Where in Turkey is better with children: vacation seats and tips parents

In some regions of Turkey, strongly stony beaches, which are uncomfortable with children. I live in Turkey and tell me where and when it’s better to rest with children. At the end – a selection of the best budget and five-star hotels in Turkey to relax with children.

How to choose a hotel for holidays with children in Turkey:

  • Park zone,
  • Availability of animation for children,
  • Children’s pools,
  • Comfortable beach,
  • children’s menu.

A good service and care for children in Turkey are distinguished by regions: Kemer, Antalya, Alania, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Didim.

Where to go to rest in Turkey with children

The most popular and affordable resorts are focused on the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Here is a subtropical climate with dry hot summer and a short rainy winter.

On the Mediterranean coast are located:

  • Side,
  • Belek,
  • Antalya,
  • Alanya,
  • Kemer and others.

Summer here begins at the end of April. The water temperature reaches + 20 ° C. C children better start resting from mid-May. The sea is heated to + 25 ° C, and air temperature + 25-27 ° C.

The heat comes to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea from the first week of June and keeps until the end of August. Maximum air temperature: + 38-45 ° C, but it happens more.

On the Aegean coast Slightly cool.

At the beginning and middle of May, you should not go to Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Czech. At this time, water in the sea is still cold: + 19-20 ° C, even if the air temperature reaches + 28 ° C. Better to wait for June.


Alanya – Resort village in the south of Turkey, in Antalya Province.

Near the villages: Avsallar, Injekum, Karaburun, Conakla, Mahmutlar and Okurdjalar. Alanya has become popular due to the high quality of service, warm climate and cheaper hotels compared to Kemer and Side.

Most of the Alanya hotels three-four-star. Almost everyone has something to do children.

  • Professional animators work with young guests.
  • The restaurants have a children’s menu, in All Inclusive – Children’s Table.
  • On the territory of hotels there are children’s pools.

From May to October in the resort there are several urban water parks. The biggest – Water Planet in the village of Okarudzhalar. Before it can be reached by flight bus from Alanya.

Is there some more Alanya water park. He is smaller, but suitable for children 4-8 years.

In Dolphinarium Sealanya Sea Park children and adults can swim with dolphins. Also, children will be interested in Moon Park.

Sea and beaches in Alanya

The coast of Alanya sandy-pebble. The most famous beach – Cleopatra. In this area of ​​Turkey comfortably relax with children. Sea in the city is clean and safe. Near Alanya bay cost cruise ships that come out daily into the sea for a whole day. They offer sea walks with food and entertainment.

One of the minuses of the direction is the lack of direct flights to Alanya itself. Tours often sell with tickets through Antalya Airport, and this is 120 km from Alanya.

Minimum price of weekly holidays – 30 000 USD


Marmaris – City in the province of Mugla. It is located on the border of the two seas – Aegean and Mediterranean.

Beach in Marmaris

The resort town is famous for the club lifestyle, but it applies only to his eastern part. Marmaris is surrounded by coniferous forests. The air here is dry, and this affects the perception of temperature. There is no hellish heat, as in Antalya.

In this area of ​​Turkey, you can relax with children throughout the beach season. Ideally go at the end of May. The air temperature at this time is stable + 25 ° C, and water + 20-23 ° C.

Bathing season in Marmaris ends in October. Ideal time to relax with children – June and September.

Beaches Marmarisa

Marmaris sandstone sandstone. Most – in small pebbles. The most famous beaches – Siteler, Ichmeler. To select sandy, view photos of personal beaches of hotels.

You can go to the water park Aqua Dream, ATLANTIS Water Park or Dolphinarium, Located Open Sea.


Belek – Young Resort on the Sea of ​​Mediterranean in Antalya Province.

He became famous for chic hotels, huge golf courses and sandy beaches. There are no three-star hotels in Belek, only 4 and 5 stars. Therefore, the resort can not be called cheap. Even burning tours are much more expensive than the usual holiday in Alanya.

Absolutely all Belek hotels took care of small guests. They have their own water parks, children’s mini clubs, playgrounds. In the game rooms, you can leave children from 4 years old under the supervision of animators, in some hotels – from 2 years. In Turkey, relax well with children in Belek.

