Where Ilya Muromets lived

Did not translate the richy richirth – well done. And not only in Russia, but also beyond. Ilya Muromets forever "registered" in Murom, Dobrynya Nikitich – Ural Ryazan, Ural Batyr – in the Urals Mountains Bashkortostan, Vynynyamein – in Karelia, Nuregun Bootur – in Yakutia, Soslant – in the picturesque mountains of the Caucasus. Their life was longer the earthly, they continue to live in the folk epic and myth-making, in monuments, museums, the names of geographic places, pretending to immortality. The fingerprints of the Bogatyr feet are still visible on the mountain slopes of the Caucasus, the whole stone chair of the Giant Soskan, retain the glory of the Hero Dobrynin Island and Dobrynin Kurgan, and the remains of Ilya Muromets are kept in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. On the lands of the Bogatyr, their inexhaustible glory and the exploits are described in the new project of the TV channel "My Planet" "Land of Heroes". Leading Nikita Panfilov shared with us with her observations from the filming and called places where the traces of the earthly stay of the hero.

A lot of legends like: It seems that we are talking about the same person who managed to visit everywhere. For example, a legend of flying lions – we heard her everywhere: in Yakutia, and in Karelia, and in the Caucasus

We have shifted six gears: in Karelia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Ossetia, Kyiv and Kyiv region, in the Urals and in Yakutia. This story is not only about heroes, but also about those lands on which they lived. In each transmission there are confirmations that the heroes were there: the findings, monuments, information of historians speak about it. On the one hand, the transmission is a legend, tale telling, but on the other, it is a historical reality that is confirmed by expeditions throughout our country. For example, Ilya Muromets: We filmed his power, the body was still preserved and lies in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – this is a holy Elijah. Experts even restored his face, and you can see how he looked. Or Dobryny Nikitich: Under Ryazan (next to the village of Shilovo) there is a Kurgan, where, according to legend, he lies – the excavations were held there and really found a warrior in armor. A huge number of people, professors, candidates of science, historians do this topic – collect data about local heroes. All this is documented, we consulted with them, took interviews.

Of course, there are characters from which there are no traces left, and it is impossible to confirm that they were really. Then their existence confirms the people. People were transferred from generation to the generation of legend, legends, epics. It is very interesting, it’s not just a fairy tale, but a local relic. All the names that remained in the epic can be found and follow the way of heroes: all these mounds, rivers, mountains – all this is still alive, although thousands of years.

Talking with people, you realize that warriors are not some forgotten characters: they may know little throughout Russia, but in Yakutia, in the Caucasus of their heroes of honor, they have a lot of monuments and sacred places

For example, Soslated, whose tight in Ossetia. In the Caucasus, you will show you the "jumps of jumps" Soskan – the prints of the Bogatyr feet, the chair on which he, by legend, was sitting – this is a huge stone in the mountains, and it’s easy to imagine that some huge person rested on it. In Vladikavkaz, there is a monument to Slash. Karelia worship Vynyamyarden – it’s not quite a bogatyr, but a prisoner, sorcerer, superholesale. Legends of him knows every resident of Karelia. There is a famous tree under which the runtovers told legends about Vynyamynenene – Pine Lennrota. There are warriors who are noting: for example, from Dobryni-Nikitich a lot of artifacts remained, it is known where he is buried. And the Ural Bogatyr Ural-Batyr is a very ancient character, not so much bogatyr, how much legend. Mountains are named after him, he remained in legends, but no artifacts, of course, are not found because he was too long.

But even when there are artifacts, it’s not exactly necessary to say that the hedgehog was really. It happened thousands of years ago, when there were no photos, no reliable grainners. This is a legend, she should always live, so the death of heroes, as a rule, nothing is unknown. This is how Dobryny Nikitich died? No such legend. Hero, who is very similar to him in all descriptions, buried near Ryazan – but it’s right it, it is impossible to say. This is a legend of superhero and superchard, which should always live. And in Karelia, Bogatyr did not die, he just went to his ancestors: I made the last boat and sailed – it is written in the epic, and so they say all the inhabitants. If they ask them, how do you know, they will answer: from Praprapradedov.

Where Ilya Muromets lived

Legends, legends, legends – their number! And, talking to people, you understand, warriors – not some forgotten characters: they may know little throughout Russia, but in Yakutia, in the Caucasus of their own heroes honor, they have a lot of monuments and sacred places. In Yakutia, for example, wherever look – everywhere protected places where spirits dwell. "You can not shoot this tree from Luka, because he loved his spirits". In the Caucasus, there is a huge mountain, the bogatyr is drawn on one of the stones, and there is a piggy bank: when you come, I have to throw a coin. During certain days, all the money from this piggy bank is removed, and whoever drove past, sit for huge long tables and celebrate the holiday of the hero. A whole year is going to make a piggy bank to sit in one day, drink, honor memory. People are still honored and worship every hero.

The most curious is coincidences. A lot of legends like: It seems that we are talking about the same person who managed to visit everywhere. For example, a legend of flying lions – we heard her everywhere: in Yakutia, and in Karelia, and in the Caucasus. The hero flew either on the winner of Lion, or on the winged horse.

Most of all I was surprised by the story of the hero, who lived in the Caucasus. He has a lot of names: and sauso, and exiled. He did not differ in particular kindness. Once he thought: "How would I do so that everyone was afraid of me?"And I decided – why walk far, look for enemies? I went to my village and cut off all the men’s heads, gathered all the beards in the bag, gave to women and said: Make me a burk. And women sewed a fur coat – and each recognized her brother, her husband, grandfather. Here he has all such stories – quite cruel. If other heroes are quite noble feats, he lived so long when the concepts of nobility had not yet been.

I never thought that in our country such spaces and such beauty. What is our immense country, what is it huge! When in front of you in the Caucasus, there is a huge abyss in which the mountain river flows, and the endless mountain rises to the snow cap – this is indescribable. And such drops of the mountains – the abuses – rivers, it all looks unusually: in the morning it is one day, in the afternoon, in the evening – the third, at night – the fourth, there is no sensation of the same place. I am glad that the audience will see this beauty.

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