Where fairy tales are born there

For a visit to Copenhagen, I don’t need a special reason. Beautiful joyful city on the sea coast is good in itself. Being here – pleasure, and see there is something. And this spring trip is doubly justified: the capital of Denmark is preparing for the grand festival in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen. From March 31 to April 3, members of the Danish Royal Family, invited celebrities and simply people who want to return during their own childhood will gather in Copenhagen. If you think about, each of us has already been in this city. Together with fabulous heroes, we wandered in the medieval streets, floated through the canals and looked into the windows of the royal palaces. So why not refresh the memories and do not go through Copenhagen again, truly?

One of the main events of celebrations is a big carnival, which will almost simultaneously pass in Copenhagen and in the city of Odense, where Andersen was born. It is more logical to visit the Copenhagen Carnival at least because it was here that Hans Christian spent most of his life. He often repeated that he would not be this city, there would be no his fairy tales, and the date of his arrival was noted here as the second birthday. In addition, in the capital of the scope of events is always wider. For the anniversary here prepared an exhibition called "Magic Fairy Tale". Especially for her in the city center, next to the castle of Rosenborg, built a building in the form of a giant open book. Go inside. Surrounded by things belonging to the Great Fairy Tale, you will hear a fascinating story about the events that pushed the son of a poor shoemaker to create stories that glorified him to the whole world.

The place for the exhibition is not accidentally chosen. The proximity of the former suburban residence of King Christian IV enhances the magic atmosphere that reigned here during the life of Andersen. The castle was built in the XVII century and had never changed since. Now it is open to visitors. The Royal Throne, surrounded by three silver lions, was exposed in the Parade Hall, and in the royal treasury you can see the family jewels, some of which now the reigning Margrenet II puts on so far.

Around the Palace – a wonderful garden, where Hans Christian often came to admire roses and swans in the pond. Who knows, maybe here, watching the wonderful conversion of clumsy chicks in graceful white birds, he conceived his "ugly duckling". In the XIX century, one of the two monuments were installed in the Great Writer with the inscription "erected by the Danish people".

Another monument, later, but also better known, is near the Town Hall, for the fountain. Andersen with a cane and in the cylinder is watching the movement of cars, people and bicycles along the busy highway, called him name. Sculpture adore children and tourists. Constantly climbing to the storyteller "On the handles", they polished his bronze knees to shine.

Mix with a cheerful multinational crowd, and the pedestrian street of Strelkt will bring you to the spacious Square of Kongenx-Nyutorv. In addition to the Academy of Arts, which occupies the Palace of Charlottendorg, there is a royal theater. It was the dream of the glory of the actor in this theater lured the fourteen-year-old Hans Christian from his native Odense. The young man had a three-stage plan of conquering scene. Stage number one – singing. In case of failure, it was necessary to resort to the second item – to the dances. And only after two failures, about what, according to Andersen, if his giftedness could not be speech, should have tried drama. But the singing career fell out of?For teenage breaking voice when his tender youthful soprano turned into a "chambling". With dancing did not come out of?For clumsy. And as an actor, Andersen managed to play only the troll. In this image, he turned out to be so convincing that he began to read the glory of the Great Comic. But, undergoing ridicule in real life, the young man did not want to become a joke professional. Bonded heart he leaned into literature. And this time I got into the goal. Who knows that it would be fully given to his talent, if not misfortunes in the Royal Theater.

About where Hans Christian lived, reminiscent of Copenhagen Nyhavn (New Embankment) Memorial boards at home 18, 20 and 67. Amazing Beauty Place – City Business Card. The narrow canal was breaking in the XVII century to connect the center of the capital with the sea. Sailors settled along the canal. In the XVIII-XIX centuries, Nyuhavn becomes the focus of trade. Colored houses, many of which are three hundred years old – witnesses of the events of those days. Now there is a tavern – charming cafe, and vintage wooden sailboats, turned into restaurants and entertainment places, are moored on the water.

Where fairy tales are born there

From here you can go on a walking boat on a tour of the canals and go to the famous "Mermaid" – the most touching monument to the work of Andersen. The statue at the beginning of the 20th century created the sculptor Edward Eriksen, then she acquired it and presented the city of Karl Jacobsen, the owner of the Karlsberg plant, the patron. Since then, the fate of the bronze "Little Mermaid" is not easier than her prototype. That and the case of villains, they cut off her head or hand, then they pour paint. And sometimes just steal and carry in an unknown direction. But at the time of the celebrations will take special precautions, and tourists will be able to admire this cute girl sitting on a stone waiting for her prince

And remember the fairy tale "Firebreak"? The witch, sending a soldier in the hollow, warns his: "The dog, that sits there on the chest, eyes – each with a round tower". Round Tower – another Copenhagen Symbol. High Building within which – Observatory. Top rises on a spiral ramp on foot or cycling. Built tower by order of all the same Christian IV. He personally painted the sketch of the Golden Emblem, and now adorning the facade.

Outside the capital, in the suburb of Elsinor, there is another place described in detail by Andersen. Re-read before the trip "Holberg Danchanin" – and you forever remember the ancient legend of the Giant, sleeping in the kronborg castle dungeon. "He is all shackled in iron and steel and supports the head with mighty hands. A long beard of his tight risk to the marble table board. He sleeps and sees in a dream everything is done in Denmark ". In case of danger, mighty Holberg is ready to leave the dungeon and knead the sword, protecting the motherland.

Well, perhaps, all today about the sights of Copenhagen, related to the name of the wonderful storyter. To freely navigate, order a sightseeing tour. So you will negate the loss of time associated with the fact that some places are open to visit in strictly certain hours, and the schedule is changing depending on the season. Complete in the footsteps of fabulous heroes, go to Elsinor – you will not regret. And then – relax in full. Maybe you will want to enjoy freshly brewed beer at the Karlsberg factory. Or do you like parks and lakes? All this is also Copenhagen. Days here fly quickly, and remember for a long time. What fairy tales you will tell friends on arrival depends only on you.

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