On the beaches of Belek, turtles lay eggs, followed by special supervisors. They help the turtles hatch and get to the water. Watching newborn reptiles will undoubtedly cause delight from the preschooler.

In Belek is Large Aquapark – The Land Of Legends. You can go to Antalya on Dolmoshev (minibus) or flight bus.

  • Big Oceanarium, Where are the most dangerous marine inhabitants. In the entertainment complex created "Snow World" – the eternal winter in the middle of the summer.
  • Zoo In a forest array, where animals live in conditions close to the natural habitat.
  • Complex of sandy sculpturesSand Land. It is located on Lara Beach in Antalya.
  • Dinosaur Park – Dinopark Göynük Kemer Antalya, where refined images of prehistoric animals. Figures react to people with lever, breathing and movements.

The cost of the week of vacation in Belek – from 50,000 rubles.


Kemer – a small town of 46 km from Antalya.

Canyon Gainuk in Kemer

In Kemer, an incredibly beautiful combination of blue water with mighty Mount Takhtaly. The village is surrounded by coniferous forests and orange gardens. Beaches in most pebble. Water in Kemer as clean, which allows you to see the bottom at a depth of 8-10 m.

The air in Antalya is very wet, so it’s hard to carry the heat here. From mid-June and until the end of August, the air temperature: + 30-37 ° C. Perfect period for relaxing with baby – September. The sea is still warm, but there are no heat. In the summer months it is better to rest with children in other areas of Turkey. For example, in Marmaris or on other resorts of the Aegean Sea.

Prices – from 35,000 rubles, subject to early reservation and prepayments.

Almost all hotels in the chamber have their own mini zoos, separate animation for children.

For entertainment, you need to go to Antalya: in Water Park, Dino Park, Zoo. You can get there on dolmoshev.

Please note that in Kemer no airport. Nearest is in Antalya (Antalya Airport).


Most popular place in Turkey – Antalya. Here almost everyone knows our. The city is located on the shore of the warm Mediterranean. Here are a lot of hotels from 2 to 5 stars – for the most distinguished taste and budget.

The resort is considered very convenient due to the proximity of the airport (13 km to the center), the clean sea, good infrastructure, the large selection of hotels and excursions. In this area of ​​Turkey, relax is well with children, if you choose the right time – spring or autumn.

The best beaches: Cogntes and Lara. They are sandy, there is no sharp depth in the sea.

In Antalya, there are all types of entertainment for children: water parks, dolphinarium, zoo, interactive parks.

A trip for one person will cost a minimum of 40,000 rubles.

Side – an ancient city on a small peninsula, known for the ancient Greek ruins.

Located between Antalya and Alania, 70 km from Antalya Airport. This resort area includes cholacla villages, Kumka, Sorgun, Titreengel, Manavgat, Kyzylach.

Shore Side washes Mediterranean Sea. Clean and sandy beaches. The village itself is small, so there is no special entertainment for children. Leisure, mostly arrange hotels. Here you will love to relax with children to those who love calm and silence.

Prices: from 40,000 rubles per person for 7 nights.


Fethiye – "City of the Sun", located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Mugla. Here is beautiful nature. The resort loves the Europeans.

The nearest airport is 45 km in Dalaman.

In Fethiye a very soft climate, Even in the summer months there is no hellish heat. All due to sea breeze and vegetation and forests saturated with air oxygen.

In this area of ​​Turkey, it is better to rest with small children who are hard to transfer heat.

Beach area covered with shallow pebbles. For deck chairs and umbrellas you need to pay separately.

Fethiye is known thanks to the two paradise places – tooling the beach and the valley of butterflies.

In Fethiye, 3 water park.

The cost of tours in Fethiye and Oludeniz – from 30 000 rubles. for 10 days.


Didim – developing resort in the west of Turkey, washing the Aegean Sea.

The surroundings are known as historical ruins, and the city itself – sandy beaches and small sea. The swimming season usually begins on the last week of May, and ends in mid-September.

The nearest airport is 80 km away – Milas Bodrum. The second is in Izmir, and this is approximately 165 km.

When choosing the hotel, pay attention to the presence of your own beach. At this resort there are only 4.

