House number 10). Entrance from the street on the left side of the building.

See on the site menu and prices

Bavarian restaurant Zötler Bier

Decorated in the style of real German restaurants. Here you will feel the atmosphere of Bavaria.

In the menu German sausages and present German Beer Tserler . Besides him here is given the so-called Kraft Beer "Otakar" . Named in honor of the founder of Königsberg Czech king Premysl Otakar second.

Address: Leninsky Avenue D.3

Amber in Kaliningrad not only in stone, but also in spilling.

What is crafting beer?

This is the western term and for the our ear he is not clear.

English word Craft means craft . A combination Craft Beer implies beer not industrial production . That is, cooked in a small private brewery in its own recipe and has some kind of original taste. So any beer from this review can be called craft.

In Russia, this term, like beer itself, is not enough and Kaliningrad &# 8212; This is almost the only city where you can try such a beer. Although recent years has increased its popularity. But in our villages a lot of crafted vodka. Understand what I mean?

Beer restaurant Redute

Also a restaurant-brewery with a special atmosphere.

The restaurant occupies a whole building of Reduita Penglish bastion inner rings of fortifications. Outside, though it is not too noticeable, but inside everything is truly. Bastion called Cupperthi &# 8212; He has not survived to this day.

Reduit &# 8212; Fortified construction inside the fortress or bastion. Designed for the shelter of the garrison and fighting the fight inside the fortress.

Beer here is written According to the traditional German recipe .

Also in the menu there are branded meat dishes. Be prepared for your order for a long time to cook. Someone believes that this is a positive moment &# 8212; I dont know. Perhaps it is worth come here before hungry.

Address: Lithuanian shaft 27. Next to the royal gate.

Entertainment complex Residence kings

There are many different institutions, even hancal.

We are interested in the brewery "Brenzel" and pub, which is very similar to the real English pubs. Decorated very good. Brilliant copper barrels in which delicious amber beer wakes right there in the hall.

Here are four varieties of local Kaliningrad beer: Highter, Waitz, Ruby and Schwartz.

Address: Nevsky Street 10. For the amber museum.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

Kropotkin’s Brewery Restaurant

Kropotkin’s Brewery Restaurant &# 8212; One of the largest in the city.

Here the institution is simpler than previous. Here go only beer. Sit with family in a quiet cozy place better in restaurants above. A girl on a date is also better to invite not here. But with friends the most . There are also concerts and dance can. Menu without delights, but prepare fast.

Address: Soviet Avenue 13.

Hotel-Castle Nesselbeek

On the way to Zelenogradsk, in the village of Orlovka, there is Hotel stylized under the ruins of the castle .

Where is the most delicious beer in Kaliningrad

It is about 12 kilometers from the center of Kaliningrad. Very interesting design. The hotel is called Nesselbeck . They also have their own brewery. Can go there and relax in an unusual place. There is a medieval torture museum in the castle.

If you wish, you can spend several nights there.

The hotel has a lot of additional services, in particular SPA. Week two will cost here from 18,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Where to buy beer in Kaliningrad

If you ask local residents, you will be called 10-12 institutions where to try The most delicious beer in Kaliningrad. All different tastes. In addition to those described above, you can look, for example, in a restaurant British or Hercules. There is also boiled beer.

Some brewery sell their beer through Kaliningrad shops &# 8212; Reduit, for example.

In addition to local on the shelves there are bottles with European varieties. They can be bought in souvenir shops, but the price of this beer is inadequate.

Every year, in early July in Kaliningrad passes Beer festival BalticFest. You can combine vacation with a trip to the festival. Of course, he is far away from Oktoberfest and aims more on the promotion of sponsorship brands.

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

All the tastes are different, so it is unambiguous to answer the question Where is the most delicious beer in Kaliningrad hard. Come and try yourself. In which Beer restaurants Kaliningrad Go now you know. Good luck.

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