Vikend Market: Inexpensive to eat on Phuket

Restaurants and Cafe Phuket require special attention, and street food in Thailand is available and is inexpensive. I will tell you where you can eat tasty and inexpensively on Phuket. There is such a saying if you want to really learn the country – visit its markets. To Thailand she is fully suited. Only here you can see the unique local flavor, wander among the insane number of handbags, T-shirts and souvenirs, as well as try Thai goodies. The best way to learn more about Phuket, in my opinion – night markets.

Outdoor Food on Phuket

Chaotic evening markets on Phuket a few, they nomads from place to place. Nightly they are called only because, by Thai standards, they work all night – the maximum until midnight. On holidays there is a night market on Nanai Street on Patong. On the Chinese New Year to taste better go to the Chalong Temple. And every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Phuket Towene opposite the temple of Nak begins to work my most beloved night market.

They call the market in different ways: Sandy Market, Knight Market, Nak Market, Chao-Fa Market and so on. Already in 16.00 Sellers begins to lay out Tschiki, shorts, souvenirs and other rubbing, and cooks are might and main over culinary masterpieces. If you still ask yourself what to try from food in Thailand, then you should surely come to Sandy Market. Let’s walk a little on the market, it will work until midnight.

Traditional Thai omelets are not like European, they are crispy and air. They are sprinkled with fresh greens and eat with a sharp ketchup or with a famous Syrac sauce.

For Thais, go on weekends to Nak Market as natural as for some Europeans there is in McDonalds. After all, here you can buy so many tasty! Starting with grilled squid and ending with grilled grasshoppers. Best street food on Phuket – Only on Nak Market.

Seafood on the market are presented in abundance. Grilled squid, fryer shrimp, boiled crabs with sharp sauce. You will gladly pack crabs with you, but they are better enough hot.

Cutlets made of fish, shrimp or crab meat prepare in deep fryer. Such a deep fryingkin called wok. Most Thai cuisine dishes are frying in it. It is convenient that all foods gets slightly roasted – Stir Fried.

In most restaurants there are tables where you can sit down a big company and enjoy good luck than Thais with hunting and do. Filty small cafes and restaurants on the market are obtained.

I love small chicken kebabs – Sate Kai. They are frying on coals and served with special peanut sauce. Besides chicken, you can find pork and with ventricular hearts. Here they definitely need to try on Phuket. The recipe for kebabs came to Thailand from Indonesia, they are very common in the south of the country.

Portion of the delicious Thai noodle with vegetables – Yaki Soba – It is only 20 baht. It is packaged in a special plastic container. Perhaps the cheapest food in the markets of Phuket Island, not counting the sushi piece.

Sushi and roles are presented in abundance. They are 5-15 baht. There are traditional, with crab chopsticks, or more exotic – with black centenary eggs.

Thais, oddly enough, love Japanese cuisine. If you wish, you can take everything home. Recently, sushi appeared with cartoon characters – Derakemon and Angry Bird.

Usually thais for lunch and dinner eat rice. Rather, use rice as a garnish. One of the traditional breakfast is noodles. Madly tasty dish – white boiled noodles watered coconut milk and curry sauces. On Phuket Even there is a corporate dish – Rice noodles Khan’s Jean with curry from Lobster.

My favorite souffle of home-mock from fish is made in this way: put the mass of small pieces of fish and coconut milk, decorate the sauce and a piece of chili peppers and prepare for a couple. There are variations from fish, seafood, chicken or vegetarian.

Salapao and Dim himself Thais love to eat for breakfast. Yes, and at any other time of day, pies with meat or cabbage cooked for a couple – excellent snack.

Where inexpensive to eat on Phuket - photos, reviews, Thai cuisine, food in Thailand Phuket guide

Pork kebabs, fish balls, shrimps in chipse and sausages – a wonderful way to climb the worm;) Such a snack with a sausage sauce.

Little boiled quail eggs are served with soy sauce. Their price is 10-20 baht, and this is also the most inexpensive food on Phuket.

I really like to fly miniature eggs from quail eggs, richly sprinkled by their pepper.

Such kebabs and sausages on a stick can be bought not only on the market, but also from Makashnitsa in any tourist place.

And this is a squeak of this year, a novelty that struck me. Tornado from potatoes. A whole potato tuber is cut into a special machine, fried in deep breath, and then dropped with a variety of spices. You can choose spices with pizza, cheese, pepper and others.

You can find different desserts and sweets on Vakend Market, as well as drinks.

How to get to Vikend Market

You can get to Nak Market by taxi, Tuk-Tuka or rented transport. It is located near the shopping center Central Festival. If you go to the side of Chalong, on the first traffic light you need to turn left, and there you will already see the huge market on the right side. With the beaches of Kata and Karon walks the flight SongTeo, which stops near the turn to the market.

Where inexpensive to eat on Phuket - photos, reviews, Thai cuisine, food in Thailand Phuket guide

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