Where do dreams or a science fiction museum in Iverdon-les-Ben

Pierre Versin was a dreamer. This character line is rarely managed to keep adults, especially those who survived the second world war and was a prisoner of the concentration campaign. But, brought up on the novels of Jules Verne, Pierre flew from circumstances and traveled. New worlds, utopian paintings – everything happened in his fantasies. Nothing out, from cruel reality, could not destroy the wonderful universes in the head of Pierre. After the war, passionate about utopias, he created a small museum, which called House of Elsewhere.

Recently, the museum has moved to a small three-story building. There is no permanent collection, although in the archives the museum has more than 160 thousand exhibits: Mr. Versin collected the comics, books about travel and absurd, at first glance, things. Once every six months, the exposition changes and the curators each time find unique items that the hour becomes the core of the exhibition. Topics are completely different: from "Solaris" Tarkovsky to superheroes from comics.

We just got to the exhibition Superman, Batman & Co. MICS! Ordinary people relate to comics Pretty skeptical: some bright pictures and simple texts. Someone always struggle with evil and someone wins. In fact, the comics influenced the development of a modern person not worse than philosophical treatises, for example, Freud. For more than 100 years, mankind is following the development of superheroes, imitates, admires and hates. In his book "Singing innocent" Psychologist Frederick Vertim wrote that the comics spread children and this leads to an increase in violence in society. In response to this, large publishers united and created "Comic code", A kind of set of rules for the authors who had to observe morality, sow a reasonable, kind, eternal.

To deny the comic value is simply impossible, after you see how much money you earn corporations on the images of heroes. This exhibition is more like a detailed study, but told with hinders and children’s curiosity. Bypassing the entire building will take 40 minutes, and if you explore all the comic covers located in chronological order, then you can stay half a day. But then you will know exactly that Superman’s progenitor was Dr. Savazh, and the first book with a man in a blue spandex on the cover was not so long ago sold at an auction for $ 215,000.

Where do dreams or a science fiction museum in Iverdon-les-Ben

Children here will attract a room with musical machines from films about superheroes, and parents will surely see the exhibition of modern artists (it is in the attic of the museum). Accommodation Barbie has created several images "Weak superheroes". Here there are, for example, a fat mexican, the superorary of which a piece of Hamon, or a fog, who notice, if only close to the picture.

V "Travel hitchhiking by galaxy" There is a phrase: all my life I experienced a strange unfortunate feeling that in the world something happens – something big, even ominous, – and it is kept from me in secret. In this museum, ominous becomes apparent and because it is still no longer afraid. Just so Pierre Versin and won. In the neighboring hall of the Batman sculpture with a clear reference to the art of the Renaissance era: Batman here is a victim of the consumption market and he suffers for us in a pose resembling a messiasis. An exhibition has already visited 8,000 people, so it was extended until October 2014.

Maison d’Ailleurs. Museum of Scientific Fiction, Utopia and Interplanetary Travel. Place Pestalozzi 14, Yverdon-Les-Bains. Opening hours: W-Fri from 14:00 to 18:00, Sat-Sun from 11:00 to 18:00.

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