Where is the best to relax in winter in India?

At this route Maxim combined two Indian states, Goa and Kerala.

In Goa Maxim told, which of hundreds of beach resorts to choose. After all, Goa is a whole staff,
Resorts are many and all of them are different – some more suitable for a relaxing family holiday,
Some – for a noisy partner, and some will allow plunge into the free atmosphere of Hippie 80s.

Excursions and beaches Goa

Also Maxim told where and what to see in Goa,
Not overpaying hundreds of dollars for excursions from tour operators.

The trip to India will be defective, if not yet come to the state of Kerala,
Where and continues the route Maxim Shensky.

In Kerala, not such luxurious beaches like in Goa,
But here Maxim advises to make 3 stops:

1) Kochin City is one of the most ancient cities in India.
More than 2,000 years ago, active trade in spices with ancient China and Arabs.

It was in Kochin that the very first European settlement in India was founded.
From 1500 – these are the possessions of Portuguese, from 1663 – Dutch, from 1814 – British.
Therefore, there is very pedestrian and unusual colonial architecture.

And in Kochin, you can see the fascinating
Theatrical Katkilley Show, the origins of which go from the 2nd century!

2) Allepes – a city called "Venice of the East" due to a variety of channels.

There is a unique entertainment – you can rent a "halesbot" floating house.
This is a full-fledged ship, with its captain and crew, individually for you and your satellites!

And for only $ 100 per day you will roll through the channels, your personal cook will cook you in your wishes,
And also on the ship there is all the amenities of a good hotel room – bedroom, shower, toilet.
This adventure has no analogues in the world, especially for such a price!

3) and finally the resort town of Kovalam.

It is here that the birthplace of Ayurveda. This is a "science of long life", which went to the whole world from the ancient Hindus.
These are various massages and other procedures using huge amounts of natural oils,
Some components for which are growing only in Kerala.

Ayurveda can be tried in a variety of spa all over the world. But knowledgeable people go for this exactly here in Kerala,
T.To. Here are guaranteed the highest quality oils, the most experienced specialists, as well as the lowest prices around the world.

Where is the best to relax in winter in India

Do these procedures prolong life, or not – this is another question.
But they are guaranteed to remove stress, fatigue and charge incredible energy!

Maxim Shansky told how to deal with everything
and what procedures to try first.
In addition to the video guide "Rest in Goa and Kerala", in the kit there are additions:

Video guide in India

1) Basic video guide in India – this largest base of knowledge for travelers in India, which only can be found somewhere.
This part you will need to issue an electronic visa to India, without leaving the house, understand Indian cuisine,
Do not be a victim of the deception of taxi drivers and other scammers, and learn a lot of other useful travel information to India.

2) trains application in India.Famous Indian trains are a separate adventure that you should do in your life.
But few knows that travel is available not only on the roof of trains or in the car, in which people are stuffed as a herring in a barrel.

In India, you can travel with European comfort. And to figure out all the wisdom of buying tickets to the right class,
You need to watch this application Maxim Shaysky. This application you will need if you do not want to fly on the plane from Goa to Kerala,
And you want to ride by train. It is at this route by train will be much more convenient.

3) The first part of my last video course "Alphabet of Travel". This part is fully dedicated to the selection and purchase of a batch tour.
T.To. It is in Goa often it turns out cheaper to buy a batch tour for 2 weeks, and the rest of the program is already planning on the video downmail of Maxim Schainsky.
You need to see this my small course, to save on a batch tour of at least 5-10%, and even times in 2,
If you still buy tours in travel agencies offices.

All this set in the next 3 days, until Thursday, November 16, costs only 1000 rubles!

Where is the best to relax in winter in India

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