Where is it better to relax in July in Turkey in 2020?

Depending on your preferences, each person chooses the resort that is suitable for him.

In July, the beach resorts are especially popular, more rarely tourists go to Istanbul.

Regions of Turkey

Turkey is a unique country, it surrounds seas from three sides: Black Aegean, Marble, Mediterranean. Summer holidays in Turkey implies beaches.

All Turkish resorts can be divided into four categories:

  1. Marmara Sea;
  2. Black Sea;
  3. Aegean Sea;
  4. Mediterranean Sea.

Sea Marmara

Rest on the Marmara Sea is not very popular. However, local resorts boast gorgeous beaches and thermal sources.

  • In Kumburgaz love to come inhabitants of Istanbul, who are looking for wonderful beaches and holidays weekend.
  • For thermal sources should go to the resort of Genen.
  • In search of sources with mineral water should be visited by Chekirge, The resort is close to Bursa.
  • The oldest resort of the Marmara Sea will be Erdek, Here they love to relax due to a variety of family hotels and beautiful clean beaches.

Black Sea

The resorts of the Black Sea prefer the Turks themselves, from a tourist point of view on reviews interesting to visit will be Trabzon and Safranbolu.

Trabzon is a port city, and Safranbolu is attractions included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Local resorts are characterized by an abundance of greenery and many lakes.

Here is very popular with active leisure – Climbing Mountains, Rafting, Hunting and Fishing.

Aegean Sea

The resorts of the Aegean Sea are considered more European than analogues on the Mediterranean coast.

July – Ideal time to visit the region, After all, the season is short. In August, it may be hot, in June it is still cool, and July – Golden Middle.

These resorts include:

  • Bodrum;
  • Kusadasi;
  • Marmaris;
  • Fethiye.

In addition to the beach resorts in the region there are plenty of interesting places: Dalyan, Chea, Dalaman, Izmir, Ephesus, Troy and TD.

Bodrum is the most youth resort not only on the Aegean Sea, but also throughout Turkey, it is often compared with Spanish Ibiza.

Here is a mass of clubs, bars, discos and other entertainment for young people. The bulk of visitors is European and our "Golden Youth".

Kusadasi – one of the green and beautiful regions of the country, local hotels are characterized by high quality of service.

Most of them are located on the first coastline. Most of the local beaches are covered with sand, but there are exceptions – platforms.

Also, like Bodrum, Marmaris is known for its discos, but here are more likely to go beyond the dance atmosphere, and not for a part.

Fethiye consists of two parts, in one there are expensive hotel complexes, and in their other budget felling. The city is known due to its many years of history and rich historical heritage.

Mediterranean Sea

The region located on the Mediterranean coast is often called Antalia Riviera, the name happened from the main city – Antalya.

It is here that the airport is delivering to the shore of all tourists.

The resorts of this region include:

  • Alanya;
  • Antalya;
  • Belek;
  • Kemer;
  • Side.

The Alanya region is Alanya herself, as well as the settlers closest to it: Avsallar, Inbeckum, Conakla, Okurdjalar, Mahmutlar.

Alania is considered the most budget region. Most of the hotels of the representatives of the three- and four stars, however there are and beautiful fives that can offer their tourists a lot of services.

Also, the region is considered the most family on the whole coast, because most of the local beaches have a gentle sandy entrance to the sea.

Main attractions – Kyzyl-Kule Tower, Tersan and Alanya Fortress.

Where is it better to relax in July in Turkey in 2020

Burning Tours to Turkey

  • The most green resort of the region – This is Avsallar. Beaches can be sandy and sandy-pebble.
  • The most children’s resort – This is an inject, here are sandy beaches of Turkey and a gentle entrance to the sea.

Conakla Perfectly suitable for youth recreation, beaches in the resort pebble, the entrance to the sea is often covered with large stones and boulders.

OkurDjalar – the most quiet region in the resort, it is not worth counting on the infrastructure. The most beautiful landscapes are in Makhmutlar, some hotels have huge areas and its water parks.

Antalya – The main city of the coast, there is an airport in which all tourists arrive. There is plenty of attractions in the city.

The resort is suitable for youth recreation, the bulk of local hotels is urban-type hotels. There is no beach in the city, mainly it is represented in the form of a platform, which will not be very convenient in the case of recreation with children.

To the Antalya region, except the city itself, also include villages of Lara and Kunda.

Lara – This is a prestigious suburb of Antalya. Most of the local hotels are premium class hotels. Local beaches are covered with sand and awarded the "Blue Flag".

Belek – This is the most prestigious and fashionable region of the Antalya coast.

Here are the most exclusive hotels, large Part of local beaches awarded award "Blue Flag", What guarantees the purity of the coastline and coastal water.

At the very resort, there are not many entertainment, most of them are located directly on site. Hotel complexes are characterized by excellent infrastructure.

Belek is also known thanks to its golf courses, where the strengths of this will go to a variety of championships, the women’s golf championship is held here.

The Belek region often includes the resort village of richgen, which became known thanks to the film "Nanniki".

Kemer – the most green coastline. Differs the abundance of coniferous trees and citrus groves. To the region, Kemer includes: Belbida, Gainuk, Chamwava, Kirish and Tecirova, as well as the city of Kemer himself.

The region began to develop about 50 years ago, in the past there was a fishing village. Kemer beaches are covered with pebbles, its size is different depending on the region.

The largest pebbles will be in Belbidi, there are often large stones at the entrance to the sea. Kemer itself is more suitable for youth recreation, there are weights of clubs and discos in the city. Tecova and Kirish – the most family and green resorts of the region.

