Where can I eat in Paris

Paris is one of the main gastronomic capitals of the world. The best and expensive restaurants offer sophisticated food cuisine, many of them are marked by the stars Michelin. All in all, Paris is just a paradise for gourmet. But it is possible to eat here and better enough. Tourists with a modest budget in Paris will not remain hungry. Where can I eat in Paris French dishes without hitting the wallet.

In the city there are many inexpensive network institutions, as well as cafes and restaurants of the average price category.

In Parisian restaurants, I like the fact that on weekdays almost all of them (including expensive institutions), offer options for the complex menu with fixed prices. You can usually choose one position from 3 or 4-dishes (aperitif, main dishes, soups, sometimes beverages and desserts).


It is possible to eat at all in Paris in a Chinese cafe with food on weight, in sushi bars and places where you offer different options for ethnic street food, like Shaurama. Many inexpensive cafes concentrated in the Latin Quarter area.

There is I Network establishments with self-service format. For example, Flunch (Dining room variety in French). Here you can budgetly dine quite normal food (eat meat, fish, salads, different sides).

On their website you can see Menu with prices and addresses: Flunch.Fr

LEON Network – Great place where quite inexpensive You can eat fresh mussels and other seafood. Similar restaurants have in Belgium. On weekdays, Leon offers inexpensive business lunches, there is a children’s menu.

Hippopotamus &# 8212; another one Network of budget restaurants in Paris. Especially there Love meat lovers, Since they specialize in meat dishes. Site: hippopotamus.Fr

Pancakes (French "CRêPES") – also an option for cheap snack in Paris. Quite cheaply, they can be bought in different kiosks or eat in local pancakes (Creperies), which are many in the Montmartra area. A variety of buckwheat flour is called "Galettes".

At worst, you will always have the opportunity to eat quickly in McDonalds. As a rule, their points are in the most affordless tourist sites (Champs Elysees, Latin Quarter, near the Louvre).

Is it worth it in Paris to eat in McDonalds, when you can find much more attractive options with local flavor?

Just in case, the address MC Donald&# 8217; S in Paris, see here: Paris.wikimapia.Org

Where can I eat in Paris truffles for an acceptable price? Read on&# 8230;

Medium account

As I already wrote above, Paris restaurants on weekdays offer a comprehensive menu in cheaper and fixed prices. But you can always use the menu A La Carte and order any dish. True, in this case the final check will be released somewhat more expensive.

Screen Official Site Restaurant Le Grand Bistrot MailLot-St Ferdinand

Large selection of restaurants, where you can try good French cuisine (both inexpensive and medium prices), is located in the port of Mayo. For example, Le Grand Bistrot Mallot-St Ferdinand, Whereas Local residents are liked. There offer options for an integrated menu (snacks, soup, main dish Drinks and dessert) For 38 € and 41 €. Evenings and on weekends there are practically no free tables.

MAISON DE LA TRUFFE – Here is served Truffles Various species (expensive black, as well as seasonal summer). Price category – between medium and expensive institutions. The restaurant has a small store in which you can buy truffles and truffle oil.

Interior of the restaurant Moulin de la Galette. Photos from the official site

Moulin de la Galette – Located on Montmartre. Good kitchen, price average, Place icon, Therefore, I recommend to visit. This restaurant loved Singer Dalida, Now on one of the tables there is a sign in memory of it. Site: Lemoulindelagalette.Fr

Le Procope – Restaurant with history and special atmosphere. It is said that this is the oldest institution in Paris and that Wolter and Napoleon visited him. Kitchen – traditional french, very good.

Crown dish – Rooster in wine (Traditionnel Coq Au Vin IVRE de Juliénas).

Where can I eat in Paris


LE CINQ – One of the most luxurious institutions of Paris, marked by the stars Michelin. Located on site 4 Seasons George V. If you need to note a solemn event, the best place in Paris is not found. Site: Restaurant-Lecinq.Com

Legendary "Maxim" &# 8212; talk about him &# 8212; "Nothing in a plate, but everything in the score". Great place for the romantic evening in Paris – with live music and unique atmosphere.

Official site restaurant d’Chez EUX &# 8212; Showing photos with celebrities. By the way, the name is pronounced &# 171; D&# 8217; Shz-o&# 187;.

D’Chez Eux – a pompous place that was chosen to visit the highest leadership of different countries (here were Nixon and Putin). Copyright dishes of French cuisine + free compliment from the owner (Lyon sausages). Prices are expensive, but on weekdays you can use the proposal of fixed lunches. Site: Chezeux.Com

La Fontaine Gaillon – Restaurant of the famous actor J. Depardieu. The kitchen is not bad here, although the menu is not very big. Prices are slightly higher than in the middle French restaurants. Site: Eater.Space / La-Fontaine-Gaillon (Pay attention to the opening hours of the restaurant).

Coffee Shops

La Caféothèque de Paris – The creators of this place made a bet on a fashionable tendency to photograph food and lay out pictures on social networks. Coffee drinks here look spectacular and appetizing, especially against the background of unusual and stylish coffee tables. Choosing coffee is huge – more than 50 varieties. But with the quality of desserts is not very. Located next to Le Peloton cafe.

Le Peloton – Coffee shop owners belongs to the still cafe Bike about the tour. Previously, the owners arranged venue on the tourist places of Paris. Beautiful views from the window, stylish interior, Delicious and inexpensive coffee – A good choice for romantic gatherings in Paris in a bicycle style.

Café Coutume – Great coffee, followed from another end of the city. Especially delicious cappuccino. From food – pancakes, desserts, baking, eat breakfast. Local residents often buy coffee here.

OB-LA-DI – Interesting interior in white-blue tones, delicious coffee and desserts, as well as magnificent breakfasts and lunches. There are dishes for vegetarians. Located in the quarter.

Paul – Delicious coffee, Divine baking and pastries. Place with real French charm. By the way, there is also a coffee shop in Moscow, but in Paris everything seems tastier.

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