Where is more expensive granite science granite?

And you never noticed that higher educational institutions in some cities look more pompous and elegant, than any other attraction?

You can do a pathoscope about the great role of education, that young people are our future, so it is worthy to study in the memo architectures and so on ..

And my opinion is simpler: universities make beautiful so that no one has thoughts about prison. In the golden cage it is easier to twist.

Well, we will not rage, but let’s start with the rating of the most beautiful universities in my opinion, in my opinion.

Number one I would like to make the university. AND. Franca in Lviv. Ivan Franco – this is such a Ukrainian writer, as for me squeezing, but considered great. Lviv is such a city in Ukraine, considered ancient.

This building fully fits into the surrounding architecture. So to speak, takes a worthy place in the city center.

№ 2 I have – Australian National University because I like High-fuel. What you see in the picture is only one of the campuses, and all of them are on the territory – five, and in general about 200 buildings. Therefore, it is difficult to highlight such a mahin in one post.

Where is more expensive granite science granite

I just say that this is one of the youngest establishments. So far this university is not and hundred years. But it is not displayed on his popularity and in demand.

And this is the honor, fame and heritage of French higher education – University of Sorbonne №3 in ranking.

Learn it – the pleasure is not cheap. To make it more clear, you need to sell an apartment in Moscow and then maybe you will also grab this elite.

In general, this is an expensive institution causes all sorts of cheap thinners, such as "Temple of Science", "Alma Mater", "Forge of the greatest minds" and other vulgar templates.

Where is more expensive granite science granite

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