Traditional breakfast in Singapore

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Sandwiches? Flakes with milk? Kashu? Or Omelet? In Asian countries, breakfasts are diverse and sometimes resemble lunch. I will tell you about the most popular breakfast in Singapore. It will come in handy if your hotel does not offer breakfast or you wish to feel like a real Singaporent. I will move toward the traditional pancakes for foreigners with maple syrup and glazing with bacon, plunge into the atmosphere of this authentic Singapore.

In understanding Singapurta, breakfast should be simple and inexpensive. It is such toasts with Jam Kaya (Kaya Toasts). Perhaps this is the most common Singapore breakfast. No local resident can live without toast with Jam Kaya. They can be found in Food courts, in coffee shops and some restaurants. But if you want to try the best toasts on the original antique recipe, recover in one of the cafes specializing in this dish for more than a dozen years: Killiney Kopitiam, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Nanyang Old Coffee or Good Morning Nanyang Cafe. Look for the nearest cafe to your hotel with a map below. Cafe can be located in a separate building on the street, in the shopping center or enter the restaurant courtyard.

Jam Kaya can be called coconut jam, made of coconut milk, pandan, sugar and eggs leaves. To the toasted toast first flashes butter or margarine, then layer Jamea Kaya. Tosts feed eggs sick. Singapartes pour a few soy sauce in a plate with eggs, add ground white pepper, sometimes dried garlic, and then dip the toasts in the eggs and eat, drinking coffee or tea. Very tasty toasts not with creamy, but with peanut butter. Optionally, they can be ordered in general without oil or even with cheese and Kaya jam. In one institutions for toasts use bread, in other small buns, in third crackers. As you can see, Singapore breakfast from toasts with Kaya jam is adapted for every taste. Singapurtees eat toasts not only for breakfast, can eat them during a small working interruption.

What drinks Singapurts for breakfast? There is quite a lot of variety. Rather, several options are coffee, tea, cocoa, but there are many variations. Coffee for the Singapurty breakfast is completely ordinary, without any gourmet delights. In Singapore, as in Thailand, coffee is such a sweet mixture with a condensed milk, and no matter what kind of grade, whether the grain is well rooted. Coffee in Singapore is served black or with milk, with condensed milk, with sugar and without ice and hot. The same goes to tea. There is even a drink of cham – these are mixed coffee and tea.

If you want to feel like a real Singaporent, being in a local copyiaam, a restaurant with outdoor tables and a few kiosks with food, order drinks as locals do. Coffee is pronounced "copy", tea – "TE". Without additional words, tea and coffee will be hot, with sugar and condensed milk. Use dictionary:

Where is in Singapore - Cafe with the best local breakfast, photo, place on the map of Singapore guide
  • without condensed milk – "O",
  • with cream – "S",
  • sugarless – "Kosmong",
  • with ice – "Peng" or "Beng" for tea and coffee, respectively.

First, the main word is pronounced, then the rest are risted. If you want to order a cold savory coffee with cream, it sounds like this: Copy Coppong Bang. See recommended cafe on the map below.

Now you know everything about the best Singapore breakfast. Next time I will tell you about a few more dishes that Singapurts love to eat for breakfast, but for now read about the Arab quarter, where they make coffee in Turkish.

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