Where can you relax in the suburbs?

Such a topic remains relevant among those people who understand the fact that they did not have time to relax. Therefore, in this article we will analyze the most common places where you can go for a few days.

Pilgrim Porto

From Moscow this place is only in 39 kilometers. Pilgrim Porto is in the estate and raised him in order for him to be a scenery for the film. And now this place is very symbolic and family holidays can be spent there. The entrance to this estate is only 150 rubles, and emotions will remain with you for life.

There are many houses, hotels, as well as church and prison on the territory of the estate. And also at the shore is Frigate "Spaniard", on the deck of which you can climb and inspect the whole territory. In order to see all the beauty around, the area is located in the center, where the gallows and guillotines are located. Such buildings add authenticity to ensure that each wishes can imbued with the atmosphere of this manor.

If you suddenly decided to stay at night, you can choose a wonderful hethaus, where there is parking, a terrace, a bar and garden.

Air Wanderer

This place is in 50 kilometers from Moscow. Here it will be possible to fly on a large balloon. As a rule, it is a children’s dream for many people, and also this place is very romantic, where you can arrange a date for your second half. Flying in a balloon, you can make high-quality shots from a bird’s eye view. And also this place is characterized by the presence of beautiful dawns and sunsets.

In this place you can visit the Wooden Architecture Museum, as well as a picturesque monastery, where you will be filled with energy and stay under great impression.

Park "Yakhroma"

This park is located 60 kilometers from Moscow. This resort is famous for the fact that lovers come here to perfectly hold an active holiday. Here are many Ski terrace, where you can ride on the tubing, flying to the deltaplane and visit the rink to have fun to spend ice skating.

Also in this park there is a place to stay for the night in a hotel or in a cottage. There are many Italian restaurants on the territory, cozy arbor, where you can eat a delicious kebab. For fans of spa procedures on the territory of the park there is a complex where Hamam is, Finnish sauna and massage salon.

EcoPherma "our Alpaca"

Where can you relax in the suburbs

This place is located 60 kilometers from Moscow.

On this farm, you can get acquainted with friendly alpacama with which you can take a picture. Therefore, this place is perfect for recreation with children. Also on this farm there is an excursion where you will be told about this pet. On the farm, you can arrange a picnic, gathering with your friends or family.

Sergiev Posad

If you decide to get acquainted with Sergiev Posad, then you need to start with the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. The only disadvantage of this place is a large number of tourists who may interfere with enjoy the melodious chime of Lavrian bells.

On the territory you can detect the Museum of Toys, where the first our nestresses and toys are stored on hinge.

Complete this good day in Sergiev Posad can be purchased souvenirs, and after enjoying a cup of delicious coffee in a cafe, which is located on the territory.

Where can you relax in the suburbs

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