Where is it easier to get a Schengen visa?

Every year more and more ours are submitted by documents for a Schengen visa. In 2012, Schengen received more than 6 million ours!

For those who submit to a visa for the first time, it will be interesting to find out where it is easier to get a Schengen visa? What a consulate is liberally applies to applicants?

But the experienced travelers use information about where more chance to get a multiple Schengen visa? It is for these questions today and will answer.

Where is it easier to get a Schengen visa?

Schengen is not difficult to get, the overwhelming number of applicants receive a visa. On average, around the world, the percentage of bounce in a Schengen visa does not exceed 5%. In Russia, this indicator is even lower, only 1.09%.

Top 10 of the most stringent consulates of Russia:

Consulate Location % failure
Belgium Moscow 9.82%
Norway WITH. Petersburg 2.74%
Germany Moscow 2.65%
Germany Kaliningrad 2.57%
Norway Moscow 2.36%
France WITH. Petersburg 2.29%
France Ekaterinburg 2.27%
Germany Novosibirsk 2.25%
Norway Murmansk 2.04%
Austria Moscow 1.83%

As you can see, the most stringent is the consulate of Belgium. But do not think that the Belgians often refuse only the ours. On average, for 2012 Consulate of Belgium in different parts of the world, 16% of applications launched. In 2009, this figure was even higher &# 8211; eighteen%.

Top 10 of the most liberal consulates:

Consulate Location % failure
Italy WITH. Petersburg 0.04%
Slovakia Moscow 0.08%
Latvia Pskov 0.12%
Portugal Moscow 0.17%
Greece Moscow 0.20%
Poland WITH. Petersburg 0.22%
Hungary WITH. Petersburg 0.23%
Poland Irkutsk 0.23%
Finland Murmansk 0.26%

Get a refusal is almost impossible at the Consulate of Italy in St. Petersburg. By the way, according to the requirements of the documents, they are also liberal than all, not many consulates as evidence of solvency accept a check with a balance of an ATM.

Now let’s see which consulates more often than others give visas with limited territory &# 8211; LTV.

Consulate Location % failure
Latvia Pskov 3.83%
Belgium Moscow 3.82%
Latvia Kaliningrad 3.41%
Latvia Moscow 2.89%
Latvia WITH.Petersburg 2.52%
Malta Moscow 2.52%
Netherlands WITH.Petersburg 0.67%
Norway Moscow 0.51%
Norway WITH.Petersburg 0.48%
Norway Murmansk 0.40%
Switzerland Moscow 0.24%
Spain Moscow 0.24%
France Moscow 0.20%

Here again the consulate of Belgium.

Specially for the LTV visa of course no one gives, so it is often an unpleasant surprise for a traveler. For example, if you planned to fly with a transfer in one of the EU countries, you will have to change the ticket for a direct flight.

The decision on the return of funds in this case is accepted individually airline, t.To. In the rules of tariffs, this case is not described.

Where is it easier to get a Schengen visa

In 2012, LTV visas were never issued to the following consulates:

  • Lithuanian consulate in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Soviet and St. Petersburg
  • Czech Consulate in St. Petersburg
  • Finnish consulate in Murmansk
  • Consulate of Greece in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novorossiysk
  • Consulate of Luxembourg in Moscow
  • Consulate of Poland in Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk
  • Consulate of Slovakia in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Consulate of Switzerland in St. Petersburg

Now let’s go to the most interesting 🙂

In which consulates are more often given multivibuses?

Unfortunately in official documents there is no information on what specifically the periods were issued by Schengen Multivi, because it is possible to get it for 2 months.

Top 10 most generous consulates:

NSNoise Location % issuing multivis *
Luxembourg Moscow 99.94%
Slovenia Moscow 99.54%
Austria Moscow 99.29%
Estonia Pskov 98.99%
Finland Murmansk 98.21%
Finland Petrozavodsk 98,06%
Finland WITH.Petersburg 97.86%
Italy WITH.Petersburg 97.03%
Portugal Moscow 95.30%
Italy Moscow 91.80%

* Percentage of issuing multivis from the total number with visas issued in 2012.

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