Where is Sgarramurdi?

Sugramurdi has suffered the same fate as the American Town Forks in Washington. The latter has gained popularity thanks to the vampire novels Stephanie Meyer and subsequent screenings – "Twilight", "Twilight. Saga: Eclipse "," Twilight. Saga: Dawn ».

Of course, to the fame of the "Twilight" tape of the Spanish director Alex de Iglesia far. But she contributed to the tour motion. Now there will be much more travelers here, especially the fans of mysticism.

What is sgarramuri? A small village is located in the province of Navarre, next to the Basque Country. A little more than 200 people live on its territory.

The main attraction of the town – the Museum of Sugramurdi, whose exposition is devoted to victims of the witch hunt.

It is known that in the Middle Ages the inhabitants of the town practiced black magic. In early 17th century, one of the sorcerers admitted to his sins and agreed to cooperate with the Inquisition.

She pointed to the 300 inhabitants of the village, of which 40 were found guilty and 11 burned on a fire. The court lasted 2 years, during which the accused was constantly tortured.

Where is Sgarramurdi

Sugramurdi Museum is located on the outskirts of the village in the building of the former hospital. In his gloomy halls, you will not see mysterious artifacts, but you will be able to familiarize yourself with the lists of the dead and documents of that epoch.

The visit begins with a demonstration of a small film about the history of Sgarramurdi.

After the museum, tourists are usually sent to witches caves. You can get into them by a special trail. There is a wooden staircase for an unspoken entrance, which leads to the kingdom of witches. Impression enhances the backlight and the game of shadows.

And a rare flower of Eguiskilor is growing in Sgarramuri. According to Basque legends, it has a magical force and protects against the evil. It is believed that even in a torn form, he retains his bright colors for 10 years and always turns towards the Sun.

Where is Sgarramurdi

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