Where can you relax in July?

With the approach of summer, they begin to torment the thoughts where to go on vacation, today we will offer several options, where to go in july. Perhaps you will pick up something for yourself and gladly go on vacation. Let’s not pull and start.

Where to go in july

Balchik in July. Balchik Located in the northern part of the Black Sea, it is one of the resorts of Bulgaria. Fame Resort acquired due to its unique Botanical Garden, The territory of which is about 65 thousand square meters. M. This is the largest botanical garden in the Balkans and the second in Europe after Monaco Park, there are more than 200 different trees, 250 species of cacti, as well as many colors. Total amount of rare and exotic plants exceeds 3000.

You can visit the famous Cape Kaliakra with a fortress, as well as to see the natural phenomenon “broken stones”, which consists of gentle stone columns height up to seven meters. If desired, you can visit the famous farm for the production of mussels. She Located 20 minutes Riding from the city.

Rimini in July. Those who want to enjoy a luxurious beach holiday, you can go to Rimini – Italian resort. Here, tourists have a lot of sandy beaches, a variety of excursion programs, developed infrastructure and picturesque landscapes. Great holiday in July Promotes soft and warm climate, Solar weather here keeps from May to September, and water at this time warms up to + 22-27 degrees.

Rest in Rimini is Real Paradise For those who love to eat deliciously, this place was home to many Italian dishes and wines. Here you will have a unique opportunity to taste Present wine Lambruzo, Parmesan and Parm Ham. Gourmets will appreciate the various ways to prepare raviols and pasta, will be able to taste the best varieties of local wines.

Sochi in July. If you have no money to rest on vacation and therefore you do not know where to go in July, go to Sochi – the largest and most popular resort of Russia. Here, the solar coast is bordered by snow-covered vertices, whose height More than 2000 meters above sea level. It is enough to spend one hour, and you get out of summer in the winter.

For tourists, many sanatoriums and health care people, not only the methods of traditional medicine are used for treatment, but also the healing hydrogen sulfide Sources of the Mazestinsky Valley, as well as therapeutic dirt. Promotes excellent vacation in Sochi and weather, winter there is practically no happening, the water temperature in the sea reaches + 22-26 degrees, and the sun shines 300 days a year.

Where can you relax in July

Those who love the active view of the rest can fly in a balloon, Fleece on a stormy mountain river, go to the snow heights and alpine meadows. Tourists – Equestrian routes and mountaineering, jeepping and windsurfing, diving and sailing, Aquabike and hydroplan.

Kotor in July. For a calmer, quiet rest, more like a hike in the museum, you can go to Kotor – a small town in Montenegro, located between the Gulf Coast and the Mountain Range.

Before the eyes of tourists opens unique Architectural Ensemble of the Old Town, It was created from different styles in a huge space from the end of the XII century until the beginning of the 20th century. The main monument of architecture in the city is Saint Trifon Cathedral.

Here you can see residual frescoes of the XIV century and rich sacristy with the creations of the Venetian and Kote Masters. During walks on the old town, you can see the maritime museum, as well as the hourly tower of the XVI century, in front of it still preserved a medieval “infant pillar”.


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