Where in the US to make purchases

Shop tours in the USA are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, why to acquire in Russia what abroad costs at times cheaper? In addition, shopping is an excellent reason to see the sights of another country and then everyone will brag that you were in the USA. Although in fact you seen only shopping centers and a hotel in which you stayed, but the proof of your trip will serve a container from America, full of purchases.


Once in New York, you can get confused from the abundance of outlets, both small and huge. Fans of shopping, depending on the thickness of the wallet and goals, you can go:

Judging by the American TV shows, best to heal in Manhattan. By the way, the films do not lie at all, but the prices here on the pocket not everyone. Therefore, those who wish to dress fashionable, but cheap, can go in the stock store located nearby. It sells things from past collections with huge discounts.

If you wish to buy underwear, go to Broadway. On this street there is a huge number of shops of famous brands, in which you can buy exquisite sets.

Where in the US to make purchases

Household products

If your goal is to buy not only clothes, but also home goods, then safely go to shopping centers.

In the center of New York will certainly visit the famous Macy’s. If you get here, then you don’t have to walk anywhere, because in this huge building you can find everything. If you have enough money, then to take all purchases home, you will need a container from the USA. Well, if there is not much money, then even a tour of this shopping center will be quite interesting, especially on the eve of the holidays.

Where in the US to make purchases

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