Children will enjoy in the water park, amusement park, on the excavations of the Apollo temple.

Rest in Didim will cost 35,000 rubles per person.


Kusadasi – a paradise place for family holidays. Located in the province of Aydin, on the shore of the Aegean Sea.

The bathing season begins in early June and lasts until mid-September. The very soft climate of the Aegean coast eliminates long-term acclimatization, so your crumb is quickly adapted.

Coast Kusadasy is famous for clean sand, unlike other resorts of Turkey.

In Kusadasi is the largest water park in the country – Adalend, with dolphinarium. There are 2 more water park – Aqua Fantasy and Marine Park.

The holiday price depends on the booking time than before, the cheaper. Minimum amount – from 35,000 rubles.


Bodrum – resort in the southwestern part of Turkey with a pebble beach, on the shore of the Aegean Sea.

Here is a huge selection of hotels with your own water parks, mini zoos and animation for the smallest.

You can entertain in the city in the water park Dedeman, Dolphinariums, Fun Town in Oricak.

Bodrum is on mountainous terrain, high above sea level. Choose hotels right on the shore or with regular transportation of guests to the beach, otherwise climb back to the hotel will be very difficult.

In June, the weather is a windmill, although it is comfortable in the afternoon. The water temperature is heated to + 25 ° C, and air to + 30 ° C.

The velvet season lasts until the end of September. Do not go here later, as the weather in this place is unpredictable. Suddenly, it can rain, not all hotels have an indoor pool and entertainment for such a case.

Rest in Bodrum will cost a minimum of 35-40 thousand rubles. during the week.

About the most beautiful beaches of Turkey read here: Where in Turkey Turquoise Sea and white sand

Best Hotels for Recreation with Children in Turkey

Where in Turkey is better with children of vacation sites and tips parents

Most comfortable family holiday hotels:

  • Located away from noisy night discos.
  • With private beach and private pool for children.
  • For young children, it is better to find a hotel with a sandy beach or small pebbles.
  • With mandatory animation – mini club, mini-discos, competitions, quests.
  • With spacious rooms and children’s cribs.
  • With children’s menu and children’s chairs in the restaurant.

Top 5 hotels in Turkey resorts

Rixos Premium

RIXOS PREMIUM 5 * In Kemer – Hotel Top Class. It is located in the village of Tekirova, 14 km from Kemer and 76 km from Antalya Airport.

Pluses of the hotel – relative distance from other hotels, huge territory, open and closed pools, animation, our-speaking staff, System All Inclusive and Restaurants A La Carte.

Beach Hotel Rixos in Tekirova big – 550 m coastline. He’s sand-pebble. For children, a secure entrance to the sea specially made and provided a shadow bathing area. On the beach there is a bar, lounge chairs, umbrellas, 2 wooden pier.

For a fee, you can hire an hourly nanny. For young guests there are cots, chairs in a restaurant, toilets. Approximate cost of recreation for a family – 16 000 rubles per day.

Kamelya K Club

Kamelya K Club 5 * In Side – is 55 km from Antalya Airport.

It has a huge territory and equipped beach (550 meters). There is a mini-zoo on site, water slides, playground, mini-club, game room and buffet.

Kamelya K Club Hotel has the opportunity to rent bikes. There are open and closed water heated pools.

Approximate price for 1 holiday day – 17 000 rubles.

Papillon Zeugma Relaxury

Luxury hotel in Belek, which is 35 km from Antalya Airport.

For children, there is: Game room with antibacterial flooring, corners for changing diapers, halters for feeding. For older children mini and maxi clubs: premises for classes, cinema hall with thematic films, outdoor pools, water park, children’s menu in restaurants, mini soccer field, basketball court, playground, game room.

How we managed to fly to Turkey in March 2021 – Road

There are also water slides, open and closed pools. Beach Zone with Sand Long 150 m.

Cost 1 day for family with a child: from 18,000 rubles.

Marti Myra

Marti Myra HV-1 – hotel chain, one of which settled in the village of Tekirova, on 1 coastline.

The cost of 1 day in season comes to 30,000 rubles for 2 adults and a child. For young guests, there is an animation, swimming pools, slides, sports grounds, darts. You can order nanny services.

