Where can I go to relax in May? Ideas for May holiday

As a rule, many tourists try to rest at a time when you can save on the ticket, but at the same time enjoy the warm sea and take sunbathing. Sometimes issued such an opportunity when you can go to relax in the spring, as a rule, this time falls on May. In this article we will tell you where you can go to the May weekend.


In this country, it is very warm in early May and you can visit such cities like: Alanya, Kemer, Belek.

In May, there will be a low cost of the tickets, a small number of tourists, the hotel “All Inclusive”, comfortable water temperature, not a scorching sun, and tourists will not have to make a visa. Turkey has always been popular among all overseas areas, as it is available for finance to any person. In the spring it is best to choose to relax Alanya or Kemer. For those who want to relax with friends, Kemer’s city is perfectly suitable, as there are many nightclubs and discos that work daily.

And if you want to relax with a child or with your family, then Alanya will become an excellent option for you. For children, rest in May will be very comfortable, since the water is already warm, and the air temperature does not exceed 30 °.

In Turkey, various excursions regularly pass, so you can spend time with comfort and get a lot of impressions. For children, Turkey will also be interesting, as there are many dolphinariums and water parks.


Tunisia always has fresh fruits, spa services, short flight, many excursions. As well as to go to Tunisia, No need to issue a visa.

Where can I go to relax in May ideas for May holiday

As a rule, in the spring Tunisia plays bright colors, so everyone can get many impressions and make good pictures that will remind of this beautiful holiday. It is in May in Tunisia that bloom citrus plants, the aroma of which drives from all tourists. In Tunisia, a plurality of salons where you can get a high-quality massage service and a slimming program.


To Cyprus also No need visa, And in May you can enjoy summer weather, high level of service in hotels, low number of tourists and the opportunity to swim in the warm sea water. And also in Cyprus is practically no cloudy days, and the air temperature does not fall below 23 °.

The water in the first days of May may be cool, but at the end of May the water will already be comfortable temperature. Cyprus can relax on snow-white beaches, although many tourists prefer to relax by the pool.

Where can I go to relax in May ideas for May holiday
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