Where cheap go to the sea in the summer?

Resting in the summer by the sea – this does not mean give a large amount of money. Beach rest Available Pocket to each person. In this article we will tell about how to take sunny baths inexpensively and swim this summer.

During the selection of the resort, it is necessary to take into account the season in which you plan to go to rest. After all, the price of services depend on it.

Azov Sea

The most advantageous month for recreation will be May and September. As a rule, in early May, the Sea of ​​Azov reaches 20 °, which is quite comfortable for a person. July month is peak, which means that there will be many people, an increased demand and a high price for rest. But if the summer failed to go to rest, then in September this possibility is also given, since the Sea of ​​the Sea is still warm, and people are already much smaller.

Next to the Azov Sea resting very cheap. If you want to save on vacation, you can live in small towns, for example, in the village of Ilyich.


In Abkhazia, the months are excellent for beach holidays May and June, as well as September and october. These months are very good weather, and the water is so warm that it is pleasant to dive into it on hot days. Being in Abkhazia, you will not be able to break away from the sunny beach, since the noise of the waterfall will not leave you indifferent.


Where cheap go to the sea in the summer

In Azerbaijan, a cheap time for a beach holiday will be May, June, September. Unfortunately, in May it will be difficult to swim in the Caspian Sea, as the water will be uncomfortable for a person. Best wait June or come in September, as the season will go to the decline, and the water will remain warm and comfortable.

Local residents of Azerbaijan say that if the purpose of your holiday is not a beach, then you can visit the nearest beach under Baku, to which only go about an hour. Also in Azerbaijan very well rest Together with your children, as the sea off the coast is very small. Baku – Wonderful city in which you can explore the surroundings and the ancient city of Lankaran.


The fiscal month a year for a beach holiday in Vietnam is May and September. The fact is that in the middle of summer in Vietnam there are rains, but in the center of the country is very sunny until the end of July. Therefore, it is best to plan your vacation to the center of the country.

Vietnam is a very exotic and inexpensive place to stay, as there are many different inexpensive cafes in the country, where you can lunch with your family or friends.

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