Sand-pebble beach, 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

Rooms with sound insulation, you can easily rest at any time of the day.

Sueno Hotels Beach Side

Located in Side, 60 km from the airport.

Almost all our-speaking staff, There is a doctor. For a fee you can hire a nanny. On the territory there is a sports zone, 3 pools for children, slides.

Food – buffet, dishes from the diet menu are prepared only for dinner.

Hotel stands on the first coastline. Beach Sandy, descent in the sea smooth.

Price: from 20,000 rubles for two with a child.

Sinema Hotel

Sinema Hotel 5 * and SIMENA VILLAS HV-2 are located in the village of Camuwa near Kemer.

Here is a large green area with a playground for young guests, a mini club, animation. For older children – table tennis and football. The hotel has 3 children’s pools, slides, mini-disco.

On the beach every 30 minutes bus departs. There is a bar, sun loungers with umbrellas, bungalows, zones with shadow, showers and toilets.

Buffet meals, there is a dietary menu and a la carte restaurant. It can be visited for free 1 time per week, subject to the hotel payment for more than 10 days.

Prices: from 17 000 rubles in June, children under 2 years old – free.

Best hotels in each resort

Alanya – Kleopatra Ramira Hotel Here pure, cozy and quiet. Buffet with a large selection of dishes.

Antalya – Sealife Family Resort Hotel – Excellent family hotel with all possible entertainment. Located in the city center, near the big sandy beach.

Kemer – Crystal de Luxe Resort & SPA – Located in a quiet picturesque place. To the sea 5 minutes walk through palm and orange groves.

Belek – Voyage Belek Golf & SPA – Highest service, delicious food and beautiful sea view.

Side – Trendy Verbena Beach Hotel – It has the highest rating of guests on different services.

Fehetia – Yacht Classic Hotel – a small comfortable hotel on the seashore.

Marmaris – Green Nature Resort and Spa – Spacious rooms, cleanliness and comfort. Large green area with outdoor pools.

Didim – Zeytindali Apart Hotel -Cake air, water slides, sandy beach and shallow sea.

Kushalasa – Charisma De Luxe Hotel – stands right on the shore of the Aegean Sea, in a quiet place.

Bodrum – Doria Hotel Bodrum – Luxury hotel with outdoor and indoor pools, from an incredible view of the sea.

Cheap hotels in children

Altinersan Hotel Altinkum Didim – Four-star hotel on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Works on the "All Included" system. For recreation with children here have all the conditions.

Omer Holiday Resprt – Four-star hotel in Kusadasi. Has a greater pine-shaded territory. Provided all necessary for young guests.

LONG BEACH RESORT HOTEL & SPA 5 * – inexpensive compared to luxury hotels in the nearest resorts. Here is a very good service.

When it is better to go to rest in Turkey with children

Considering the subtropical climate on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, to rest with children is best sent at the end of May and the first weeks of June, as well as in September and October.

In these periods there is no strong heat, so the child is easier to transfer acclimatization.

On the Aegean coast a softer climate. In Kusadas, Bodrum and Didim, go no earlier than the first week of June, but not later than the third week. Then the air temperature rises to + 35 ° C.

It is best to rest in this direction from mid-August to mid-September.

How to prepare for rest with children

If you are planning a trip with children up to 1 year, take care of the dairy mixes and lamb puree, especially meat. In Turkey, a very meager choice. It also applies to diapers.

Please note that children can not be bathed in swimming pools without bathing diapers.

Be prepared for the fact that for 10 days of resting the baby can get sick with a cold or digestive disorder. Take with me the most essentials and electronic thermometer. In most hotels there are no health workers.

Mercual degrees in Turkey are prohibited.

Choose hotels near which there are hospitals, better state. There are also taken for money, but it will be much cheaper than contacting a private hospital.

Be sure to prepare Panama, sunscreen and glasses.

If you plan to go on excursions or go away somewhere out of the hotel – take a stroller cane. It easily develops and does not take up much space.

About traveling with children and whether you need to travel, Read here.

Turkey – Sunny and hospitable country. Wherever you have decided to rest, you will definitely want to go back here again.

If you like the article, share her with friends, and if you have been in Turkey with children and know where it is better to rest, please write in the comments.

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