“Where childhood leaves”

France, and first of all Paris, attracts people of all ages, because there are charming streets of the Latin Quarter and running up the Montmartre stairs, the shady alley of the Luxembourg garden and the spacious Champs Elysees, the Cathedral of the Paris Mother of God and the magnificent Louvre, but the main thing is the country not only for adults. Along with unforgettable attractions and cultural masterpieces, France has excellent places for recreation, among which can be called aquabular with underwater geasers and waves, numerous water parks, amusement park “Asterix” And, of course, Disneyland the dream of all kids in the world, where small leisure chairs can have fun from the soul, and adults to feel like children again.

32 km from Paris opened his gate this fabulous city, walking on which you can have several days before you look at all of it. In fact, there are five such parts, and all of them are associated with different cartoons and serials.

On the main street of the mainstrate, which is the first wonderful country that embodies the American town of the XIX century, is station, from where a small train goes on a trip to the whole park.

First, Frantierland World Western with a huge rattling mountain in the center, on the dark tunnels of which you sweep the train time of the Wild West. The lake spread around the mountain, which the canoe, boats and the wheeled motor ship, floating islands and the grotto, and on one of the shores there is an Indian village of Pokalontas, where you can buy cowboy hats and shoot in a dash. But the most interesting awaits on the other shore is the castle of ghosts, where guests are encouraging the aminoism wonders.

After Frantierland, you will see Adventherland the country of adventure, where Maya’s Indians worship their idols, in the jungle in the branches of the high tree hides the house of Robinson Cruzo, and nearby the abandoned city from the film “Indiana Jones”. Here is one of the main attractions of the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea. Little brands must overcome the difficulties in the cave, maze and on a hanging bridge, and then avoid the iron grip of pirates.

From Adventherland, a cheerful train will take you to Fantoeland on the ground, where fantasy reigns. In the old castle, the sleeping beauty is enchanted, which is guarded by the fireless dragon, so that no overseas prince can kiss and wake it up. The Lancelot carousel is spinning with unusual galloping horses of all sorts of colors. Pinocchio and Peter Peng offer their attractions, and Alice from the country of miracles suits kids in a mysterious labyrinth, no less confusing than the one described by Lewis Caroll.

Where childhood leaves

And finally, Discoveryland The fabulous country of discoveries, cooked by space: command of a spacecraft awaiting on a real space station, flight on a time machine and meeting with characters “Star Wars” Remember children for life. And all this, in addition to computer games and super-modern rides, which are literally no equal and that will shook any adult, as well as a show with the participation of Quasimodo and Esmeralda, of course, for Little Disney guests.

Well, of course, on the territory of the park there are many bars and restaurants, so that adults and children can relax on the glory, and during lunch usually passes the idea of ​​Buffalo Bill, during which you will see a herd of bison, attack on diligence and rodeo , as well as meet the heroes of the Wild West. In memory of this show you will have a real cowboy hat!

All year round from 9 am and until late in the evening the world of cartoon is waiting for their fans of any age, and no day do without a musical firework for goodbye. Disneyland, undoubtedly, one of the most popular attractions in France. This is an inexhaustible sea of ​​fun and joy, carefree holidays and smiles. Forget this miracle world is impossible, and many times you will restore the fabulous paintings in mind and feel truly happy. “Adults and children see not want?” Soon in a famous song to “Yelala”, But these words are ideal and towards Disneyland, the Park of present entertainment.

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