Where in Turkey Turquoise Sea and white sand

Turkey is very beautiful and convenient for recreation Country. Its shores are washed by 4 seas. However, not on every Turkish beach it is convenient to swim, enjoy the sea and make beautiful photos. For example, the rocky coast of the Aegean Sea is hardly like everyone. Another thing is Golden sandy beaches with turquoise water. Not scary in the water about a stone or not to notice the sea hedgehog, and children can calmly build sandy locks. So where in Turkey turquoise sea and white sand? In this article I will tell about the best beaches of Turkey.

Blue lagoon in the village of Oludeniz

Blue Laguna Beach is located in the resort village of Oludeniz, near Fehetia. It was formed in a place where the Waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas merge.

This coastline is part of Oludeniz National Park. Login open from 8:00 and until 20:00. The territory is guarded. To get to the beach of the park, you need to purchase a ticket. Price: 8 Turkish lir.

The length of the blue lagoon – 1000 m. Entrance to the sea smooth, although the stall itself, closer to the mountains, deep. Closer to consider all the beauty of the bay can be on the catamaran. With him you can see the rays of the sun, go deep into the turquoise sea, and make incredible photos. Sandy shore, but in places the small pebbles come across.

Sun loungers and umbrellas – for a fee. On the territory of the park there is a cafe, buffets, toilets, showers.

How to get to the blue lagoon

If you relax in fence, you need to use a taxi service or route minibus (dolmush), which drives alongside the bus station (seal), opposite the Correfour supermarket. There it is necessary to vote by any minibus with the inscription Fethiye – Ölüdeniz. Ultimate stop near the National Park.

Go to the shore of the Blue Lagoon as soon as possible, because the territory of the reserve is limited, and in the hot season of those who want to visit the beach – thousands.

Wild Beach Cappuish Kash

Kabutas Kash – an incredibly beautiful wild beach. Its length is only 200 m. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean – between the two popular tourist villages of Kalkan and Kash, about 85 km from Fenia.

That is sometimes sometimes on Turkish beaches

Surprisingly, but kaputas Kash is located right under the car track D400. The coast is surrounded by rocks and sea. Previously, they could only get on yachts and boats, but today, to get to the turquoise sea with white sand, you need to go down the steps.

How to get to kaputash porridge

Buses go to the village of Kashe. Find out the schedule of googar (bus station) or look at the bus station and go on the road.

From porridge and cabbage every 30 min drive dolmoshi. Time in the way is only 10 minutes.

Patar Beach – 17 km White Sand

Patara Beach Beach (Patara Beach) – the longest. Its length – 17 km of clean shore with white sand. It is located in the village of Gelevish, 40 km from the resort area of ​​Kash and 70 km from Feniate.

Sunset and endless beaches

The coast of Patars is included in the list of protected areas of Turkey, so the base is no hotels and other attals.

From May to June, the Carette Carette turtles lay eggs, and from June to July from them turtles hatch.

In addition, almost all the coast is the territory Ancient City Patara, Ancient Country Likia. The terrain here is simply littered with ruins.

How to get to Patar Beach

Most tourists get to Patars on buses from the bus station "Fenia-Kash-Kalkan" route. From there they go every hour.

Ibja not far from Izmir

Ilica (Ilica Plaji) – a beautiful beach located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, in the resort town of Cesme, which is 100 km from Izmir. Its length – 2 km.

Here is a pure emerald turquoise sea and white small sand.

Public Coast, Free Access. Of the improvements there are: toilets, showers, lounge chairs, dressing cabins, but all paid.

How to get to Byjj

You can get from Izmir, Togar or Park "Study" by bus to Cesme. Then take a taxi or go to Dolmoshev.

Cleopatra Beach – the most popular

Cleopatra Beach is located in Alanya and is considered one of the cleanest, for which he received the Blue Flag (International Clean and Security Designation). Sand here is a white with a unique structure, similar to Egypt only in Egypt.

Store from three sides is surrounded by torroskone mountains. It protects the beach from winds and strong waves.

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On the shore there is everything you need, cafe, showers, toilets, locker rooms.

How to get to Cleopatra Beach

Tourists who stopped in Alanya, close to the bay, you can walk on foot. Focus on the main street – Damlatash. Move towards the car stream, get to the intersection at the end of the street. Right see the museum. The beach is located on the left side of the museum, after 200 m.

Second option: use the route bus NO 1. He rides along the shore.

Where in Turkey Turquoise Sea and white sand

Iztuzu – not turquoise, but with turtles

Iztuzu – a paradise where the Dalyan River flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Water here is a saturated blue, and the shore consists of a braid with small yellow-white sand.

View of the Turkish Beach Serhu

The coastal zone is also included in the protected areas of Turkey, since the eggs turtle are massively postponed. Rest in the Nature Reserve, peaceful, without noisy restaurants and bars. However, the visitors of the harbor have the opportunity to enjoy the purest sea water, fresh air, admire the mountains covered with coniferous trees and see rare blue crabs.

How to get to izetu

You can get from Dalyan on the boat, which departs daily from the pier. At tourists, tourists in Marmaris, there is an opportunity to buy a tour of the beach of Izutu at the hotel or in any travel agency.

The second option is to get to the left southern part of the bay by car from Dalena. It’s only 12 km.

The incredible combination of the sea and the mountains with coniferous forests will remain in your memory for a long time, and the recovery memories will warm the soul until the next vacation.

In Turkey, many places where there is a turquoise sea and white sand. And each of them will charm you and will give unforgettable impressions.

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