Where can I go to relax in the summer

In the northern latitudes, summer in all people are associated with rest, release and good pastime. However, when the heat comes on the heels, many are not ready Even approximate plan how to relax in the summer and where to go. At this time, the activity of searches for suitable tours in different directions reaches its peak. Meanwhile, There are many interesting options how you can forget about routine and relax under the affectionate sun. We will talk about them in this article.

Packing suitcases, we are going to rest abroad!

The best way to forget about problems &# 8211; Change atmosphere. Everyone knows and therefore, at the time of vacation, the crowds of tourists rushed to new countries, preferably where there is a sea and sand:

Cyprus. This island &# 8211; One of the most visited and comfortable resorts on the Mediterranean Sea. Beauty of his beaches he Not inferior Canary and Maldive Islands, and the sea here is clean and friendly. Cyprus has places for family and youth recreation. One of the most popular is Ayia Napa &# 8211; the place where all cool youth parties are focused;

Turkey. This country has managed to combine accessible holidays with excellent service. If adding to this also and the amazing nature of Turkey, it becomes clear why millions (!) vacationers every year decide to spend the summer it is here. What awaits tourist in Turkey? First, heat, sea, excellent beaches, our holidaymakers at every step, a rich excursion program and a mass of positive emotions. The only thing to be able to remember, choosing a Turkish resort &# 8211; in this country Clear separation of youth places and calm family islets. If you plan to rest with children, then go to Bodrum or Antalya, perhaps, is not worth it;

Egypt. The country is similar to the service provided with Turkey, however, more colorful and unusual. Tourists love to visit the pyramids, the ancient ruins of cities, Mount Sinai and others famous historical monuments. And when all this is bored, they are going to not sleep on the shores of the Red Sea;

Eastern Europe. Traveling in Europe will like those who want to get new impressions and feel the spirit of the Middle Ages who are impregnated almost All vintage streets European cities. Eastern Europe, unlike Western, has yet retained its originality, so rest will be unforgettable;

India and Southeast Asia. This is a relatively inexpensive holiday, but it is suitable only to those who are close to the culture of eastern peoples. India &# 8211; Amazing country, 80% of the population of which still continues to wear national clothing, talking about dozens of Hindi dialects and follow their philosophy. Want to change in consciousness? Go to Asia.

Summer holiday with a child

Each parent knows that vacation is lonely adults and family people &# 8211; these are two different things. Some believe that it is impossible to fully relax with children at all. But this is not the case, here are just a few options for a good rest with a child:

Sea resorts. As noted, there are always separate places in large resorts created for family tourism. They are usually quite quiet and calm. The resort will definitely be playgrounds, attractions and various kinds of entertainment that can be interesting to children (for example, the launch of an air serpent, or a cognitive excursion to the nearest forest). In addition, at family resorts There are always many children, which usually quickly find a common language with each other and do not interfere with adults. We add to this the benefit of swimming and sea holidays, and we get the perfect vacation with children;

Forests and lakes. Today in the forests you can find excellent pensions and sanatoriums, not inferior to sea resorts. Ideally, it is best to carry out such a rest in the coniferous forest &# 8211; The smell of evergreen giants and clean air relax and are the prevention of colds. There are options for children’s camps, where you can define your child, and to stay in a small forest cottage village with nearby. Such rest Definitely like it all family;

Cultural holiday. If a child is more than 12 years old, then it can be taken with him in a cultural tour of interesting historical places. It can be the city of Europe, or commemorative places of the Motherland, but, in any case, you need to think through the excursion program and do not arrange too long journeys;

Babushkin Option. Ideal living conditions in summer &# 8211; Sun, Fresh Air, New Stop. And all this can be found on your own country or in the village! It is only important to take care that the atmosphere is calm, family, then rest will be good.

Where can I go to relax in the summer

Active tourism

There is a category of people who do not accept passive rest. On such Turkish beaches, giving longing and boredom. In this case, you can advise only one &# 8211; Active tourism. It includes climbing, backpacking, travel hitchhiking, but most importantly &# 8211; Hiking in Mountains. You need to go to the campaign, not one, but as part of an experienced group of hiking, especially if a long tour is planned. First, then to a minimum Risk will lose their lips, Secondly, it will have to bear less equipment, thirdly, it is more fun. However, before going around, it is necessary to evaluate its physical capabilities. On the way there will have to carry about 8 kg of personal equipment, plus 1-1,5 kg of food for every day, plus additional equipment of the kitty, ax and T.NS. It is necessary to go For several hours in a row, Therefore, for the first campaign, you need to choose simple routes, with gentle climbing, preferably with paths.

Extreme rest

Those who impressions from hiking can not be enough advise extreme types of rest:

  • Diving;
  • Windsurfing;
  • Paragliding;
  • Rafting alloy;
  • Speleotourism (Cave Research);
  • Mountaineering;
  • Jumping with parachute and air balloon flights;
  • Hunting.

In recent years, extreme tourism becomes more and more popular, Therefore, get the equipment and find places where you can relax in a similar way it gets all easier. But it is worth remembering that trying to have something for the first time, to do it with an experienced instructor. Otherwise, it may end sad.

Economical rest

Always want not only to relax well, but also spend a minimum of money. However, you need to know what you can save, and what is impossible:

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