Where crocodiles fly

With the word "Thailand" A steady association arises: "World Boutinal". I will not dissuade – everyone sees only the game that he wants to see. Of course there are areas "Red lanterns", where the processed transvestites are interpreted and smashed (or undressed) girls of easy behavior. But all this is for tourists flying around around the world to taste local "Strawberry". And how to spend your free time?

On holidays there is no shortage. Here are just some: Songkran – New Year, holiday flowers, the night of the July full moon, the ceremony of the first furrow, the week of the River Kwai, the Vegetarian Festival and, of course, the birthday of the king. In the morning, Thais watered each other with water, during the day – the boats from banana leaves are launched, in the evening the theater of the shadows are visited, and the fireworks are satisfied at night. In the intervals play chess, checkers, cards and take part in all sorts of lotteries. Prepare a national dish MAN Hou – roast with oyster sauce, rice and basil. Right on the street play on wooden wind instruments, Chinese gongs and copper xylophones. Chart about the championship of the country in boxing and royal guaranium competitions – battles on swords and spears.

In Thailand, it is not necessary to organize mass campaigns to collect people on the procession or parade. Each Tach and so knows himself, where and when the next festival action is held. Most often the holiday is connected with any event of the Buddhist lunar calendar – then it is known about his date long. But there is also such that it is impossible to predict in advance. Learn that it will take place exactly today, you can only leaving the window. If the wind blows – and in Southeast Asia, as you understand, it happens somewhat less frequently than here, – you can collect the most beloved air snake and go to the Sanaam Luang Square.

Even if you arrived in Bangkok only one day, you will certainly need to visit this place. The life of a big city’s life is boiling here, lanterns of restaurants are glowing, the aromas of the flower bazaar, the halves of the monitants and the fortune tellers, roam britched monks, ringing their bells. Personally, I was lucky: this only day was windy, and I was able to make sure that it happens closely not only on Earth. Thousands of paper coils Vitaly in the clouds, the power of heavenly jets fascinating their launch.

Where crocodiles fly

Residents of the city come here with whole companies, together with children, households, friends and house dogs. The latter – incomprehensibly, but unmistakably determine their serpent and, when he falls on the ground at the other end of the huge field, return to his owners. However, the snakes are only one of the names of the aircraft. Their forms resemble huge butterflies, fantastic birds and even winged crocodiles. Meszanina drawings, patterns and hieroglyphs, mixing of paints, paintings and portraits. A sunny circle swears with a whistle, the Yin-Yang manada hangs, loops the tail of Michael Jackson.

Snakes can be purchased right here. Traders hang them on the ropes stretched between trees. I chose the fire dragon with a multicolored tail, and in addition I got an empty beer jar with a Motkey of the Arm. That’s just the launch of the purchase turned out to be a whole science. Not so easy to guess the direction of the air flow, throw a dragon in the right side, and to rush in the opposite, unwinding the twine on the go. Damned four-coolen from Rosek and Waxed Parchment mocked me: Bilted on the ear, wound around the neck and suddenly, after the hundredth, probably, attempts instantly swayed into the sky, breaking out of the hands and grabbing a bank with him. "Here is a snake!" – I swore to myself.

And at that moment a thin girl approached me – Thai version of Turgenev Asi – a snow-white blouse, ankle skirt and round glasses with a metal rim. She talked in English: "DONHT CRY, SIR", – Do not cry, they say, sir, – touched my palm and stretched exactly the same dragon. Without any hints for sex!

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