Where flickering fireflies

Night forest has always been and will be full of mysteries and secrets. Finding into it, many of us are already preparing a meeting with the unclean power, leather and other inexplicable phenomena. But with the advent of millions of fireflies, the night forest turns into a wonderful light show created by nature itself!

Night forest fireflies firefly at night

By the way about the fireflies or how to call them lightly. This is a family of beetles, numbering about 2000 species, a characteristic feature of which is the presence on the last abdominal segments of the glow bodies.

These glow bodies are usually located under a transparent cuticle and are formed by large photogenic cells, abundant braided nerves and trachea. Under these cells there are light reflectors – blades filled with crystallines. In trachemetes, oxygen comes to cells, which is necessary for oxidative processes during which the glow occurs.

The light emitted by the bellows is cold and refers to the visible yellow-green part of the spectrum.

Light emitted

Where flickering fireflies

Many types of fireflies can increase or reduce the intensity of their glow, as well as emit intermittent light. When their nervous system gives a signal about "inclusion" of light, the intensive flow of oxygen begins into the glow bodies, and when you need to "turn off", its feed stops.

Light from Svetlychkov

In general, if you want to see the wonderful light show in the forest, it is better to go to the tropics, stocking a good camera with long exposure and patience ..

Tropics Lights in the forest Exposure photo with fireflies Night and Fireflies Night Fireflies Fireless on a path Flying Fireflies Fireflies in the grass Many lights

Where flickering fireflies

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