CHAMYUVA – This is a typical Turkish village, where there are many shops with local craftsmen.

Side – This is the city of the open-air museum, and the villages of Cholakla, Kumka, Sorgun, Kyzyolch and Kizilik.

Local beaches mostly sandy, the hotel base will be for every taste, here are representatives of all hotel chains that are suitable for every taste and any budget.

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What resorts are suitable for family holidays and what to take children in Turkey?

  • On the Mediterranean Sea For recreation with family, you should consider the region of Alanya and Kemer.
  • On the shore of the Aegean Sea – These are the resorts of Kusadas and Fethiye.
  • In Alanya, the hotel base is quite modest. Some hotels have water parks. They can use not only hotel guests, but also tourists of other hotel complexes, paying for this a certain amount.
  • In Kemer for recreation with children, you should consider the villages Kirish and Tecirova, which differ from the rest of the region very small pebbles.
  • Recently, a lot of hotels in Belbida appeared. They represent a huge range of entertainment for families with children of all ages.
  • Kusadasi is distinguished by beautiful nature and an excellent hotel base. Here, even three-kneeling hotels can offer high-quality food and good service.
  • Fethiye can boast of their nature and unique microclimate.

Here Learn more about the best resorts of Turkey.

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Youth holidays in Turkey

The following resorts will be suitable for youth holidays in Turkey:

  • Alanya;
  • Kemer;
  • Bodrum;
  • Marmaris.

In Alanya and Kemer, you can find cheap hotels with the more difficult things in Marmaris and Bodrum.

  • Alanya is an inexpensive youth holiday, Here are mostly students who are not so important service, how much is the life outside the hotel and reasonable prices.
  • In Kemer there is a lot of active hotels, who have disco and bars on their territory. In the city center there are several clubs that are known far beyond the country. Throughout the season, many artists and famous DJs come here.
  • Bodrum – Mecca for party lovers, which is interested in the atmosphere of active European life.
  • Marmaris is famous for its discos, This is the same Bodrum, but more discreet.

Rest on these resorts will be an order of magnitude more expensive than in Kemer or Alanya, but in Bodrum you can find inexpensive accommodation. If the goal of rest is a party and outdoor activities.

Beaches of Turkey

  • The main beaches of the Marmara Sea in Istanbul are beaches located in the Areas of Athacula, Flory and Cadic. In the suburbs there is a village of Kumburgaz, which is very similar to the beach resorts of the Mediterranean or the Aegean seas. The main difference in the size of hotels, in the cumburg territory is small, but the level of service is at the proper level.
  • The most famous beach on the Mediterranean isBeach "Cleopatra" in Alanya. Its length is about two kilometers, the beach is famous for sandy entrance to the sea. In the suburbs of Alanya, some beaches are covered with pebbles, the entrance to the sea is difficult because of large stones.
  • Wild beaches are very popular in Kemer, they can be found on any of the resorts, it is enough to go until the end of the resort. Such beaches are distinguished by privacy, and often they have secluded bays suitable for lovers. Kemer Beaches are characterized by the presence of pebbles, so that there is a very clean sea.
  • Near Fethiye, in the area of ​​the village of Olyunedeniz, there is a famous blue lagoon. It is distinguished by warm water, lagoon from the sea separates a long braid with snow-white sand. Beach Beljekiz chose lovers of outdoor activities and extreme sports
  • One of the best beaches of the Aegean Sea is IZZTUUZ in Dalya. It is often referred to as a turtle beach, it is distinguished by beautiful sand, gentle entrance to the sea.

Sights of Istanbul

Most Turkish sights of Turkey is located in its cultural capital – Istanbul.

The most famous tourist area is Sultanahmet. In walking distance of each other, the Palace of Sultanhamet, Cathedral of Ayia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, as well as Basilica Tank, Square Ahmedia and Egyptian Obelisk.

The Palace of Sultanahmet is often referred to as Blue Mosque (Blue Mosque). The name occurs due to the fact that the building is built of blue marble.

Noteworthy is the fact that depending on the time of day and lighting it seems like another color and looks in different ways. And in the evening resembles a kind of show, t.To. Its illumination changes every few minutes.

In the Palace Topkapi in the past there was a residence of Sultanov Ottoman Empire.

At a distance of fifteen minutes walk from Sultanahmet is the largest indoor European market – Grand Bazar. The market is a lot of streets and shops, it’s easy to get lost here, however it is very profitable to skip.

From interesting places should also be noted Eminenia district. Here is the Egyptian spice market and pier.

At the pier, you can sit on the boat, which is sent to the Asian part of the city, as well as on the princes of the islands where the best beaches of the city are located.

Taxim district is also interesting for tourists, here are the best shops, branded boutiques, fitness centers and many other attributes of modern stylish life.

Sights of Turkey

  • One of the most unusual and beautiful places in Turkey is Kapadokia. Here is a kind of stone garden, a stone city, where an ancient dwellings and a variety of labyrinths are carved in the rocks. Especially beautiful local species at sunset.
  • Not far from Kapadokia is a village Hercher, which is known for its cave churches.
  • The next popular tourist object is Ephesus. Near him is the Virgin Mary’s Park and St. John Church, built on all Roman architecture rules.
  • One of the most interesting places is Pamukkale, Poland pools. Local waters are considered medical, and photographs made in the region are impressive of any person.
  • Near Kemer is the ancient city of Fazelis, He is usually visited by tourists from this region.

Among youth, rafting and trips on quad bikes.

July is the most peak of the tourist season. Therefore, for this period, it is recommended to book hotels in advance, sometimes even at the tariff "Early Booking", when prices will be reduced, and accommodation options will be mass.

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