Where in Paris cheap to eat frogs

Find, Where in Paris inexpensive to eat frog paws not so simple. For France, it is even a traditional dish, but still rarity. If you come to the first re-restaurant, then most likely you will tell you that Paws They do not cook. It is necessary to go consciously. Where &# 8212; We read on.

Many restaurants, in the menu of which there are frogs, you will find in the Latin Quarter, this 6th county . Also ask this dish, as it is not strange, in Chinese restaurants.

Best go to the restaurant Roger La Grenouille . There you will find what you need. Prepare delicious and fast. List of other institutions frog legs At the bottom of the article.

Cheaper than just &# 8212; buy frozen frogs in store and cook yourself. Recipe too below.

Have you ever come to mind the question of how it was possible to think about being frogs? After all, it is France – Synonym for aristocracy And suddenly frogs. Small amphibian, symbol of sophisticated French cuisine.

But if you think that every Frenchman for lunch or dinner eats up in a dozen frog paw, you are mistaken. Ask ten passersby in Paris, have they tried frog legs , and 8 of them will answer no . Okay, God with them, with the French, you want to try Real french delicacy . So let’s see what it is, with what it is eaten, and The main thing is .

To visit Paris and do not try of real French cuisine It is just unable. And if you try, it is probably not a baguette and croissants, which, no offense by the French, are preparing everywhere quite tasty. We will try exactly frog legs , Because to create a masterpiece from not the most attractive source product could only fine-felt French.

What is this dish

By the most common version, the French began to eat frogs During a century of war With England. The French has definitely talent make out of anything masterpiece, such as onion soup, grape snails, mayonnaise and of course frog legs .

Before going directly to the tasting, you need to clarify some points about the dish. Do not count on the fact that you will be given a big entire baked frog with a cheese crust, it will be only Two rear legs small unfortunate amphibian, which will be very difficult.

Price frogs varied from 10 € to 45 € and depends mainly from the restaurant in which you plan to eat.

By the way, the main mass of frogsmate french meat Carry out from Indonesia , Therefore, hardly in the capital of France, you will eat a truly French frog.

The main thing is to choose correctly Place of tasting , where the skillful masters of French cuisine will turn the little Indonesian in sophisticated refined Frenchwoman . You might think that you need to look for this dish only in French restaurants, but no, in some Chinese you can also find frogs..

Where to try frogs

Whatever strange it seems, but in Paris not at every corner and not even in every restaurant you can try this dish. And the reason for this is enough interesting fact : French Yes, and not only consider the use of frogs of frogs by barbarism, since the unfortunate tiny creation is killed only Because of the hind legs , And this is just 20% of its weight, everything else does not eat in food.

Interesting, 20% weight &# 8212; That is, if the frog had eaten the whole, it would be the top of humanism . Yes, and in general Rooster in wine cook This is normal, you might think of it in an equal battle mined, not the fact that poor small defenseless frogs.

As I said, the price per dish varies within 10-45 Euro And on straight Depends on the restaurant and the quality of the dish, everything is extremely simple, the more expensive there will be a restaurant and sophisticated dish. It most likely will not even eat, but Creative Culinary Installation . But we go primarily for emotions and impressions.

To find in the menu frog’s legs, look for the word Grenouilles or ask the waiter. The word is pronounced "Grojuy".

So, we turn to the list of institutions where they are preparing frog legs precisely in the French tradition . We have collected all restaurants that have found and which managed to check (view menus or contact the administrator), and not just cheap. Total turned 7 restaurants.

7 restaurants where to try frogs in Paris

1. Roger La Grenouille

This restaurant serves frogshai paws in deep fryer with garlic sauce. It is a dish 25 € .

Address: 28 Rue Des Grands Augustins

Telephone: +33 1 56 24 24 34

2. L&# 8217; Escargot Montorgueil

This restaurant specializes in cooking snails , What, in fact, says the name. There are several types of dishes from different snails. L Yaguschy legs Here they are very well prepared ( Stand 16 € ). In terms of quality of service and taste, the lapels themselves are very good, but prices are not the lowest, although if we compare on average for Paris, but not as expensive.

Located on Montorgey Street. Nearest station Metro Étienne Marcel .

3. Amadeus Café

Here are served roasted frogs with garlic and greens. Dinner here will cost from 9 € to 26 € .

The restaurant is located on Mozart Avenue, near the station Metro Ranelagh . By the way, next to this restaurant has a hotel from which it opens Beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.

4. Lao Tseu

This is one of the Chinese restaurants in which you can try frogs. Prepare them here very tasty. Middle price tag for dinner here About 20 € .

Restaurant near the center, near METRO RUE DU BAC .

5. Au Moulin à Vent, Chez Henri

Good restaurant in the center of Paris. Prices here are not the lowest. Portion of frogsy paws costs 36 € .

The restaurant is located on the street Phos San Bernard, opposite the Curie Institute, it’s very close to the center.

Nearest station Metro Jussieu .

6. Rainettes

Here you can try assorted frogs &# 8212; Analogue of cheese plates. You will bring legs prepared for five different recipes.

Plate "Frog" costs 22 € .

The restaurant is located on the corner of Ormemon and Karon.

Nearest station Metro: Saint-Paul .

Where in Paris cheap to eat frogs

7. Le Louis

Good restaurant near Louvre. Frogs are classic &# 8212; à La Provençale.

Price for serving 14 €.

Restaurant is located on Kokyol Street. Nearest Palais Royal Musée du Louvre station .

Cuisses De Grenouille Recipe

You will need:

  • Frog legs &# 8212; 12 pcs.
  • Eggs &# 8212; 2 pcs.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Parsley &# 8212; 5-6 pcs.
  • Dry white bread &# 8212; 3 pieces.
  • Olive oil.
  • Black pepper.
  • Salt.

How to cook:

  • Turn the oven and while it is warming up, remove the skin with my paws and wind them.
  • In the dishes in which you will cook, pour olive oil (layer about 1 cm) and put into the oven. It is necessary to warm up to about 210 ° C.
  • Paves with lemon juice, salt and sprinkle with pepper.
  • Eggs get up together with chopped parsley.
  • Dry bread finely soda on a grater.
  • Faway the paws in the egg mixture and crawl in a skeleton bread so that it is completely covered with meat.
  • In a preheated shape with oil, put the paws in breading and put in the oven for 5 minutes.
  • Readiness Determine when the breading is fried.

French cuisine, this is the same landmark of the country as Eiffel Tower. Extraordinary combination of ingredients, s Angry flavors of spices and herbs, beautiful cheeses and wines – all this is France. Briefly describe all the delights of the subtleties and nuances of French cuisine is difficult and not why.

We have only led a small list of restaurants, Where in Paris inexpensive to eat frog paws ; I hope he will be useful to you. Have a good travel.

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