Where is it better to relax on the Sea of ​​Azov?

On the eve of the beach season 2021, we decided to pay attention to the idea of ​​relaxation at the Sea of ​​Azov and study where it would be exactly and for what purpose would be worth going, how best to get and how much vacation.

Geography of the Azov Sea

Connects two seas Kerch Strait. It is by its ferry crossing in Crimea that the last two years get to get easier. Western Sea belongs to Ukraine, East – Russia. In the south – the coast of Crimea, Arbat Bay and Lake Sivash.

The coast of the Sea of ​​Azov is almost all over the length of the resorts. From the our side the most popular places among tourists – This is Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Yeisk, Stanitsa Golubitskaya and Dolzhanskaya. After going south, you can easily get to the Taman Peninsula and Anapa.

The specifics of the Azov Sea consists in his shallow depth – Maximum 13.5 meters (this is the smallest sea in the world, the middle depth

7.4 m). Due to this, with the onset of spring water, it is instantly warmed up. The gentle nature of approaches to water makes these places optimal for safe rest with children.

Yeisk – One of the most visited resorts of the our part of the Sea coast. The city was founded more than 150 years ago as «Spare» Capital Khan Shagin Gire. The resort component of Yeisk began to prevail after World War II. Local healing dirt and warm sea attracted and attract tourists from all over the country.

After the collapse of the USSR, Yeisk somewhat lost its high tourist status, but not long. People quickly remembered all its advantages and accessibility. Currently, a tourist infrastructure is quite developed in the city, and its resort is not bad well sustainable – Cycling and pedestrian walkways, oceanarium, attractions, etc.

Eisk perfectly adapted for swimming – Beaches are spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people, and you can fish on a long shell spit. Windsurfing and Kaiting lovers will have to ride before the braid of long, which is 40 km from the city. Equipment can be rented right on the spot, as well as agree with the instructors about the lessons.

Double room in a hotel in June there is an average of about 9 thousand. rubles per week.


Not far from Yeisk is another place that loved many rest – Styña Dolzhanskaya. This resort is located at the very basis of braid for long, and those who love a calm measured vacation. There is a good autocamping, a few good hotels, a hotel-shelter for surfers and kiting lovers, a lot of guest houses. And the most important thing – Excellent spacious beach with gentle white sand and shell.

A week of staying at the hotel will cost an average of 9 thousand. rubles. More budget options can always be easily found – Room in the guest house will accurately cost cheaper.


Along the way from the north to south towards the Black Sea, there is another resort city – Primorsko-Akhtarsk. This place is famous for its hydrogen sulfide healing sources and a rape, which are rich in the surrounding limany. Extensive beaches of the Yasenevskaya and Achuyevskoe braids with their gentle water and small pebbles are most appreciated.

Tourists come here not only for the sea, the beach and the sun, but also for hunting and fishing – Almost close to the Baisugian Liman and the Khan Lake, famous for its waterfowl.

Double room in the hotel will cost 11-12 thousand. rubles per week.

Where is it better to relax on the Sea of ​​Azov


Stannya Golubitskaya is located on the shores of the Temryuk bay. From here very close to Anapa and Kerch crossing. This place is known for its lake and the healing mud with high iodine and bromine.

You can settle in any of numerous hotels and guesthouses, many of which have their own pools and spa salons. Also in the summer season, local residents willingly surrender housing tourists.

Not far from the village of Golubitskaya there are mud volcanoes of the Pökla, Hephaest, Karabetova Sopka, Tydar, Shugo. Here come to recover after injuries, treat vessels and inflammatory processes, as well as for the general strengthening of the body.

This place, in addition to improving and recreational potential, is not deprived of interesting historical attractions. So, the village of Pozing can admire the monument to the legendary «Night Witches», Squadron of which was based on the local airfield. It was here that there was a city with «Folklore» Tmutarakan name (now he wears a more prose name of Taman).

Accommodation here will cost an average of 8 thousand. rubles per week.

How to get to the Azov Sea

From most major cities of the our Federation, you can fly by plane to Rostov-on-Don, Anapa or Krasnodar. Then by bus or taxi can be easily accessible to the village of Dolzhanskaya, Yeisk or Golubitskaya.

In the summer, Eisk can be reached by train from Moscow and other cities. Alternatively, you can, by any train, following the Anapa or Novorossiysk, get to the station Kanevskaya, and from there by bus or taxi to get to Primorsko-Akhtarsk.

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