Where can you relax in the summer

Summer is the best time when you can relax and have fun after tedious work or study. But at the same time, when you think about it, the question arises: where it will be best to spend this time to get pleasure from rest as much as possible. Let’s figure it out in this matter? Below are countries where you can do our time in the summer.


This country is one of the most popular among tourists. And not surprisingly, Egypt can offer a pleasant leisure to both lovers of active and passive recreation.

What exactly can offer Egypt?

&# 8211; Hotel Base, which offers a large selection: Egypt hotels have a different level of comfort: from 2 to 5 stars Deluxe.

&# 8211; Red sea. If you are fond of diving, snorkeling or kaiting, then you are clearly here. In case, if you just want to lie safely on a sun bed and admire the view, then this choice will not be erroneous, as the Red Sea is one of the most beautiful on the planet.

An important reason to visit Egypt is Ancient pyramids, fortresses, temples. Ancient Egyptians built so that these buildings, which are several thousand years old, look stronger than modern buildings. Egyptian pyramids – official miracle of light.


An amazing country that has a rich history, ideally suitable for those who have always admired the majestic pyramids and ancient peoples with their unique beliefs and traditions.

Where can you relax in the summer

For what is worth visiting Mexico?

Majestic structures of ancient civilizations:
&# 8211; La dance (the volume of this pyramid is the largest in the world);
&# 8211; Sun pyramid;
&# 8211; Pyramid Temple IV (Tikal).

Mexican food. One of the most popular in the world has a great demand for gourmets. Even with only a small list of ingredients, it can surprise with various dishes, and the sharp sauces, the highlight of which is the presence of Chile’s pepper, may be remembered for a long time because of their "Zhuchi".

Mexican carnival. Carnival in Mexico – a procession that will impress everyone. This holiday is one of the most popular in the world, there are only a few places that can boast of the same gradation of the event. In Mexico, for the time of the holiday, the streets are specially dressed up. Music playing everywhere, heard fireworks and see many people in dance, all participants in the carnival in different bright costumes. You are guaranteed to enjoy carnival.

Carnival in Mexico begins 7 days before the Catholic Great Post. Time of this event usually lasts up to 7 days. If it is possible, be sure to go for a holiday.

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