Where in York Try a real English El

Where in york try present English beer? This can be done in any pub not only in the city of York, but in all England, however, we offer to visit a small private brewery. English El differs from beer in that it is prepared to prepare fast surface fermentation at a temperature of 15-25 degrees. This beer is called element. Beer that sells from us is preparing deep fermentation at a lower temperature, it is called Lagger. This is the most common type of beer.

Return to K English el. This drink appeared in England around the 15th century. I mean an el similar to modern. Obviously, similar drinks people cooked and much earlier.

In the city of York there is a brewery where the real traditional is prepared English El. In words, describe the difference between beer and elegant, so if you are going to York, remember where to go to the traditional drink. Brewing Official Website: http: // www.York-Brewery.co.UK /

Where is the brewery

Brewery is called York Brewery (Correctly read &# 171; Breweri&# 187;, is the word actually and means brewery). Find her at 12 TOFT GREEN, YORK. YO1 6JT. Go through the gate Miklgate and immediately turn left on the street. During the nearest angle there will be a brewery. Do not confuse her with a pub in the next street.

Excursion is worth £ 8.00 and besides actually excursions in brewery it includes a small tasting Ela. Barman alternately naps 4 cups of those grades that are here and they told about the excursions. Yes, the tour of the Barman himself and spends. Collects everyone at the appointed time with a blow to a small bell. Honestly, not a particularly impressive process and more resembles a lecture than a tour. If you have badly with English, it’s better to just come to them into the pub.

Excursions start four times a day at 12:30, 14:00, 15:30 and 17:00, every day except Sunday.

Before starting the excursion, the Bartender will give you four red chips that you will then exchange for glasses with element. This is done so that the bartender is simply not forgotten who and how much poured. Glasses are not large, grams of 200, otherwise you can not leave there. Since we were together, we had enough eight chips to try all six varieties of local ale and still &# 171; cool out&# 187; Liked.

Taste of english elya

If you are accustomed to traditional beer, El maybe you don’t like. First, it is felt by a strong taste of malt with hop due to the fact that the drink did not know (from the point of view of Lagger), secondly, for the same reason there is less gas in it and it seems that he is already exhausted. But in fact, it should be. Drink and enjoy!

We personally liked Dark El, which is called &# 171; Ghost Ale&# 187;.

Behind the bar stand on the wall we saw the plump carnation 100 rubles. Apparently our here are.

I asked Barmen: &# 171; You are here and our rubles are taking!?&# 187;, pointing to the bill. He laughed and said that of course take. Then we left them for a memory more ten-membrane paper. So if you see it there &# 8212; This is our souvenir.

If you visit this wonderful place &# 8212; Share your impressions!)

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Where in York Try a real English El

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Where in York Try a real English El

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