Where can I go for a weekend in the Krasnodar Territory?

In Russia, there are extraordinary natural beauty, which should see every person. In the Krasnodar Territory a lot of places where you can spend rest with your family or in a circle of friends.

Krasnodar region is a unique place where there is always something to see and do what to do. In the summer period in the Krasnodar Territory, you can visit various Beach or look at the sights. And if you decide to visit the Krasnodar region in winter, then you can pay attention to Mountains or skiing.

The territory of the Krasnodar Territory has access to the two seas – Black and Azovsky. Therefore, you will definitely find the place where you can relax on the weekend.


In this beautiful city you can find beautiful beaches where water slides and water parks are located. And also in this city regularly satisfied the representation of dolphins. Therefore, this place is perfectly suitable For rest with children.


This city is located on Taman Peninsula. This place is also very famous among their population Healing mud, so in this city you can fix your health. Very good, this place is suitable in order to go with your family, especially with grandparents, since healing dirt helps improve problems with the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

Sprats of the Black Sea

The most demanded resort town is Sochi city. In this city you can enjoy extreme sports, such as Diving or Yakhting. This city is also suitable for those who love to relax with their family and children, as in some hotels there is an animation team that can entertain your child from your child.

Where can I go for a weekend in the Krasnodar Territory

Gelendzhik, Anapa, Tuapse

There are enough crowded beaches in these cities, but if you are not interested in the beach, you can pay attention to beautiful Waterfalls and make a couple of good frames that will remind you of your holiday.

Anapa is considered a city where you can relax with her family, especially with children, because in Anapa there is a dolphinarium and an aquapark that you like right.

Tuapse prefers more young people, as in the city there are quite a lot of nightclubs and institutions that work in the evening.

If you prefer to look at the mountains, you can relax in the mountains, as there are in the Krasnodar Territory Mountains of the North Caucasus, Therefore, it will be a great place where you can go on the weekend. If you suddenly decide to stay in the Krasnodar Territory a little longer, then you can go hiking on the mountains of the North Caucasus.

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